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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. TSAVJason

    So you decided to go with the offer from the Texas dealer?
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  2. iAudio365
    I have been pretty busy, these are the first comments I’ve made here in about 3, 4 days now? I think apart from my comment yesterday regarding a review.

    I’m not here all the time and it doesn’t take long to make a few comments and replies on a forum lol. Can also access it from your mobile so when your in between appointments etc.

    I’m not sure how making comments on the internet from time to time makes you jobless, I mean I’m only classified as a 100+ headfier not 500+ like yourself hahaha. Never been unemployed in my life, started working when I was 15 on school holidays for extra cash, I’d go into some of my history but this isnkt really the forum for that, suffice to say one of my favourite companies to work at was RedBull as an Marketing Manager :) I’ve been around mate.
  3. ILLMATIC9108
    Dude, it was a harmless joke :) you know, an el oh el. I only made the comment about jobless to be funny... in response to your rant about checking about new reviews. I do the same thing honeslty.
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  4. iAudio365
    No actually, Pre ordered from here, was told they have stock coming in soon and should be here next week or the one after at the latest.
  5. ILLMATIC9108
    Yeah? What offer? Lol
  6. SHAMuuu
    Anything top your Z1R? I remember the joy and pics you shared when you got em lol. ANything (strictly headphones ofc :p) give you more joy since then? I enjoy your knowledge since you have that mix of audiophile/basshead knowledge from past

  7. iAudio365
    Yeh I know it was harmless, it’s fine, no offense taken was only giving a little background about myself. I figure if your on here and meet a lot a people all the time it doesn’t hurt for people to get to know you a little bit. All good.
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  8. ILLMATIC9108
    I'm getting the Focal Clear soon. I sold the Z1R. They were nice at first... got tired of them. I liked the ELEAR a lot more than the Sony. My style of music is changing to more vocal-like than bass heavy. The Focal sounded much nicer with the Forward vocals.
  9. ILLMATIC9108
    Sounds good brother, I guess you're right.
  10. SHAMuuu
    Your marketing background probably shields you from the marketing mumbo jumbo on here. "Real fruit juice"

  11. SHAMuuu
    Thanks for the feedback. Although i have listened to more genres, i still can't shake off the hip hop/90s dance from my youth (90s kid here). But i got into all sorts of weird genres after getting "neutral headphones" lol

    *sry 4 double post
  12. TSAVJason
    Good decision. Buying from where you live really does insure you a good experience if service is needed
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  13. ILLMATIC9108
    I think the CLEAR will give me bass that I always need, and give me nice clean treble and a nice midrange. Once I get these suckers I'll post my impressions on here.
  14. SHAMuuu
    Awesome, thanks bro. Did you hear Utopia as well? The bass on those surprised me. Its insanely fast and detailed, kind of overwhelmed by brain. I didn't leave it thinking i needed more bass on it. I think if the Utopia was limited to like 100 units, people would say different things. Because, and relatively speaking, its somewhat obtainable, its downplayed a bit IMO. Its not my favorite signature, prefer HifimanHEKv2 when compared. But man, for dynamics, whew! Seems Clear probably slowed down a bit, so as not to cause more mental illness from details. I 'm kidding to a degree, . I felt like a changed man after hearing it /
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  15. ILLMATIC9108
    Yes, I heard it at Canjam. And I absolutely loved that headphone. I was close to jumping on it this week, but, I settling on the CLEAR first... And If it's not up to my standard ( I think it will surpass it! ) I will get the Utopia.
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