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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. mvvRAZ
    Hey actually I’m writing a similar shootout soon, comparing:

    Noble Katana
    FiR M5 universal
    Andromeda S

    When are you getting yours??
  2. John2e Contributor
    I posted pictures of the universals from Instagram below

    I don't think you have color options
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  3. mvvRAZ
    From what I know the different universals are different colors but I don’t think you can choose what color you’d like your M5
  4. John2e Contributor
    Sorry about the misinformation. I edited my post. I think you are correct. I zoomed in on the picture and the model numbers are all different.

    But I will confirm
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  5. John2e Contributor

    Thanks mvvRAZ for the picture

    FIR said it was cool to post it
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  6. mvvRAZ
    *excitement escalates*
    IneffableMusic and John2e like this.
  7. John2e Contributor
    Simply amazing

    You get a sense that it is not really all about the money. There is passion and convection in his voice. This is a labor of love.
  8. John2e Contributor
    M5 has been ordered !!!!
  9. mvvRAZ
    Congratulations!!! Did you go custom or universal
  10. John2e Contributor
    Going with the universals. I have been changing IEMS so often it does not pay. My hope is this will be my end game and if so, I will get customs.
  11. SQ13
    can you share some impression on the M5? how is it compare to the U12t, ier-z1r, Solaris, etc.
    Am shopping for a new iem and came across this thread.
  12. aminus
    Think the N8 but with a mid-treble boost where the N8 would downslope. Somewhat similar to the U12t except it’s obviously a hybrid and doesn’t quite have universal 12t’s tonality, only the overall tonal balance. Not really that similar to Z1R or Solaris so there’s no point comparing.

    EDIT: It does appear however that the final version of the M5 (which it seems I actually haven’t heard) doesn’t have as much of a treble boost. Expect a darker sound signature than what I described
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  13. TheOracle
    I'm headed to the Summer NAMM on Saturday. Bought passes because I saw Empire Ears and Clear Tunes we're going to be there. Need to audition the Valkyrie, Wraith and Da Vinci's (9 & 10).

    Looked at the floor chart today and saw Fir Audio is going to be there, which led me to take a look at this thread. Guess I have a third booth that must be visited :)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
    singingbee likes this.
  14. mvvRAZ
    Yup will be posting a full review

    My base of comparison would be the Andromeda S, the Noble Katana and the A18t from 64, as those are the IEMs I currently own
  15. John2e Contributor
    The Custom color options are real nice. The red color through the wood is the option I will eventually go with
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