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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. superuser1
    it would illicit a response which would look exactly like your avatar [​IMG]
  2. darkmantrax
    This is awesome.
  3. Dobrescu George
    I don't know the advantages of WV, but seems like having a collection if FLAC would make it compatible with more devices and make the whole process less of a hassle [​IMG]
    Or was WV a good / better container for something exotic like DSD or DXD or similar? [​IMG]
  4. superuser1
    Lol no such thing and from what i have learnt .WV is a resource hog. I just had a Floyd Album : A Momentary Lapse of Reason" in wavpack format and therefore used foobar to play it. I am mostly sorted with FLAC and DSD/ DSF files. :)
  5. Preachy1

    The folks at Tuf-Luv said that they should have a X5 III/E12 (or A5) case ready for market on or about May 1.
  6. Preachy1
    Foobar 2000 assistance!!!  I'm toying with a few 3rd party players.  Does FB-2000 have a "play through folders" option?  so far, all I can do is play a single album, then it stops.
  7. quodjo105
    Help.. My x5 won't connect to my iphone 7 plus via bluetooth . it says on my iphone that the x5 is not supported?.is this a common issue?.
  8. sjb57

    Surely, the X5-3 is meant to send sound to a BT/Apt-X speaker (which it does) rather than to a phone (phone is also a sender rather than a receive, I would say).
  9. rawrster
    Are you trying to get it for internet access or music library? I'm not sure if it does the latter. I just tried it with my S6 edge and while it does work it only provides internet access.
  10. XVortex
    Here we go:
    You can download TWRP (custom recovery) for FiiO X5-III here.
    SuperSU package (root) for installing through TWRP is here.
    Brief instructions:
    - Unzip twrp-, install drivers (run DriverInstall.exe);
    - Power off the X5, connect it to the computer via USB while holding the Previous track button.
    - Start AndroidTool.exe, make sure that only  checkbox #2 is checked and LOADER device is found;
    (for flashing stock recovery just untick #2 checkbox and choose #3 - recovery_stock.img).
    - Press <Run> button, wait till flash operation is completed;
    - Go to Advanced function tab and click <ResetDevice> button.
    - We're done.
    To enter custom recovery:
    - Power off the X5;
    - Push Previous track button, Play/Pause Button and Power button simultaneously.
    - Wait 5 sec, release Power button;
    - Wait till logo appears and then release all buttons.
    The guide about using TWRP is here.
    If you appreciate my work, you can donate at the website in my sig...
    Thank you.
  11. jithu215
    Because of my tight budget I have to take a viable decision.I will first go to a near store and compare v20 with my first gen x5(cannot try x5 3rd only available online).if they both sound same quality I will go for 3rd gen and if I find any improvements on v20,I will buy v20.thanks for the help bro.
  12. jithu215
    Thanks for the advice bro...
  13. WayTooCrazy
    If you are indeed looking for a phone upgrade at the same time, you will not regret purchasing the V20. It sounds great with my VE Monks, TH-X00, SHP9500, and Audeze Sine. The LCD-2 and VE Zen 2.0 are a little more finicky.
    jithu215 likes this.
  14. newtophones07

    man you are way too awesome!!!. Where is the donation link, I could not find it in your signature. PM me if this is wrong to ask in this manner.

  15. Karendar

    Time to rock the custom ROMs. =D Thanks man.
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