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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. Caguioa
    Would u recommend the 2nd version adapter Bluetooth adapter for 846's?

    would u say 4.4 worth it?
    I am planning on maybe getting 3.5 to 4.4 adapter for 846's
  2. psikey
    No, its £130 ! While the BTR3 can be had for £50 or the ES100 with balanced for £90. The new Shure version doesn't even have LDAC which I think is really bad. I contacted their tech support and they said very unlikely they will add it in a future firmware update.

    Stick with the BTR3, ES100 or the new Fiio balanced one that is coming out.

    I've had the ES100 and still have the BTR3 and all round I'd still go BTR3.

    For the £25 Fiio B 4.4mm cable its worth it. The quality of the thing is easily worth £25. Its not so long ago you had to pay more than that just for a 2.4 to 4.4mm adapter !
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  3. BadReligionPunk
    Cant say Im having any issues with BT volume. Didn't have a issue syncing them either. Have tried about 6 BT devices so far. Even $35 TRN BT20 connector and no issues.
  4. mattg3
    No its on low gain
  5. gLer
    Yeah M11 def sounds best balanced in high-gain. I’m averaging Vol 40 on the FH5 with these settings.
  6. Photoman
    Do anyone of you who have or had the cowon R can compare the sound between the M11? I'm selling my R to get this one
  7. psikey
    My final bit of cable tests with my older Fiio 2.5mm balanced that I also have 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm balanced adapters.

    Balanced sounds identical either 2.5mm or 4.4mm and are a slight improvement over 3.5mm SE. I'm sure balanced will have more impact with headphones, especially demanding ones.


    Also, the inline play/pause/skip works with this Sony cable with one button in-line remote. Also tried with IEMatch.
    If I had to toss a coin then I'd say my SE846's sounded marginally better (or different) via 3.5mm when using the IEMatch but not needed at all. No significant background hiss for me.


    Glad to see double-tap has been included to wake up the M11. Always like that with my smartphones.

    I can't find a thing to fault with this DAP at the moment be it design, UI, flexibility, connections, storage capacity and of course sound quality. I'm coming from previously: ZX2, X5III, ZX300, Mojo, HA2SE, DFR, Hugo 2.

    Hugo 2 was best sound quality but overkill for IEM's and my SE846's picked up hiss & electronic switch type noises without using IEMatch.

    Will see how audio out feeds my KEF LSX speakers this weekend (just for a play as they sound superb with Tidal direct/ my NAS files anyway).
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  8. DrKrFfXx
    I bought the m11 on a Store on Spain, they got in touch with me a couple of days ago telling me that the m11 stock was to be expected in 10-15 days.

    I received it today. I'm ****ing stoked!

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  9. fatmanny
    I more meant that it sounds like they have a 2.5 cord then using an adapter from that to go into 4.4. To me it wouldn't do anything to make it stronger? Either way the 2.5 plug is being used.
  10. Leetransform25
    How's the M11 sound when used wirelessly? I assume it'd depend on whatever headphones you have since it's using whatever DAC is in there instead the one in the M11
  11. gLer
    Exactly, the M11 is just a source when it comes to Bluetooth transmission. That said, many users (myself included) have reported below average BT volume from the M11, so keep this in mind. LDAC to LDAC headphones seems to work well.
    Leetransform25 likes this.
  12. kdphan
    Will your team be selling the M11 at Canjam Socal?
  13. Leetransform25
    Tbh it sucks that you only get sub-par audio through Bluetooth, though I guess the M11 was mainly designed for a wired connection and using it through BT would somewhat defeat the purpose lol
  14. gLer
    I never said you get sub-par audio through Bluetooth, I said you get below average volume (at least with the devices I tested). Others don't seem to have that problem with LDAC headphones, and in fact report superb audio quality. I'd say the M11 is excellent at everything - wired and wireless - just that wired is obviously (and expectedly) better than wireless, which is the case with ANY device.
    Leetransform25 likes this.
  15. fish1050
    No I am pretty sure Fiio is selling this as the ultimate wireless solution. Hence the support for wifi and both AptX HD and LDAC. You can't make bluetooth sound any better than the best codecs support and it supports both. The main reason I will never buy bluetooth headphones is it simply does not sound as good on any DAP or wireless headphones as wired does.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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