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Fiio E07K/E10 vs iPhone 4 SQ?

  1. honfoglalo
    Is there a significant difference with an easy to drive IEM?
    If u use the E07K from a pc and a 16ohm iem like RHA Ma750 or Re-400 is it an upgrade over the iPhone4?
    Is the Fiio much better (mainly as a dac)? Worth to buy for home use?
    /pls dont describe the difference between a phone and a dac+amp... and dont compare with headphones, answer only who tried both/

    Thanks! :)
  2. honfoglalo
    Any owners? :)
  3. benthughes
    I have the E17 and use it with my macbook pro. The MBP seems to have a pretty quality soundcard but there is a difference running to the Fiio. I dig the versatility of being able to use the USB or optical input, selectable gain and EQ on the unit. Both are an upgrade from the onboard amp/DAC of the iphone ( at least in the case of the Macbook Pro), some computers could definitely benefit from an outboard DAC. That being said, I've always thought the sound from my iDevices was pretty good, especially with a decent IEM.
    In case you haven't heard of it, check out the CanOpener app for iphone. That'll make a difference on the cheap.
  4. honfoglalo
    Thanks, I would like to see a comparsion between iPhone 4 and E10/E07K, but thanks. :)

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