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  1. supervisor
    also i'll kill myself if I buy Utopia at full price and they do the trade-in program again...
  2. TSAVAlan

    Unboxing the Focal Clear!
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  3. SHAMuuu
    Though I didn't hear Elear/Clear vs Utopia ... to compare the 1-1.5 to the 4k, i did with HEXv2 vs HEKv2, and the differences were not "significant" . hold on... hold on... the only way i can put it is :

    if a man is married to twins, and he sees both in front of him, his heart is connected to his love. Well, naturally he will be attracted to the other, because "identical"

    another example :

    As Fifteen year old, i heard a sound (like devil), i turned my head, but the sound disappeared into the traffic when i turned my head back forward. Years later i heard demon again, it was Diablo car.

    Utopia is devil


    not my favorite, but man, it is DEVIL! Also, i am also waiting Illmatic review, so i hope he gets his Clear ASAP. :)
  4. TSAVJason
    I don’t get it :)
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  5. Jkane101
    I'm going through the same thing, been going back & forth for a couple of weeks.
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  6. SHAMuuu
    I am referring to sound of both (HEXv2 / HEK v2) being the same. But the HEKv2 just connect more to its soul. Its more musical/soulful. My bronze ears cannot tell difference really between the two, but there was another element, something soulful, musical. This was to compare the 1.5k vs 4k. Because I did not have Elear to compare Utopia. As if you marry twin, the identical twin will be same, but your heart connect more to one.

    As for devil, sorry my humor maybe is too low brow, and i am not natiive English person. Let me put another way for you sir. George Carlin quote:

    Do you ever notice how awful your face looks in a mirror in a restroom that has florescent lights? Every cut, scrape, scratch, scar, scab, bruise, boil, bump, pimple, zit, warp, welt, and abscess you’ve had since BIRTH all seem to come back at the same time, and all you can think of is “I GOTTA GET THE F***OUTTA HERE!!!”

    It's the devil like Bobby Boucher's Mama says. To me Utopia is like that i had to get the f*** outta there


    and if you don't get that well,,,, not much i can say... :D
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  7. Shetzu
    That looks fantastic.:darthsmile:
  8. Paulo Abreu
    I get you, you are in love with utopia and you will marry her. For the love you have, you're in the willing of not betraying her with her twin sister that you suspect is as good as her doing ... stuff...

  9. ILLMATIC9108
    20171111_100724.jpg Ladies and gentlemen, it's here. The Source AV gets stuff done. :)
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  10. ILLMATIC9108
    20171111_102217.jpg First things first, I would like to thank God, my mom, my crappy father lol just kidding

    Shout out to @TSAVJason for his outstanding work on getting me the Clear and rushing my mojo inside the store
    I would also like to thank @TSAVAlan for helping me with everything else.

    It's great having a friend/dealer you can count on. My business is with The Source AV.

    Thanks guys, I got tons of listening to do, and soon I'll put up my short impressions.
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  11. ILLMATIC9108
    The comfort is freaking outstanding. These pads are nothing like the Elear, and the pad material definitely feels like Alcantara, even though they are saying it's microfiber. So, so,so, comfortable.
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  12. TSAVJason
    Let us know what you think of the sound. I’d like to see how many feel about them like I do. I’ve been holding back my impressions for a long time.
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  13. jinrawke
    Nice! My pair is coming in on Monday (Thanks Jason/Allan!). I'll be just as excited as you are right now!
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  14. SHAMuuu
    I was referring more to the HEKv2, but in a way i think you got it, just comparison was specifically for HEXv2/HEKv2. I did not have Elear to compare Utopia, so I don't know how they compare, and from the reviews its seems Elear sound different from Utopia. lol. Utopia I was referring in another point. That it is just too detailed, probably more than the band playing in real life. I say detail, not necessarily realism.I don't think any headphone will ever give you that without maybe assistance of subwoofer (like k1k + sub and even that is complicated and not perfect). If i can give one example, Steve Guttenberg (STereoPhile writer) said once he heard someone playing a trumbone or something, and he thought to himself, oh it could use a bit more of this and this and this... to sum up point, he was pointing out to he madness of audiophile desires for more. But to me, the Utopia was too much. Devilishly too much!

    LOL! Congrats bro. I always like your excitement with getting a new headphone. Shows you really appreciate the acquisition. I'm not much a cable person, but that cable looks realy nice in pic. Look forward to your impressions on sound! Be very detailed with comparisons. Share the journey :D
  15. TSAVJason
    :) I’m not the one you should thank. Alan & Wayne were the team that hustled to get as many as they could out to customers. Good hustle by the boys! And thanks to all of you that pre-ordered through us at TSAV. We appreciate your business!
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