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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. kgs51
    I am looking to purchase a 128GB microSD card. Can someone recommend a good card for the M9 DAP. Thanks Ken
  2. kgs51
    Does the Fiio BTR1K receiver work well with FiiO m9. Can someone explain to me what the receiver will actually do for the DAP.
  3. sporkabilly

    finally i received my long anticipated fiio m9 yesterday! ...and imagine my disappointment when i found the display faulty - streaky black and white and barely readable! so i made contact with the vendor in scotland and he told me that i wasn't the only one with this problem: apparently this is a common issue with the lg displays fiio is using! unfortunate i'd say...
    for now i am going to return it and have it refunded - which will leave me with paying shipment twice (germany to scotland, about 40 pounds) and end up with nothing!
    i dearly wish i could write a better review but it is how it is: buying a 1st gen product is always risky...

    ps: i wanted to upload the photos i made but it seems i can only use weblinks to do so. is there any way i can upload local files?
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  4. sporkabilly
    i'd go for samsung, class 10! there may be different brands but samsung never gave me any trouble...
  5. OneL0ve
  6. sporkabilly
    thank you! will try!
  7. sporkabilly
    there we go:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. rcoleman1
  9. MPNow
    This is one of the reasons why I'm on the search for a new DAP. I had a similar issue with the Cayin N3, except I couldn't get it to display anything but a streak. Though, this was discovered over a year after I bought it, and I had dropped it quite a few times to the point where the back part had opened slightly so my case may of been due to my usage.
  10. kgs51
    Has anyone else had the same problem with the M9. I am looking to purchase the M9 but I am concerned this is a major problem with this unit.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  11. Focux

    legal language spotted :p
  12. OneL0ve
    Well I guess I will wait until Amazon has them. My prime gives me easy returns.
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  13. superuser1
    I see Fiio is still being plagued by QC issues...
  14. sporkabilly
    like i said: i wasn't the only one reporting this issue...

    quoting from vendors mail:

    ...I had raised a return for the FiiO M9, I have copied the information below. However, what you have reported does seem to be inherent with the LG LCD display that FiiO are using with the M9. I have used one here and noticed the same problems and have raised the issue with FiiO directly....
  15. MPNow
    While there aren't any reviews up yet, from what videos that do exist of this product, I am impressed by the UI. It seems to be much more responsive than the M7, though the narrator in the video I saw for the M7 navigated through it's feature rather quickly.

    I am curious to know if this will support apps that can download and play podcasts or audio books. I know the user could simply just store them on their external drive after downloading them from their PC but some may prefer downloading them from a third party app.

    Despite the unfortunate experience from the user above, I'm still willing to give this a chance. There are some people that don't appear to be having that issue but it's not surprising that it's occurring due to, as someone mentioned earlier, this being one of the early models.

    Looks like we'll be getting a review soon. Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews just got his recently.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2018
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