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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. helljudgement
    Is it just me or did the price increase on these?
  2. SQ13
    Yes, M5 is up by $300
  3. John2e Contributor
    Prices went up after the latest trade show

    Considering the 64 Noir is $3,800 and aren't available in customs this seems like a bargain to me. I liked the Universal M5 so much I put my U18t up for sale within a few days of receiving it to fund the Customs.
  4. helljudgement
    Thanks for the update. Putting aside the comparison were there any reasons stated for the price increase? I was very interested in acquiring a set myself but find it hard to accept the fact that the price can change seemingly without notice...
  5. aminus
    It could be a lot worse. It could be reshelling policies changing under your nose without so much as an announcement.
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  6. mvvRAZ
    Bogdan told me that the prices are going up, but they’re now at the level that was originally planned once the universal is released in July.

    The previous price of 2400 was a sort of “starter” price for early birds, and it was a lower price because they were still working on the tuning and making changes to the product

    The M5 had its last tuning in early July just now, and now that it’s a final product - it has the price that was planned all along

    I’ve spoken to Bogdan a lot in the past few weeks as he was working on my A18t reshell, and he’s been immensely open and helpful - not just about the reshell, but also about FiR, the technology they use and the company’s objectives and direction. I’m getting my M5 universal tomorrow and I can’t wait

    Honestly when it comes to customer service and company policy, I haven’t come across anything that’s even remotely close to FiR.
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  7. helljudgement
    I have no issues with companies offering an early bird special to attract new customers but I do wish the company was more public about the pricing. So if I'm reading this correctly the initial price of 2400 is for a sort of "prototype" of the final product whereas the final tuning with the final pricing has just been announced? The thought of getting a product that is still in its testing phase is quite alarming tbh.

    If I may ask was it ever made known to the early buyers that the initial release was not the final tuning of the product? I was close to pulling the trigger and I was not aware of tuning/pricing variations.
    I truly appreciate your response to my queries but I feel these questions should've been addressed by the company and not it's paying customers.
  8. mvvRAZ
    I wouldn’t call it a prototype. From what I’ve been told the differences weren’t massive, and this was a planned price hike once they got their universal line ready to go.

    Consider that FiR only recently entered the IEM market, so they’re still in the process of pricing their products, establishing clear and consistent policies and all that.

    Bogdan is quite active on this thread so I think he will probably address your concerns - but as far I can speak or assure you, you can’t go wrong with FiR
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  9. John2e Contributor
    I completely agree with you
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  10. John2e Contributor
    The way they just ignored your legit question (on another manufactor's thread) and answered another question was glaringly rude. Your response was hilarious and I actually spit soda out of my nose. Looks like they are getting too big.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  11. bogdan belonozhko
    Hi All, I am treading carefully with offering support to customers on head-fi since we are not official sponsors but I can state this for everyone to see. Anyone who's been in contact with us about a potential purchase in the last couple months we've been very transparent about the coming price increase. (esp NAMM) When we launched we didn't have a distribution/dealer network in place, the pricing reflected that. The increase is to help cover the margins for distributors and dealers specifically in Asia since that's where they will hit stores first internationally. We don't stand to make anything more with this increase, its to allow dealers to carry the product and have it more available to potential buyers over seas. It will also allow us to have some domestic dealers like live production companies so pro musicians can have better access to our product as well. I will agree with the statement that these are still a great competitive value over competition even with the new prices. No other brand offers custom tubeless let alone under $2,200 price point.
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  12. mvvRAZ
    To add to that FiR is the only manufacturer I’ve heard of to offer a standard 3 year warranty.

    Every other company I’ve dealt with offer the minimum they’re legally required to within their region (1 or 2 depending if you’re Eu or not) - only goes to show the confidence they have in their products
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  13. John2e Contributor
    These thing are built like tanks

    Feels more like professional medical equipment in build quality. Even the extremely well built U18t's pale in comparison
  14. bogdan belonozhko
    This one I feel is very important to respond to as well, The early adopters are not prototypes. We did private testing with groups of people very early this year but anyone who has purchased through music sanctuary or direct has gotten the production models. It took a little time to setup distribution margins and price was driven after those negotiations. We are very confident in the new RCX and Shell build style and are very grateful to the early adopters who took a chance on a new brand. We are already collecting testimonials from Live users and are being further reassured that the difficult but much needed design improvements to in ear monitors is going to be very well received. For those who use them on a daily basis in the field it makes a world of difference.
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  15. deafdoorknob
    Hi Bogdan, any idea when they would be available in Hong Kong? Also with the universal models, would they be available with 2-pin, esp when hobbyists tend to have existing cable collections and might like to cable roll. thx
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