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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. mvvRAZ
    I haven’t seen too many of their customs tbh, but the ones on IG and Facebook look sick

    I’m really anticipating my A18t reshell, doing it with personal artworks and I’m sure it’ll look amazing
  2. John2e Contributor
    Please share photos once you get the A18's. When are you getting the M5's ? Mine will be sent out when Bogdan gets back from a trade show at the end of next week.
  3. John2e Contributor

    If these sound half as good as they look, I will be happy.
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  4. John2e Contributor
    Fir Customs seem to be overbuilt for the professional industry. Which is great for us users who like to keep their gear looking and functioning well for years. The Fircon connector enables a musician to disconnect and reconnect up to 5000 times. Further, their Acrylic shells exceed the current industry standard of thickness. Most companies use .7 to .8 mm thickness , FIR makes theirs 1.1-1.2 mm thick. I take good care of my stuff but accidents do happen and its nice to know these are constructed to withstand much more that the industry standard !
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  5. mvvRAZ
    The fircon is directly geared for pros I agree - I barely ever swap cables on my IEMs after I get a good match.

    The durability is just a glaring issue in the CIEM market and I have no idea why nobody’s really picked up on it (pre-FiR). People are ok with having their CIEMs break after one drop which is just another example of the audiophile community settling too easy on stuff that just ain’t right
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  6. John2e Contributor
    Bogdan said that most 2 pin iems need to be swapped every couple of months

    Pro Market
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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  7. AlexanderBelonozhko
    We have been keeping up with the community (headfi & others) about our M series tuning. Our initial release was met with criticism and is welcome. We released a version 2 with boosted treble (2-5KHz) and was well received as a step in the right direction. We have released a third version reducing splash frequencies between 5-8KHz (high frequencies culminating in the stem/canal causing resonance and reduced clarity in upper treble) giving a more separated workload between the BA Mid/High and High driver. We were able to increase the magnitude of our FK High driver resulting in greater clarity & frequency response across our entire M series line-up. This change took effect in the beginning of July 2019.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  8. mvvRAZ
    Getting mine a few days, the hype is real :D
  9. John2e Contributor
    I got the M5's last night. I could't stop listening.
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  10. mvvRAZ
    What’s the sound like??
  11. John2e Contributor
    These are NOT dark sounding at all.

    They are similar to the U18t but more extended and tactile in the lows. Trebles are extended as well but there is a clarity to them that gives it a lifelike quality. Bass isn't bloated. Trebles aren't shrilly. My ear canals could have been contorted a bit and the sound may have been influenced by the huge grin on my face. When it goes away I'll reevaluate :)
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
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  12. SQ13
    I had a quick listen, M5 has the relax sound signature like the 64Audio. Compared U12t, more extended on both ends with the clarity and bass is not boosted like the z1r.
  13. scottanz
    Ahh..Is that the reason for the delay in my M2 I ordered on start of June?
    I was informed by Music Sanctuary that my M2 will be ready by this week. Does that mean I will be receiving the V3 version?
  14. bogdan belonozhko
    It looks like yours will be leaving our location today.
    We have had the opportunity to get feedback and work closely with the most relevant pro audio companies like Go4Berry Productions to make a product that would serve all customers. I think we have landed on a very good result.
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  15. John2e Contributor
    These have a solid heavy build that I have never encountered with the 25 or so IEMS I've purchased throughout my stay at the Head fi asylum. I don't have a scale that sensitive but I would estimate they weigh about 25% more than My U18t's and those have 18 drivers and are also solid and well built.
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