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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. lee730
    I figured as much.
  2. cooperpwc
    Okay Joe. I will be patient. But for those of that own the X5 and walk around with it - as opposed to just testing it at home - I am afraid that the situation is more serious than you suggest. The front buttons get pushed quite constantly (which is why so many of us use Lockscreen 2 and also hope to have the future ability to have just the side volume keys unlocked).
    I unfortunately cannot comment on your other question because of the issue that I am being patient on. Following a short and frustrating session with 1.1, I have been stuck back on 1.0 and will be so forever unless the lock screen warnings can be turned off.
  3. PsiCore

    +1 (audiophile basshead here :D)
  4. jeycam
    I'm curious if X5 can (and to what extent) handle LCD-2's. Mind giving it a listen? :)
  5. CosmicHolyGhost

    Since some people asked if X5 could drive HD800 before, so I gave it a try... the short answer is No... it could drive it to very loud vol, but the sound was really congested and unpleasant... I dont think X5 was designed to drive something as demanding without the help of another amp
  6. jeycam
    I guess it doesn't have enough voltage to drive HD800 - these are beasts and I wouldn't try to connect them to any DAP really, but I found LCD-2 to be easier to drive - hence the question. 
  7. Barra
    Last night I switched through my headphones to see how they sounded with the X5. I spent a half hour with the LCD2 and can say that they sound very good with the X5. However, that is not saying much because the LCD2s are fairly easy to drive and make most everything sound good. The LCD2s even sounds ok with my Clip Zip so I think it requires a little more explanation.
    IMO, what is unique about the LCD2 is its ability to scale down extremely well. The LCD's signature changes significantly when scaling from warm and euphoric with a small congested sound stage with low end low power sources to crystal clear, punchy, black background, and a much more realistic sound stage with higher end higher power sources. Throughout the scale, the LCD2 has a very realistic "being there" sound. At the higher end of the scale, the signature ranges from laid back and rich with something like a Bryston BHA-1 to aggressive/engaging with my Mjolnir. The difference is being able to take a pleasant nap while listening to spending half your listening time up on top of your chair involuntarily playing air guitar. You know what i'm saying. [​IMG]
    My early impressions of the LCD2s with the X5 are this: The X5 has enough power that the LCD2 sound stage opens up a bit and the warmness clears up a lot, but not as much as a Mjolnir or Bryston that boast between 5 and 8 watts. However, the signature leans more toward the Bryston laid back signature than my Mjolnir's more aggressive signature. The most important point is that I don't feel the need to amp the X5 as the sound is very pleasing as is. It is a very full size and realistic sounding experience. It is not as good as through my Mjolnir, but that was never expected. Later this weekend I will try to use the X5 as a DAC to run my Mjolnir to see what happens.
    However, the star of the show so far with the X5 is my CIEM, the Hidition NT6 Pro, that has never sounded so good before even with my desktop. More to come soon....
  8. jeycam
    That's exactly what I needed! Thank you!
  9. bcarr112281
    Hi, miceblue -
    Just curious: did you notice if the X5's audio eccentricities were present across all the tracks all the time, across some of the tracks all the time, or across some of the tracks some of the time? If you repeated the same track two or more times, would the same idiosyncrasies persist on each occasion?
    Many thanks,
  10. miceblue
    I noticed them with most tracks I listened to (pretty much any song that has upper-midrange and lower-treble frequencies really), and I heard them all the time. And yup, they persisted on each occasion.

    Maybe my ears are just really sensitive to those sounds. :s
  11. johnwu
    Hi, just wondering, has anyone paired the X5 with AKG K3003? The neutral but slightly warm sound signature of X5 may compliment the neutral but slightly cold sound signature of K3003? But that is just my speculation.
  12. hilosxdd
    My newbie review is up , it's kinda short , though . [​IMG]
    Joe Bloggs and johnwu like this.
  13. Joe Bloggs Contributor
  14. gikigill
    I got a pretty hefty one coming up.
  15. hilosxdd
    :D I hope camera won't be taken into consideration if there's a tour next time , my pictures' the worst among all previewers :p
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