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FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. SoundSquare
    that's odd, Viper Effexct works fine here, i use it with my iSines and the Convolver to apply the Cipher EQ.
  2. salla45
    Quick question, before I start loading up Micro SD cards for the arrival tomorrow of my X7ii, do they need to be formatted on the X7ii itself or can I use pc formatted cards? (eXFAT or NTFS?)

  3. Giraku
    Not necessary to be formatted by X7mk2. exFAT should work nicely.
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  4. Sonic-Debris
    Hey guys, I am looking at upgrading from my AK100ii to either the Fiio X5iii or the Fiio X7 Mark II, for a few reasons, more storage, better UI and such.
    Just wondering what the sound quality will be, and if it is worth the upgrade? I currently use RHA T20 IEM's and Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over ears.
    I do like the sound quality of the Ak100ii I have, but wanting a little more, I always felt like the bass was lacking a little, and would find myself using the bass filter tips for my RHA T20's and playing with the EQ. Im not a massive bass head, (hate beats headphones) but just wondering if you guys could shed some light on what the upgrade would be sound wise, and would it be a good idea to invest in the different amp modules if I went with the X7 Mark II? I was also thinking of getting a new set of IEM's, Possibly from the 1more company.

    Also wondering how the X7 Mark II or X5 III go with using them as a USB DAC with my Macbookpro?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
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  6. Giraku
    I have no experience with AK100ii so I cannot comment on that. I have AK240 and AK SP1000Cu. Comparing X7mk2 against AK240, X7mk2 wins in all departments. X7mk2 has neutral and transparent sound that still maintains nice musicality. Resolution and separation are higher with X7mk2. Now, comparing against SP1000Cu, SP1000Cu does everything better than X7mk2 but with a very small margin. X7mk2 is actually damn close to SP1000Cu when it comes to the sound performance. Thinking about the price difference, X7mk2 is a clear winner hands down. I don't think you need to worry about the bass department with X7mk2. Obviously the bass performance largely depends on your choice of HPs/IEMs, but I never felt any lack of bass with my HP collection.

    Also X7mk2 offers a variety of amp module choice, which AK doesn't. The stock AM3A that comes with X7mk2 is good for IEMs as it is a lower powered version of AM3 (balanced amp). If you want to drive a full size cans, I recommend getting AM5 together. I love my X7mk2/AM5 combo. It does drive HE1kv2 nicely.

    Since I use DAPs during my long commute (1.5 hours one way), portability is also a key factor. X7mk2 is relatively big and heavy but not bulky like SP1000Cu. This is another big factor for me, and I mostly use X7mk2 (combined with Hifiman RE2000) for my commute.

    At my office, sometimes I use my X7mk2 as a USB DAC connecting to my MacBook Pro via Roon. It works flawlessly.

    The only downside of X7mk2 is the software compared to AK DAPs. Sometimes, the first half second of a music track is muted. Alphabetical sort is not always working properly, especially mixing with international characters (Japanese in my case). Automatic database update sometimes does not work. In worst case scenario, you need to reset the database and build the database by scanning all songs in the internal memory and external SD cards, which can take 5 minutes or so.
    But all these glitches are minor and happens occasionally (unpredictable though). Even with these annoyance, I still choose X7mk2 as my go-to DAP, especially for my commute, over SP1000Cu.
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  7. Sonic-Debris

    Great news, thank you for your opinion :) It seems like it would be a great upgrade from my current setup. I shall look into Roon also, seems a little pricy, but very slick looking software, though i'm guessing it is something you can't just torrent to use :wink: and I have been looking for a good music player app for a while now, when on my mac i just use vlc player or Kodi/plex.

    It seems with my current IEM's (RHA T20) and Headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 2.0) I should be fine with the stock AM3A amp module. Going up to the more powerful AM5 would be overkill right?
  8. salla45

    Received my X7ii about 2hrs ago.

    So far it has exceeded expectations :)

    What a super-cool device! Up and running within minutes on tidal and scanning SD card shortly after that.

    Very well made, super screen, snappy interface.

    Superb sound! Very powerful, smooth, detailed, engaging. And it runs my T1's to a decent volume which surprised me, even without the gain boost.

    Ive loaded up a 128gb SD with DSF's 24-192 etc etc and another with normal flacs and it's handling all like a champ.

    And the APTX bluetooth kicks in perfectly with my Riva box, and plays much louder than my phone in that regard.


    An extremely desirable device.

    Certainly a step-up from my X3ii, lol.

    PS...Im so pleased I went for this rather than my other 2 shortlist devices, namely the Chord Poly, and the LG V20 (or V30) phone.
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  9. Sonic-Debris
    In regards to Micro SD cards for use with the Fiio X7 Mark II, does it actually matter which ones you go for? as in do you actually need higher read speeds, or is that not a factor?
    Would it just be for initial media scans, or does it actually allow the next tracks to be played faster, or while skipping through tracks/folders, or is that all down to the Software itself?
    Sorry for the 'noob' question :)
  10. superuser1
    Any standard mSD card would work. Please don't waste your energy on the R/W speeds. Just enjoy the music! :)
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  11. Darren Cotter
    I've always used Sandisk cards bought from Amazon UK. With cheap cards you get failures and good quality cards bought from non-reputable sources you are asking for fakes.
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  12. Giraku
    Yes, probably you don't need AM5 for your current setup.
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  13. salla45

    I'm really quite curious to know if Android upsamples the Tidal output by default like it does with my Mojo when I plug an OTG cable into my Samsung phone? It shows as 192Khz in that example on the Mojo.

    If its outputting at 44.1 then it's fine for me :) - im not so keen on upsampling for no reason.

  14. Paulo Abreu
    Hi, welcome to the X7 gang!

    @FiiO has some really cool devices, from X1 up ... but X7 (mk1 and mk2) is where they dropped all their XP (1)
    (1) eXperience Points (only for gamers)

    So you now belong to one of those lucky 0.00000167 % of people on the planet that can enjoy a private, selfish high fidelity music quality, as if you were with the artist. Sorry for the enthusiasm but I’m right now listening for a bit of Vanessa Fernandez (24/172khz) thru my X7 mk2 and JH Audio Angie2, and ... I’m in heaven.

    And TODAY didn’t end, yet
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  15. MarioCaires
    Hi guys, I am using the V-Moda M100 with the X7ii/AM3A combo and even with High gain I still have to bump up the volume to around 70+ to a good listening experience. Is this normal for headphones with 32ohms impedance!?
    Am I going to have better results with the AM5 amp in this case?
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