FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

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  1. Paulo Abreu
    Hi, doesn’t seem excessive for considering I use a similar volume on high gain on my ATH M40X, which is 35ohms, although the sensitivity is 98 dB and yours is 103 dB.
    And it sounds plenty energetic and dynamic, so I wouldn’t bother with a more powerful amp. Saying this, I hear a lot of people advising AM5 as "THE amp” for full sized cans, but in most cases for higher impedances heradphones... @Brooko should give you a good advice.
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  2. salla45
    thanks Paulo. I've had the pleasure of the mojo for a couple of years now and some decent enough IEM's and such, but this is lovely. So nice to have Tidal in great quality on the go. Just need to work out how fiio are jigging the android output with tidal, how pure it is - or should i remain blissfully ignorant?
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
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  4. sargaso
    Has anyone had trouble with the pulsar light on their units? I received my X7 mark ii yesterday and the light was very dim but was pulsing. I went into settings and set the "lit" option under "working" and then looked at the brightness setting and it was already at 255, maximum value so hit ok and went on the look at some wallpaper. I then played some music and noticed that the pulsar light was not lit, nor was it pulsing. It doesn't work when charging the unit either. I did the firmware update to 1.0.3 but that didn't help, nor did a reset. If no one else has problems with the light then this unit probably has a birth defect.
  5. salla45

    I am still very confused as to what 3rd party Android players are suitable to use with the x7II. The stock player is a bit clunky to say the least; how corrupting is the Android interface on the output from Tidal, Player Pro, Poweramp, etc. I can't get UAPP to work at all. It's spewing out distorted noise only :frowning2:

    Is there anywhere online which will explain things to me?

  6. harpo1
    In UAPP settings there is a selection for 16 bit operations. Select it and the distortion will go away.
  7. salla45
    Thanks! Thats a good start :)

    Poweramp's working quite nicely. I think I'm going to stick with Tidal app for Tidal and see how I get on between stock app and Poweramp for local files, 48k-24bit or under
  8. CarstenF
    As far as I know FiiO uses a modified Android so there should be no upsampling going on.
    For your Samsung phone and the Mojo, you can avoid upsampling by buying the USB Audio Player Pro app from Google Play Store. This app comes with its own USB audio drivers and bypasses the stock Android upsampling. It also has Tidal support.
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  9. Sonic-Debris
    Has anyone run into this kind of message when trying to play standard 24/192 files? different player I know, but wanting to know if it is a limitation of my player, or the file itself? and specs I can give to help?

    hhh 23483242_10213530946882475_1374487539_o.jpg
  10. Giraku
    Possibly, the database glitch? Have you tried to reset the database and scan the storage again?
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  11. Sonic-Debris
    Fantastic! that worked, I did a factory reset then re-scanned the database, thank you so much :)
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    20171110_132624.jpg 20171110_132737_001.jpg
  13. salla45
    thanks, yes i've been using UAPP with the phone+mojo for a couple of years. Never been satisfied because of the interference due to mobile signal. Which is really why I've chosen the X7ii as a one(ish) box and noise free portable solution for Tidal use mainly on the go.

    Trying to get the UAPP software to work with the X7ii is frustrating as (Harpo1 suggestion) i need to Force 16bit only, which involves at least 1 level of conversion when using 24bit files. I suppose I want to achieve "bit-perfect" via the Android apps, but I don't think this will be possible. I've been spoiled by Roon with it's grail of "bit perfect" signal.

    Ultimately, re-thinking what I'm asking, I'd like to know how exactly the Tidal HIFI and MASTER signals are processed by Android/X7ii before they hit the output jacks! For the rest, I am actually ok to use the installed player in pure music mode.
  14. salla45
    Trying out various players with the X7ii and also got my old Chromecast audio pucks into play to...

    Now casting merrily using Optical input into my Mojo from the X7ii. Using Bubble UPNP able to cast 24-96 into the mojo. Cool!!!
  15. newtophones07
    Hello would it be possible to add Hiby Link into the next firmware? I appreciate the device, but I have rather consistent native Fiio software issues, that I try my best not to clutter up the thread with complaints. After trying the shanling implementation of Hibylink/Hiby Music app, it would be awesome if the option could be added. Thanks

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