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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. davidcotton
    Just buy it from somewhere with a good returns system such as amazon and you'll be fine. Getting it cheaper doesn't always pay off if you have any hassle returning it.
  2. sporkabilly
    in my case buying the m9 in scotland wasn't about getting it cheaper but earlier: i'm located in germany and the official fiio store here won't release the m9 before november, 15th - on amazon it's not even listed...

    but i totally agree to you: buying abroad to save some bugs never pays off when it comes to returns!
  3. OneL0ve
    I've been buying newly released Fiio products for years and never had any major hardware issues.

    Software issues are always fixed in a timely manner.

    Also, the fault could lay with LG. :grinning:

    Has anyone bought it directly from Fiios Aliexpress store?
  4. OneL0ve
    How much did you pay?
  5. OneL0ve
    The only thing i hate about Fiio is they will release a product and then quickly release a v2, like they made a mistake in v1.

    Example. I purchased the BTR1 went it first came out, and now i see a BTR1K? Wut? :hushed:

    We should get a return exchange offer in those cases. Although the BTR3 looks better.:laughing:

    I still don't fully understand the BTR1K Vs BTR3 differences. Have to do more research.
  6. seanwee
    Actually, most dap makers have qc issues. Ask audio stores.

    The one I have here says its common for 10-20% of daps sold to have warranty claims within a year. Even premium brands like A&K are not spared from battery issues.
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  7. seanwee
    I'd rather have more product revisions than less lol. It drives product quality upwards (most of the time) rather than staying stagnant.
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  8. stephanemtl
    Agreed. But sometimes, one feels like early buyers are used to test products and finance the research development for the next product.

    I know there is lot of pressure to release the next best DAP... but...
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2018
  9. ASpencer
    As the owner of a few high-end and expensive DAPs, I can concur. The Lotoo Paw Gold’s screen has been plagued by discoloration and fading after a moderate period of use. Similarly, the QPR1 has an inaccurate battery meter as well as a physical wheel that was problematic, requiring a sticker affixed to achieve cursory traction.

    All my FiiO DAPs, as well as other FiiO products, continue to perform flawlessly.
  10. OneL0ve
    I am not against major product revisions like BTR1 vs BTR3.

    But minor updates like BTR1K (after I just purchased the previous model) makes me a little sad. :alien::astonished:

    I guess that's what Ebay is for? :laughing:
  11. dsrk
    Can anyone confirm this?
  12. davidcotton
    Seems it's just a white list on the device sadly. There was a post a page or two back about it.
  13. max232
    Be sure to buy from a reputable source. There are a lot of fakes floating around. I bought two Samsung EVO on eBay that were counterfeit. Long story short, the seller refunded my purchase but if the price seems too good...stay away.
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  14. Currawong Contributor
    "Masters Quality" is not actually better quality, despite what they say, but a lossless file containing, in some cases, fake hi-res content, so you're honestly not missing anything.

    They should pay for, or refund your shipping costs if it's DOA.

    To upload photos, click on the "Upload a file" button. After you've done that, in the reply box you'll have the option to insert the photos you uploaded.
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  15. ASpencer
    Just curious, did these counterfeit cards work? Did they contain the same amount of memory you'd purchased?
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