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flat cable design IEMs under $100?

  1. HottSushiz
    Hi recently my Hippo VB's broke and they were amazing i love the bass response but what frustrated me was the cabling, I borrowed my friends Ultimate Ears 400 which lacked bass but were oh so amazing with the flat cable design. I simply scrunched them up, put them in my pocket, and when i needed them pulled them out and the earphones were ready to rock unlike the Hippo VB where i would spend minutes simply untangling everything.
    So can anyone please suggest earphones with a flat cable design or the cables with anti-tangle kept in mind. I had the JVC XX something and they weren't flat cable but the cable was quite thick where it didn't tangle as much. I prefer bassy earphones such as the Hippo VB. I have the Vpulse or the Sony MH1 in mind but i either plan to purchase them here in New Zealand or order it online but i can't seem to find any place that ships internationally for the Vpulse and the Sony MH1 i can only find on eBay but i'd rather not risk in purchasing a fake so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. ostewart
    If you can up your budget a bit (or buy mine) I suggest the Hisound Wooduo 2, you'll love them, much better than the VB, and more comfy
  3. punks15
    Beyerdynamic XP!
  4. ostewart
    XP are Asia only, although I would still maybe sell my XP2/ XP1...
  5. tseliottt
    Sony XB90EX
  6. hitme987
    No fakes yet detected for Sony MH1, Bought 2 pairs of MH1 from different sellers and were legit...My recommendation would be to get the MH1. I bought from a top rated plus seller and ships internationally, if you wish to buy from that seller, here you go :
  7. bhima
    I second this. The Sony MH1C sounds phenomenal for this price and they have a flat cable. They do like some extra juice and you will have to pump them near 100% from just your phone to power them, but they still sound great.
  8. Techno Kid
    + 2 on the MH1C, they sound better than any under $100 IEM I've heard.
  9. HottSushiz
    Ok now it's down to the Sony MH1 or the Hisound Wooduo 2. The Wooduo looks really nice but the MH1 is significantly cheaper though price isn't much of a concern. How is the build quality? Because my VB didn't last too long.
  10. punks15

    Ouch sorry! I didn't know that XPs are only for asia
  11. Techno Kid
    Well nobody has had the MH1 long enough to really know but they feel like they're well made and I don't see build quality being an issue as long as you don't just treat them like crap.  One way to make IEM's last a lot longer is to not wrap them around your player or phone and jam them in your pocket because that's the fastest way to destroy your strain relief and cable.
  12. hitme987
    Build quality is very good I must say, Cable is tangle resistant and very stiff , somewhat bulky too. ClieOS gave some good points about build quality in his review. I use one pair of MH1C for Gym and running, they are spotless from the other 2 pairs I own. For this price you can buy 2-3 pairs..
  13. ostewart
    Build quality is great on the Wooduo 2, cables feels really nice, and housings are wood and plastic.
    Price of mine is now $90 shipped to you
  14. nihontoman
    I'll also recommend sony xb90ex. it's really good for about 95$. keep in mind though, it feels like it is a 2.1 system in your head, it sounds like it has additional subwoofer :D 

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