FiiO X3 mod - AD8397 to AD8620
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  @ClieOS would you happen to know (perhaps in passing, from Fiio guys) if the X3 1st gen has a dual rail supply? Or just a single rail supply?
Still looking for other chips that might work.

It has been awhile since I measured it, but IIRC, it is dual rail +/-5V.
p/s: Found it, here it is:
...Supply voltage in X3 is around +/-5V ~ +/-5.5V....

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I finally mod my X3. 
AD8692 to ADA4841-2
AD8397 to AD8620
( But I have no exact idea on the other capacitors mod as suggested in the erji thread.)
This now sounds like a new toy and should keep me busy listening to my collection for some time.
Many thanks to this thread, thanks to erji, thanks to ClieOS.
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Hey hello there, i did my conversion to 8620 today. Changing the amp wasn't that hard. BUT when i put it back together celebrating myself that i was in fact able to solder this on my own i discovered something disturbing: the balance was out of order. so i reopened the case and checked every leg again. i disconnected the resistor of channel b - input oO... maybe it was a bad angle with the iron... those things are tiny... 3 hours later now i gave up, this thing is so small it stuck to the iron or to my knife i was holding it down with... my solution was actually pretty simple. i desoldered a - aswell, so now the gain is very low but at least it's coming from center again AND it's still loud enough for the pair of etymotics 4xr. could it be, that it's affecting gain only or does it create any harmful currents? sounds better than the old amp though, like less muddy but no world of difference?.
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