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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Oncisounds
    I don't use the balanced output but use the 3.5mm standard with the HD6XX and it's more than fine, volume wise it's more than capable and dynamics sound pretty good too I was pleasantly surprised really.
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  2. stemplar
    Thanks for the reply ! That surprised me too. For ≥19mW (300Ω / THD + N <1%) unbalanced vs. ≥24mW (300Ω / THD + N <1%, balanced turbo off) ≥77mW (300Ω / THD + N <1%, balanced turbo on) I have balanced cables (for HD660S/HD650), and for DSD / Tidal I have had little to do with the unbalanced power of Q5.
  3. harris4crna
    Thank you. Will keep an eye out for it. This is why I miss living in Tokyo.

    Thinking also to take the plunge into wireless headphones. I use my A&K MK 1 DAP for when I goto the gym. My exercise HPs are couple years old and they are wired. To fully utilize the BT capabilities of the FiiO M9, which exercise HPs are recommended? Have a spent a couple hours searching on the internet for reviews and not finding much help, thoughts?
  4. MPNow
    I recently purchased a set of bose soundsport earbuds. I haven't been able to really utilize them for sound due to me in need for a new BT supported dap so my phone is currently what they are used for. The sound with that is limited due to it being a phone, so I don't want to give my impressions on it until I've obtained a new DAP. My only concern with this so far is that when trying to connect to a PC, it's extremely difficult to pair it so that it uses both earbuds, it often pairs thinking that it's a headset (which happens if I were to use my phone to make calls), thus only allowing the right earbud to produce sound through it. It's also impossible for me to use it with my bluegate BT transmitter/receiver due to the feedback issues. I'm considering searching for an alternative in the near future, perhaps I might use the earbuds that come with a detachable cable (I prefer a wired set for when I'm at work and don't want to constantly be recharging it).

    I'm not a tech guy for headphones or even DAPs for that matter, just looking for the best ideal products that can serve my needs.
  5. Lurk650
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  6. jgs2n
    Any prospects for google play music support?

  7. bowei006 Contributor
    Don't have much feedback for you but so far 10hours seems about right with my usage on Wifi and BT. Have not done IEMS on low gain though

    It has enough power to drive the HD6XX from my quick testing yes. Hotel California on H Gain and 120 is just enough to be pleasureable. Music with any lower noise floor and you might want a bit more oomph.

    On normal modern tracks that master with a higher noise floor. I listen at about 90/100 volume with H gain on the HD 6XX. So you have a bit to work with but not much

    As for SQ. Its ok...The M9 would not be my choice pick for something like the HD6XX or Q701. Spatial is down as is detail with a boosted low end. Very consumer poppy sound which I dont find matching for the two mentioned.

    As for your second question. You would need to wait for community feedback to see if the M9 can be used as a USB DAC for Android/IOS phones. Often times the answer is 'probably' with FiiO devices and Android with USB OTG. Sometimes requiring an intermediate power supply. I don't have the means to connect or use it as such so I can't sollicit any feedback sadly.

    I think that may be a negatory. I think that app may require Google Play Services which is not available. Lemme ask FiiO
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  8. SkyBleu
    Novice question...how is this DAP supposed to fair up against something like the AK70 mkii? And has anyone here tested it with the Andromedas? :)
  9. Currawong Contributor
    I tried the 6XX and it actually did a decent job with them, at least at the moderate volume level I listen at. It seems that low impedance headphones, while working reasonably well, benefit from an amp being added in.

    Pretty much everything supports APTx or better now, so anything that has that, APTxHD or LDAC that suits your budget or needs.
  10. gorski
    sorry for an OT but i had to ask (i think this question is related to this topic to be honest - as a loyal customer i would like to know support path for a new device i like to buy):
    are you going to manage this device like the previous series X? where you stop supporting users with many unsolved problems - caused by buggy software?
  11. kgs51
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  12. MPNow
    This is great that the price is indeed losted as 300. Waiting for it to be available on amazon though as im not familar with this site plus i love my extended warranties.

    Btw do skins come with this device?
  13. bowei006 Contributor
    You would think that and its mostly true. What befuddles me is that the new M50xBT only has AptX at a maximum. Not AptX HD or LDAC which is weird.

    Now may be the time to see if FiiO can make a public announcement/committment like other smartphone/tech brands do in affirming support for X years. I'd be down to see that. Create the motion and ask them privately through email to notify them this is happening and you would like to see this and show them the thread with users you gather together supporting you on this.
  14. bowei006 Contributor
    No external graphical skins came with my M9. It comes in the box with a soft clear case already pre-installed on it
  15. stephanemtl
    You have my complete support. I also will not buy from Fiio again without a clear statement regarding the long-term support. My experience with the X7, which was no less than a deliverance to sell, has taught me to be extremely wary of Fiio’s tendency to let down its consumers.
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