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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. JamesFiiO Contributor
    BTW, something you guys will be interested, the DSD playback support , X3/X5 will supports DSD64@DFF or DSF format.
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  2. addsfsds
    Nice news! I think that Artist->Album is a must feature. Good job guys :)
  3. Jess70

  4. cooperpwc
    Hi Joe,
    I will install this today, test it and let you know how it works.
    Then I will switch back to 1.0 and wait for that promised version without the lock screen warnings. Please be sure to make that version also available for download to those of us that already have the X5.
    Much thanks! 
  5. reihead
    A bit off topic, but a BETA firmware for the X3 ?
  6. Retrias
    Its official , I am actually buying this for my daily driver as an intermediate upgrade from my ak100
  7. lee730
    And around half that price, ain't that nice! :wink:...
  8. KT66
    My review is up
  9. kkcc
    Excellent choice.  You'd love it.  
  10. howdy
  11. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    For those who like to be on the bleeding edge :D

    New features:
    -DSD decoding of DFF and DSF (DSD64)
    -Support of 32bit file formats
    -Support for HE-AAC
    -Revamped 32 bit decoding of Ogg Vorbis and mp3
  12. lordhumungus

    That's really disappointing to hear (no pun intended) since I have been looking for a player that can support a large quantity of files for years and was hoping the X5 would be the perfect choice. I'm still going to get one since it still seems like the best option, but I'd definitely pay for a second revision that had more RAM and the ability for the library list to be more or less unlimited. Even at 256GB between two cards, that's nowhere close to being enough for all my music, even if I use MP3 format.

    I'm still very excited though. Just keeping my fingers crossed for maybe a future hardware revision or updated model that has plenty of RAM to support this.
  13. KT66
    Do you really need to carry around ALL your music?
    I have 3000 LPs and 1500 CDs and  32 gig is enough for me,that's
    over 70 Flac 16/44 albums. 
    70 is enough choice surely for a portable device?
  14. DMinor
    LOL I have a 480GB ipod and I am running out of space. I admit it's impossible for me to listen the whole 400GB+ of music in one day. [​IMG]
    But it feels great when I have the option to select whatever I want to listen from the 400GB's. It helps me to expand my music interest in genres, musicians, composers, etc.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I have to agree here, I can understand having a 100gb or so, though I live on 32gb cards (FLAC) quite happily, there's always something I'm bored of and can remove for the next album. Sometimes I wonder if people assume large storage equals thier testicle size. :wink:
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