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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. Papa253
    Here is my Amazon review of my M6.

    This are my OPINIONS!

    I like it!

    I'm coming from a thebit opus#2, that being said.
    The sound of the m6 works for me, no not as good a sounding Dap but the m6 gives me features that the opus#2 can't.

    The m6 can power my sennheiser hd58x jubilee with headroom to spare, wow.
    Also I get usb output that I can't get on opus.
    Another thing I wanted was aptx hd, ldac bluetooth again not on opus#2.

    So let's add that up.
    1. Hd bluetooth with ldac.
    2. Bluetooth streaming for Tadal and Deezer
    3.USB output
    4.Size is 80%smaller

    Wow that's alot.

    As far as the sound quality difference between the Opus#2 and the M6, I have what I think is the best solution.
    I use the Fiio q5 and takes it to a level better than the Opus#2 for me anyway.
    To get the most out of the bluetooth codec on the M6, I use the Earstudio ES100.
    The reason for this is that most bluetooth headphones are nowhere near the sound quality of the DM6'S and the sennheiser hd58x jubilee's. I just plugin my headphones to the SE100, set M6 bluetooth to Ldac and WOW.


    A brilliant piece of Tech by FIIO
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  2. abitdeef
    I completely agree with your assessment. I have a AK SR15 and had ZX300 and they both sound a bit better than M6- But it’s close and I love the size and features of the M6.

    And with the ES100 and LDAC WOW! Also the streaming is good and the battery is good on the m6.
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  3. Papa253

    Whoosh I'm not crazy!
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  4. abitdeef
    Um papa we’re all a little crazy on here :wink:
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  5. MaceHane2
    I have a question regarding using an external amp/dac with my new M6.
    I was thinking of getting a Spectra X to use with my M6 for some of my more demanding headphones, and was thinking of getting the usb C version to connect to the M6’s usb C port. However the instructions say the headphone port is the line out port. Does this mean that if I connect to the usb C port it will not work with the Spectra X? Because it says that port is for data transfer and charging ....
    If anyone can advise I’d very much appreciate it.
    Be well.
  6. Daiyama
    The Spectra X seems to be a DAC/AMP so you are fine to use the digital out of the M6 via USB-C.
  7. fish1050
    I may be a little unbalanced but definitely maybe not crazy, at least that's what my therapist tells me. :L3000:
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  8. lior777
    wow u sure m6 close to zx300 sq?
  9. TheoS53
    Recieved an M6 review unit yesterday.... Man this little thing is cool.

    It's not as small as the Shanling M0, nor does it have as much power.... But i feel that the M0 might just be TOO small.... plus the M6 gives me access to Deezer which the M0 can't (not unless I connect it over BT to my phone)

    Well done Fiio I think this little mini M9 is going to sell well
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  10. lior777
    Shanling M0 vs fiio m6 only sound quility ?
  11. fish1050
    I am wondering the same thing, I have the M0 and am seriously thinking of the M6. So far two people I know have both, one prefers the sound of the M0 and the other the M6. The general opinion is the M0 seems to have a flatter less colored sound. The M6 is a little warmer sounding, perhaps not as clear sounding but they sound quite similar otherwise.

    I guess it will come down to a demo to decide between the two but if it is close, the M6 wins out on pure features and usability.
  12. abitdeef
    On single ended out I prefer m6, balanced is better on zx300 of course- it has more power and separation.
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  13. abitdeef
    To my ears the m6 is more neutral sounding the M0 sounds a little boosted in top and low ends like AP80 I also find the m6 stage wider. I also think it depends on what cans/iems you are using.

    Kind of between the warmer R3 and the hotter M0. But a very nice listen imo, I don’t miss SR15 - which is best sounding dap I’ve heard so far when I’m listening to M0. Of course sr15 sounds better with it’s better amp stage but little m6 does quite well :wink:
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  14. abitdeef
    M0 is more colored and I wouldn’t call m6 warm- it’s more neutral, say like Cayin n5ii or opus 1. Just not as much power/resolution. I mean it’s all subjective but I’m really sensitive to treble and M0 and AP80 both sound like the treble is boosted a bit under load ie with cans or iems.

    That would probably be do to the particular output circuit that was used. Best thing to do is just try m6 our.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  15. TheoS53
    Will have to listen to them side by side, so for now I can't really say which one is better or exactly what the differences are.
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