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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. Andykong

    In that case, if I were to fill in the X5 bugzilla, regarding X5 will auto-power-off suddenly but infrequently, and the issue cannot be repeated, which category will it belong to? bug? enhancement? suggestion>
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  2. musicheaven

    Couple of points:

    (1) you got to make sure it is a bug and not part of the intended functionality, if the auto shutoff as described in the user manual does not behave according to the document, you may have a bug.

    (2) You have to be able to repeat it so that entails:

    Providing the exact sequence of operations leading to the bug.

    In conclusion, for the software engineer to be able to fix it, he/she has to be able to repeat it.
  3. Andykong

    Yes, thats why I can't find the right category to work with.

    On the other hand, reliability is an important issue, maybe above all bug, but sadly that is not been covered.
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  4. musicheaven

    I got you, if you have an issue with reliability, measurements is what they'll use for gauging the importance and effort needed to put their resources on it (They don't have unlimited resource). Any piece of electronics including of a mechanical nature will have measures like mean time between failures measurements but unfortunately, a relatively complex device as a dap will be the sum of their weakest links and unless they have appropriate labs to simulate accelerated usage, the dap owner is going to be the ultimate tester. Tracking bugs/enhancements as given is not perfect but how many vendors provide you with the ability to?

    So the best advice is to log it in the system and use the closest category you can find, it's better to have it there than not. Joe will look at it and if it's considered crucial to their endeavors, they'll put the man power on it.
  5. Andykong

    Suppose that is the best we can look for .... !
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  6. miceblue
    Ah mmk. I'll add a few things when I get the chance then.

    I informed Joe Bloggs yesterday, but when the X5 is set to a storage device (accessing the microSD cards), sometimes the device will randomly eject from my computer and Mac OS gives me the "you have improperly disconnected a device from your computer" kind of message. This has happened in both firmware 1.0 and 1.10, but I'll try doing this on a different USB port since it may very well just be a bad port (even though this is a 2013 computer).

    And after leaving the X5 plugged into my computer as a USB soundcard/charging for about 24 hours, upon disconnecting it, the USB soundcard screen stayed on until I powered it off.

    After being fully charged for the first time since I received the unit, I'm doing a battery test on it. I did some of it last night when I went to bed, but here's what I'm doing:
    X5 at high gain, volume 96, playing a DR21 24/96 Chesky Records song in FLAC format with repeat on, powering an AKG K 701, and wrapped in a towel to emulate being in a pocket. This would hopefully represent a worst-case scenario for the battery life....unless current draw is more taxing on a battery like with in-ear earphones although those types of drivers are really efficient and don't require much volume.

    So far, after ~7 hours of use like that, the battery is still going strong. I'll continue the test when I get back home.

    "Phrases" is the track I'm using in this test:
  7. KT66
    Whiskybolt please pm your postal address, I updated the firmware with no problem, in fact it was really easy, especially compared to other DAPs.

    This definitely matches beautifully with DT1350
  8. doublea71
    I was listening to the X5 and Mad Dogs last night - though the X5 doesn't have the power of my E17, it sounds noticeably cleaner/more detailed. I had to turn it up to nearly max volume, but I like it much more. I think it gave me a little taste of what the Mad Dogs will sound like with a neutral-ish amp - it immediately put a smile on my wife's face, too.
  9. Mimouille
    Because she got rid of you for a couple of hours :wink:
  10. bcarr112281
    No, miceblue and I are using two different units.
    It's certainly possible, but I don't think so. My headphone connection appears solid and consistent, and I don't seem to be experiencing any obvious symptoms of such problems.
  11. lee730
    Could be that you listen at much higher volumes than other people do. That explains a lot actually...
  12. miceblue
    Aaaand that concludes my battery test.

    ~10.5 hours of battery life for this particular test (details in post 1356).

    Your mileage may vary depending on how often you turn on the screen, how bright it is, how often you turn it on/off, and how loud you listen to your music. The unit never got uncomfortably hot, but it did get warm after the two testing sessions; it's like a smartphone when you use it on max brightness for half an hour straight with 4G or something along those lines.

    Yes, it's 2:30 AM here, and now I need to charge up the X5 for the next participant in the tour. XD
  13. doublea71

    Mind that mouth.
  14. cooperpwc
    To be honest, Joe, I am a little disappointed in the lack of progress in declaring items to be In Progress. If after the next firmware release we still cannot upgrade the X5  without burning out the battery on button pushes in a pocket, I am going to be really unhappy. Reversing a mistake to the previous firmware isn't an issue, right?  [​IMG]
    I also think that I have been forthright enough about the good aspects of the X5 to deserve a bit of cred on this issue - which is now the top vote-getting bug on your list. Some feedback would be appreciated.
  15. KT66
    Had x5 for 3 days now, battery life seems superb
    Not Studio levels but better than 801 or 601

    I keep mine in a bag
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