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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Jackpot77

    Not sure the fit of the A83 will be ideal due to the fixed MMCX connection - if you are looking for a hybrid fit stage use in a similar sonic and price bracket, you may want to check out the Fender FXA series (formerly Aurisonics) - the FXA5 upwards night have a sonic signature similar to what you are after? There are a couple of active threads and reviews of the old Aurisonics models on here.
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I am way late to review these but they sound great for vocals and treble is outstanding. Bass can be EQ'd up
    Review coming[​IMG]
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  3. garcsa
    Bump! Experience somebody?
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

      Nooooow I am ready to rock and roll
  5. TipsusMagnus

    Any suggestions on how to improve the fit and isolation of the A83? I'm kind of torn between that and the Aurisonics ASG1-plus (on sale from this audio store in my city). I REALLY like the cable of the A83. Which is better, soundwise? Also, can I retrofit my Shure 215 cable for the A83?
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    To improve the fit change out the stock cable so the housings can swivel. Many of the fit problems surface from the stock cable locking the housings in one position.
  7. garcsa
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    The pair I have has no issue. It has a locking mech that is not quite as good as a regular MMCX cable like H20 mentions which can spin freely and makes for a better fit.
  9. garcsa
  10. harry501501
    Hey, I've been playing around the budget world for a good while enjoying the fantastic value that some of the smaller unknown Asian brands can offer, but I've been lucky and had a very good win at the bookmakers recently and the cash has just went in to my account from my online acct :) £370 yee haa
    I've been looking at the A83 (and A73) for a long while and thinking o finally pulling the plug.
    In terms of £100+ sets I've had;
    Dunu DN 1000
    Love em, but I've come to dislike the sharpness and fatigue of the treble. just about to put them on eBay UK actually. great mid bass.
    Dunu DN 2000
    Didn't have the WOW factor for a £200+ IEM and were a little bright so returned them.
    MEE Pinnacle 1
    I loved them at first, enjoyed the BIG smooth sound, but they broke on me and i got a refund.
    RHA T20
    These are great, does everything well but nothing outstandingly well.
    Aurisonic Rockets
    Horrible IEM imo. Thin mids and highs, bass had fantastic resolution but didn't have the quantity I hoped and weren't a step up from my Yamaha EPH100. Also difficult fit.
    What i hope to get from the A83? As near to the following as possible.... Full bodied warm sounding mids, with enough detail although don't have to be analytical. Deep bass but not ear pounding, decent resolution and musical. DN 1k had great bass, but seemed more mid bass than sub. Non fatiguing highs.
    In anyone's opinion, does that get close to their signature? Reviews SEEM to suggest it is, but if anyone could comment that would be much appreciated. Ta
    EDIT : Spelling
  11. Darren Cotter
    I have a set of Fidue A83's. I think your description is spot on. When I was looking for some new IEM's, this is the description I got from HiFiheadphones.co.uk:
    "And for a more fun sound, the Fidue A83 is another really good one, there's a rich lushness here balanced with a lovely bass"
    I'm looking to move forward from these, as I have just purchased a FiiO X7. Here is what they recommended as the next step:
    "I've taken a look at our range and the Sennheiser IE800 seems to fit your requirements quite well, great detail on these.
    There's also the Final Heaven VIII, these need to be worn with the cable down and if you're walking or moving about a lot, the vibrations tend to travel up the cable so that's something to bear in mind.
    And the Audiofly AF180, I have a pair of these myself. Really smooth but with great detail, particularly in the midrange.
    The Dita Audio 'Answer' is an excellent sounding one with great clarity and soundstage; I would say they're a little on the warm side of neutral and a favourite of mine"
    I am tempted to sell the A83's when I upgrade, but not sure I would end up regretting it! I also have a X5ii and could use the A83's on that.
  12. Midgetguy
    Basically you've gotta do some deficit testing as I call it haha. Get one of those (whichever one you'd like, you may even have to try all of those first, albeit one at a time if you don't have enough funds to do it all at once) and if you find that you'll end up using them over the A83s much more often, then I'd say it's safe to sell the A83. I did that with my set of A83s.
  13. Darren Cotter
    Trouble is, I live in Jersey and we have no specialist dealers, so can't try them out first. Just have to go by the reviews.
  14. harry501501
    Thanks for your reply Darren, I started out looking for accuracy and detail (e.g. re-400, Dunu DN 1000), but these days a more balanced smoother slightly enhanced bass is what I'm after... and hopefully the A83 will not disappoint (fingers crossed).
  15. Midgetguy
    I can't try things out first without buying where I am either. Hence, deficit testing; essentially, buy to try. If I like them, great, if I don't, gotta either return or sell them off here on Head-Fi. Sounds to me like you're in the same position where you live as I am.
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