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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. DMinor
    Why do Fiio need these review dap's back? Just let them float around for review as long as there are interests.
    The last person who receive no further request for review within 30 days will keep it. So if you want to keep the unit, you better let others review first.
    Let the new game begin. [​IMG]
  2. howdy
    I'll just tell the reviewer after me that I never received it. I should be able to keep it than right.
  3. musicheaven

    Loosing purposely the dap is always a good strategy for the devious but it also comes with a downfall, it might be your last review you'll ever do with a loaner. :p
  4. DMinor
    That's what tracking is for. Hey, people no cheating. :)
  5. howdy
    I think I could live with that. :devil_face:
  6. howdy
    All in all, kidding of course. I'm an honest individual, and to old to do something stupid.
  7. doublea71
    Joke about spouses with people you know. 
  8. chengsta
    Hey guys, I've got the x3 when it first came out and I pair it with my jds labs C5 amp (and turn on bass boost).  I'm addicted to the c5's bass, and I own a jh16 fp.  That being said, I was wondering if anyone who has used the x5 messed with the bass eq?  I think I already got a great setup, but at the same time I also like clarity and brightness (Like what I got from my car audio set up when I was younger).  I was thinking about maybe just getting the x5 and not using an amp with it, just maxing the bass.  Anyone got comparisons?  (Yeah yeah I know 'ewww bass head')
  9. Mimouille
    Of course. I am profoundly sorry.
  10. bcarr112281
    I can assure you that any problems I may be encountering are not the result of vitavox's packing job. The unit I received was so well protected that I suspect it could have survived a nuclear blast wave.
  11. miceblue
    Mmk, I just handed the touring X5 unit to barra today. We had a nice chat about some of the problems I've brought up and I got the chance to hear the DX50.

    Even though I didn't completely enjoy the X5's sound, I think I'd take the X5 over the DX50 both in terms of usability (my #1 thing to consider in a portable media player) and in terms of overall sound.

    I fully charged the X5 from this morning and it took about 9 hours total via laptop USB. That's quite a long time.
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  12. lee730
    I'm 27 so I kinda doubt its the age factor in this. Plus having owned the O2 amp and finding it very fatiguing and aggressive itself is a complete 180 from miceblues impressions on that amp. I'm not the only one to find it to be that way either.
  13. nmatheis Contributor
    Are you running OS X Mavericks by any chance? If so, a lot of people are complaining about random USB ejection with the Mavericks builds so far. I know I've got it. It happens with USB external HDs and mounted SD cards - like my X3, for instance. I don't blame it on my X3, though, since I know this is a known issue with my computer's OS.

    Anyone running Windows or an earlier version of OS X experiencing random ejection of their X5's cards?
  14. miceblue
    Nope, I'm still running OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. I've heard a lot of issues going on with Mavericks so I'm avoiding that for now.
  15. Barra
    Having just gotten the X5 from miceblue tonight, my first quick impressions are quite good. Given the recent conversations in the forum, I was worried that something may have gone wrong with the unit, but I don't think that is the case as it sounds great and handles anything I throw at it with great authority. I would just chalk the differences up to a difference in opinion or expectations, some sort of bad pairing, or some other uncontrollable circumstances. However, to put it into perspective, as miceblue mentioned above, he liked the X5 sound more than my DX50 (FW1.2.8) paired with my BH2 which sounds great as well. The X5 is definitely a step above by itself leaving no desire to add an amp. Now back to listening to see just how much of a step above. [​IMG]
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