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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. dharmasteve
    There is no doubt that Bluetooth APTX-HD volume on the M6 plays at a louder volume compared to the same volume setting on the M9, and that is with the M9 on high gain. 60 on the M6 is considerably louder than 60 on the M9 Bluetooth wise. Once the volumes are at the same adjusted listening levels there is very little difference in quality. I do suspect Bluetooth implementation is different on the M9 to the M6. The M6 being newer may be slightly improved. Hope it is a software issue and can be resolved. Anyway you are right gLer. But under direct wired IEM connection the M9 is clearly better. Don’t know how the two DAPs compare with Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth IEMs? Anyone?
  2. gLer
    I have no issues with the M9’s quality, wired or Bluetooth, and I don’t doubt it’s better than the M6 (and should be given the hardware and price). My only observation is the notably lower BT volume on the M9. Hope @FiiO can comment and with luck fix it in firmware.
  3. bms44974
    I noted the same requirement for higher volume with BT than wired. However, switching between wired and BT, the M9 remembered the volume levels separately. After using BT at a higher volume, plugging in a wired IEM the default volume was the same as previously used for wired output, not the higher volume used with BT. Conversely, after using the wired output at lower volume, the M9 reverted to the higher BT volume level when turning on a previously paired BT IEM. I do not recall a setting to alter this behavior and it seems to be the default (using "LDAC-Connection first").

    Cheers... Brian
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  4. theadmans
    I have a 2018 UK Ford Kuga with Ford Sync 3 Entertainment System - I am struggling to connect the M9....

    My car does not have a Line In that I can find.....

    So I decided to connect via USB. When I select to Browse on the incar display the M9 it says the folder is corrupted.

    I also tried using Bluetooth. I paired the M9 with the Kuga successfully and started playing music on the M9 but the car kept playing the radio.

    I selected Bluetooth in Audio Sources on the car - but the car said no Bluetooth sources were found?

    NB. I set Bluetooth on the M9 to SBC. When you are playing via Bluetooth what output do you select LO, PO (not even sure if that matters)?

    Any ideas folk?
  5. Quigley28
    Just an FYI for people about the m9’s 2V line out.

    I had an x1 with 1V line out paired with the Fiio A5 amp. It sounded great yes, but trying to hook up two hd650 for shared listening just didn’t power both headphones.( I know it’s not a recommended setup) but powered one headphone more than enough.

    Enter the M9 with 2V line out paired with the same Fiio A5 amp and wow, what a difference with that extra volt output. It is not only punchier with one headphone at lower volumes but two hd650’s absolutely rock with volume to spare for shared listening.

    I would have had no idea that the difference between 1V and 2V would be so dramatic in this situation.

    I almost bought the m7 first but for the extra cash the tidal and Spotify apps and the 2V output alone is worth the extra.

    Hopefully a whitelist Tidal with the master recording will replace the current one as I think it’s just the hifi version.

    We were so impressed last night I felt the need to share.

    Good job Fiio.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  6. bowei006 Contributor
    FiiO Link is love. FiiO Link is glorious.
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  7. MPNow
    @FiiO , I've ran into an issue with the device that I wanted to address.
    I've been noticing that on occasions, when I have this device plugged into a PC, it'll disconnect from being visible on PC and go into charging mode. I do have the device enabled with Sleep Shutoff at a time of 10 minutes, but I'm not sure if this applies to when it's plugged into a PC maybe idle (even though it's listed as visible on the PC).

    Similarly, there's another issue where the device will start to power off (Sleep Mode is still set to shutoff after 10 mins) seconds after finishing a track with no songs left in the queue after it (this has only happened after listening to the last track in an album as I don't listen to random tracks often) even though the device hasn't been idle for ten minutes. This one is difficult to reproduce as this doesn't always happen with every album I listen to (you may need to listen to multiple albums to notice it but it does happen at least once a day for me, if I'm listening to multiple albums throughout the day.
  8. gLer
    Thanks for this Brian! I officially withdraw my complaint about low BT volume, because the M9 is smart enough to jump back to my preferred IEM volume. I now have no issue switching between car BT and wired IEMs, which was my main bugbear.
  9. deadhead12
    Last night I charged my M9 to 100% battery then turned the device off and went to bed. This morning I turned it back on and it showed 94%. Does anyone else's battery drain when powered down? My device has done this from the beginning and I just figured it was normal, but now I'm not sure.
  10. Sven2015
    I thought the M9 has just a "dark sleep" but not a complete "power off"...
  11. deadhead12
    That would explain it. When you hold the power down button it shows a screen that says "Power off Do you want to shut down?" I assumed I powering down.

    Edit: It's still rather fast battery drainage. The device is advertised as having 45 day deep sleep. My experience is showing a 4 to 5 day deep sleep.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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  12. Sven2015
    In many cases a "power off" is not really a power off (via hard switch for example). The most devices are going into a kind of "deep sleep". Remember. The device is based on Android. Android is a kind of Linux OS. Every OS needs a boot up (including the booting time).
  13. bowei006 Contributor
    Did you do a FULL power down? If so, it could just be the internal hardware reading of battery level.

    Lots of big companies fudge the numbers as battery actual juice left inside is algo based on reading the voltage and doing some correlative logic on it.

    My M9's deep sleep works phenomenal.

    Used my M9 two weeks ago and forgot about it and didn't do the "OFF" state. Went and pressed the power on button yesterday and it turned on in 2-3 seconds losing only about 15% which is pretty good.
  14. deadhead12
    I’m pretty sure if I left it for 2 weeks mine would be dead.
  15. bowei006 Contributor
    Their battery sourcing and quality might not be on Samsung or Apple's levels......at least they don't explode :deadhorse:
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