1. 23OC23

    Need IEM heaphone recommendation for these needs...

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, will mostly be using them for the gym and walking around.   Price range: $100 - $125 Color ideally black Must have high durability as these may go through some hard times at the gym (cable can't pull/rip easy, ear phones must stay in) Must be bassy but also...
  2. anirbanghosh

    Quick opinion needed on Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers

    I have some coupon from some website with which I am getting this for $35 approx. I am quite novice in headphones.   1. Does it sound better than Klipsch S4? 2. Please comment on sound quality - bass, treble, mids and also sounstage.   Sorry if my questions did not make any sense.
  3. OSULeprechaun

    Looking for best in ear headphones for under $150

    Ok, so I just joined Head-Fi and I just started getting more into an audiophile.  Anyway,  I'm looking a pair of in-ear headphones for under $150 to replace my Klipsch Image S4i II's which, when I plug them in to any 3.5 mm jack, don't want to touch the left side of the jack so the audio is...
  4. umarsabir

    Need your guys help

    Ima an avid hip-hop music listener and I need some earphones that are great for casual listening and possibly working out with too between 50-100$
  5. arctyler

    Help me find some bass heavy IEMs for under 150!

    I just got some ATH-M50's but they are too much of a pain to carry all around, and I need something more portable like IEMs, but I want them to have a punch like the ATH-M50s or better, and they have to be under 150, I'd prefer them to be the ones that don't go around the ear but it doesn't...
  6. Boosh96

    Wondering about basshead earphones

    My dad has been wanting to get my brother a pair of new earphones for his birthday, and that's when I broke it to him that there's a lot of far better brands than Bose and Beats and stuff like that. I told him that I'd email him a list of options. So what are some good earphones that cost, let's...
  7. canuck88

    Please help - my unsuccessful journey so far in selecting new IEMs

    Hi all,   I've spend the past week researching the heck out of IEMs to try to find a replacement for my Brainwavz M2's. They still work, but my wife needs 'new' ones so I'm taking the opportunity to pass those on to her while getting something new. Just for context, I also have a pair of...
  8. sneaglebob

    Need portable IEM

    Hello everyone   I am close to getting the amount of money to get an iem under the 400 dollar range and I would like to know which one will suit me. I am a basshead however i don't mind sacrificing some bass, and i'm looking for something that can outperform my current beats pro headphones...
  9. hughjass91

    Time for some new IEMs

    I'm looking for some good "fun" bass but not muddy. I primarily listen to electronic music like trance and hardstyle. My budget is about $80-$150. I have my eye on a few already: Sony xb90ex, Shure 215, Etymotic mc3, Atrio m5. I'm leaning towards the shures or etymotics because they go deeper in...
  10. Polar1

    Do these IE 80's look fake?

    I would be grateful if you guys could share your opinion on whether those Sennheiser headphones seem to be fake or not.    IE 80:$_57.JPG$_57.JPG   IE 7...
  11. Bboy500

    IEM's for a friend $100 budget.

    Genres he listens to: Rock, Alternative, Screamo. Wants bass if he can get it. Budget: $100 after tax/shipping.   I know very little about IEM's and he asked specifically for them, so I'd rather ask you kind folks :)
  12. ferdyconde

    Sound difference between URBEATS and IBEATS

    Can anyone say me what is the difference between this models? Thanks. Enviado desde mi GT-N7100 usando Tapatalk 2
  13. Eirwyn

    Sony XBA - which one for a basshead?

    After I'm disappointed with my brand new MDR-XB90EX, I'm looking for new IEMs, but I'm getting an F886, so this time I'm want better IEMs for high def music. H3 and 40 are too expensive for my budget, but what can you say about H1 and 30? I, of course, read the reviews about them, but not sure...
  14. zaim

    2014 Sony Extra Bass Earphones ?

    Hi, just noticed the XB90EX has been discontinued according to the Sony Asia Website, I noticed there are two new models, XB50/XB70:   Just wondering if anyone knows if Sony will be...
  15. kevms89

    Is driver size that big a deal?

    So I recently bought the xb90ex which is a whopping 16mm, I have yet to receive them but I hear the bass and sub bass as well as the soundstage is incredible. Now take a look at these: They are 9mm, so can I assume a more relaxed and balanced sound from...
  16. kevms89

    Somy XB90EX Review.

    Sony XB90EX Review This is not gonna be super in depth but just a small review and a comparison to the Sony XBA30. Ok so first thing I noticed when unboxing, wow they are big! Definitely much bigger than the 30. Build/Comfort Impressive, very impressive actually, as huge as they are they fit...
  17. prawdziwysimone

    Sony mdr xb90ex vs Yamaha eph-100 ?

    I looking for the new IEM and thinking about one of those two, Could anyone can compare these IEM's? My previous headphones were soundmagic e10 and I like only their bass, I looking for an upgrade with big bass, not recessed mids ( much better than e10), good treble at least and as wide as it...
  18. Lost Dark Soul

    Need An Upgrade For IEM's, Need Help.

    I Currently have the Klipsch S4's. I also have a pair of JBL Synchros Reflect. I'm currently looking for more Bass and Sub Bass, better vocals, and not as harsh Treble. Better Soundstage presence. Better quality overall. My music consists of Rock, Rap, Electronic (Dubstep, Chillstep, Techno...
  19. kevms89

    high end iems not as "high end" as I thought?

    So something just happened now that makes me question all this spending on HQ iems, so I was going through some old stuff in my drawer and came across these from my old sony ericsson phone.  ...
  20. kevms89

    Finally learned my lesson with iems.

    The lesson? That price does not make the iem in most cases, I have spent up to $250 on iems and in the end here I am with my $100 Sony XB90 (retails for $60). Its funny because these are supposed to be extra bass and sure they are but the rest of the frequencies are just as good, the build and...
  21. yacobx

    Is there a type of AUX cable that doesn't transfer Ohm output?

    Im trying to cut out the background hiss of dual amping when I'm on the go using my iPhone 5. My set up is a Fiio E6 connected with the included aux cable to MDR XB90EX. The hiss is minimal but its annoying to me. As far as I know the L9 with the lighting converter does not transfer audio. Is...
  22. kevms89

    Relaxed sounding headphones.

    I recently ordered the Sony xb90, huge bass and soundstage, very loud and intense, what could be the yang to this yin? What would be the total opposite, something to sit at home and just relax and drift away, no thumping bass, just cool calm and relaxed.
  23. kevms89

    What should be my next iems? The Sony XB90 or Sony EX600?

    I currently have the XBA30 and they are great, nice balanced sound, everything is nice and nothing is too overpowering, good for modern music and all genres. Now I have been looking into the ex600 and xb90 for some time, both 16mm dynamic but different purposes. The XB90 looks to be a good all...
  24. loki993

    Looking for A bassy IEM. Wooduo 2 or xb90ex possibilities

    This didnt work in the other forum so Im redoing it here. Im looking for a decent pair of IEMS. I had the monoprice 8320s and they worked well but they're starting to go bad and I want more bass. Ive heard the Wooduo pretty much fit the bill but some say they're are basically only good for bassy...
  25. jonnyp11

    ~$60 In Ears

    The deals thread itself isn't really the place for the details of this discussion so bringing it here. I'm looking for a quality in ear around $60 (if it's a huge difference I might squeeze a little more). I missed it but might be able to convince amazon support to give me the Aurvana IE3 for...