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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. Claypole
    Does anybody know what improvements the new firmware will bring? This would be a great player if they could iron out all the niggles...
  2. Daiyama
    Afaik, nope, despite the new apps on the whitelist FiiO has not said a word about upcomming improvements.
  3. firesign
    Sonarworks would be great... but I'm afraid is impossible.
  4. fish1050
    God the more I use an android based DAP the more I think they should call it hemorrhoid instead cause it is a pain in the ass. Forgetting the slow boot times I have nothing but problems every time I connect my M7 to my computer. Either it takes multiple attempts to connect before the M7 is recognized. Then it takes forever to recognize the contents of the music folder. Finally it takes forever just to copy a few songs if it will complete at all.

    I had one album of songs I wanted to add so rather than pull out the card and use my card reader I just connected the M7 to my Windows machine. 35 minute later and I still couldn't get the album copied, makes me seriously miss my Shanling M0 and even Sony A17, never an issues using either with my computer and no drivers needed. Not only that but despite resetting the database I still get damn skip at the start of most tracks now. Started looking at the Shanling M2X as a possible replacement and getting rid of the M7. Not available in Canada yet but will definitely demo when available.

    Yes it could be the pitifully weak hardware in the M7 but either way to much hassle with this thing. Can't imagine trying to use it as computer DAC at least for me. Fiio had better be releasing a major firmware update soon.
  5. crabdog
    I plugged my M6 into the computer yesterday. Windows' File Explorer opened pretty much instantly and was ready for browsing and file transfers/deletion. Then I went to options and enabled USB DAC mode; it was recognized by Windows immediately and was automatically set as the default playback device.

    I've never tried the M7 but the M6 works impeccably with Windows in my experience (I'm using W10 btw). Which version are you running and have you tried a different USB port or cable?
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  6. dharmasteve
    You have definitely made me crease up. I realise my M6 is running Hemorrhoid 7. Brilliant. We need more apps to be brownlisted. Good sense of humour fish. Made me smile. Thank you.

    fish1050 likes this.
  7. fish1050
    Well I am glad I made you smile, haven't felt like smiling myself dealing with my M7 lately. Definitely seems the longer I own it the more problems I have to deal with. Will avoid android DAP's whenever possible going forward as this is my first experience with one. Honestly when I first got it was a bit of hassle getting it recognized by my Windows 7 computer but it was fine after that. Now it seems everything I do with it acts up. Takes multiple attempts again to get it to scan for new tracks crashing multiple times. The problems I just described in my last post etc... I know the Shanling DAP's aren't perfect, just watched some youtube videos for the M2X. It looks like a beautiful DAP and it seems highly rated for sound quality. The upcoming firmware (when and if) we ever see it better makes some big improvements to usability and stability for the M6/M7.

    It took me a long time to give a Fiio DAP another shot, really hope the M7 doesn't ultimately let me down again.
  8. superuser1
    Isn't this the M6 thread? correct me if im wrong?!
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  9. fish1050
    Yeah it might be Windows 7 doesn't play well with my M7. Can't bring myself to upgrade to Windows 10, still looking at Linux Mint instead at some point. For me my other non-android based DAP's never gave me any problems computer interaction wise. As for USB ports I have tried them all on my desktop including USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, no joy with any of them. Will have to live with it until a better DAP alternative comes along. Sold my A17 and Shanling M0 so the M7 is all I have right now.

    The track glitch is another matter, starting to happen more frequently despite periodically resetting the database. Don't even get me started on the awful out of order track listing in Fiio Music Player, completely useless at this point. To much frustration for me, Fiio needs to come through with this next firmware update big time.
  10. fish1050
    Yes but the M7 thread is completely dead and the hardware and software are largely the same. Any updates for the M6 will likely make it to the M7 in some fashion. I actually know 3 people with the M6 who have some of the same problems I have with the M7. It goes to Fiio's history of quickly forgetting their DAP's whenever a newer unit gets released. I noticed some M6 owners who feel neglected by Fiio so not just us M7 owners. So not just and M6/M7 issue but an overall issue with Fiio in general.
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  11. dharmasteve
    Hi fish
    Although you made me smile I do take what you say seriously. We do have problems with the M6 but they are nuisances more than deal breakers. At least you can add directly to the card. A pest I agree, but you can put your music on it. I know you enjoy the sound as you have said so. Yep the FiiO app leaves a bit to be desired. Can you use new whitelisted apps on the M7 or only the stock FiiO music app?
  12. crabdog
    IMO a lot of the neglected feelings are caused by entitlement and unrealistic expectations (talking mostly about M6 here). Yes, the FiiO Music Player needs some work, including the search functionality. But all the whining about whitelisted apps seems a reach considering the M6 is an affordable, low-powered, entry-level model that already plays music exceptionally well. If people want all the extra Android features they should use a phone or save up for a higher tier DAP (IMO). :shrug:
  13. dharmasteve
    Wow. I respect your reviews but what you are saying here is ridiculous. How can you tell people to save up for another DAP. I'm shocked at this nonsense.
  14. crabdog
    I'm just suggesting that people should be realistic regarding how many features they can expect to be packed into a tiny, low-powered device. It's like buying a studio apartment and then complaining that it doesn't have a backyard with a swimming pool.
  15. dharmasteve
    You used the term 'entitlement'. Fish said all he has is the M7. Perhaps you should look at yourself who has multiple choices......'entitlement'.
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