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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Paulus XII
    Thats a great price.
  2. Aero Dynamik
    Yep! [​IMG]
    Anyway, the agony is over as I've now placed my order with Lend Me UR ears for a grad total of USD 287.13. It's definitely a more than decent deal as it includes DHL EXPRESS SHIPPING to Europe, Sweden with a delivery time of 3 - 4 working days.
    The wait begins... [​IMG] 
  3. garcsa
    Good decision! You'll enjoy them. Very well trackable DHL service. [​IMG]
    Aero Dynamik likes this.
  4. Shawn71

    And very well in stealing our money as well, in the name of customs.....than FedEX/UPS or any other local national carriers.
  5. Nitemare3219
    So I may be nearing the end of my comparison... take how I am describing this with a grain of salt, because I am very new to describing and comparing audio.
    The Fidue A83 does not seem reference (flat?) to me. Definitely V-shaped, because the treble is very present. The mids are recessed to the point of needing EQ to sound good to me in a lot of the music I listen to. Higher pitched male vocals, and some EDM tones get butchered by the lack of midrange. It makes the music lack depth, and I don't enjoy listening to them. If I EQ the midrange up a bit, they sound better. The A83's bass seems a bit more prominent than the W30's, but so far this is in only a few songs I have heard. It's something you have to try to notice most of the time (a few songs the bass impact was much better on the A83), but I may only be noticing it due to volume disparities.
    The W30 is certainly more reference sounding to me. I dislike reference - more of a treble-head and bass-head. I don't find the bass lacking on the W30 for an IEM, but I would prefer more - I don't think this is really possible with IEMs, but until I hear something like the Sennhesier IE80, I probably can't come to that conclusion. I come to love the W30 when I enable that clarity EQ option in SoundAlive on my Galaxy Note5 (seems to increase treble a bit, and alters bass slightly but I can't describe it). This option is useless on the A83 because it makes them way too harsh since they are bright enough already.
    If it ever comes down to not being able to EQ my IEM, it'd be a tough choice. The A83 has the presentation I like in some of my music, but really drops the ball sometimes. The W30 lacks that "clarity" I want by default, but definitely never falls flat on its face like the A83 can (to my ears). I only ever plan on using these with my phone, and an EQ should always be present anyway. I'm about to upgrade to the LG V10 when it comes around (has a 32-bit HiFi DAC onboard - should be interesting), so tuning to my taste shouldn't be an issue. Considering the deal I got on the W30's (25% off), I am even more inclined to keep them. Additionally, the W30's disappear better in my ears (they are smaller) and seal perfectly with the included tips. As it stands, I think I'll be sticking with the W30's. I actually think I'm beginning to prefer their sound over my HD598's which is surprising for such a small package. I just joined a drop on AKG K812's for $799, so we'll see how this next adventure turns out. [​IMG]
  6. garcsa
    Never paid any custom fee  because of DHL shipping (location EU....)
  7. Paulus XII
    They should if the product is coming from outside of EU.
  8. garcsa
    That's true ( no more infos... [​IMG]) ...
  9. JimmyTryhard

    Interesting, I had a feeling you wouldn't enjoy them as much due to your musical preferences. I don't listen to EDM at all anymore, mostly singer-songwriters and other vocal-focused music, but I definitely do agree that the A83's probably won't quite work for EDM lovers. Listening to Kaskade's album "I Remember" was somewhat enjoyable for me personally, but perhaps not so much so in the way that an EDM enthusiast would think. They just don't give you that kind of "visceral head pounding bass" type of sound that you would want. Also, EDM lovers tend to listen at high volumes from what I can infer, so that definitely won't work too well either.

    If I was to use one word to describe what the A83's are meant for, it would be 'emotion.' I would say that EDM is mostly focused towards the word 'fun.' Perhaps prospective buyers should keep this in mind for the future before purchasing the A83.

    Anyway, I'm glad that you figured your decision out. Good luck with the incoming cans.
  10. Aero Dynamik
    Thanks for sharing! However, I don't quite understand your post or maybe I simply misread it. As I read your post you are "more of a treble-head and bass-head" and you even "dislike reference". In my book then you should go well with a V-shaped signature. You describe the A83 as V-shaped (recessed mids, very present treble, prominent bass) and then say you don't enjoy listening to them. You even seem to prefer the "more reference" W30. Please bear with me, but I just don't get it.
    Maybe my perception of V-shaped is off, or maybe it's your EQ:ing of these phones that makes me confused. Even more so as several renowned reviewers (H20Fidelity, Brooko, ljokerl(?), etc.) have describe the A83 as one of the least V-shaped hybrids with its mids being one of its strongest feats.
    I did read your "grain of salt" disclaimer, but if you can shed some more light on this I'd be an interested reader. Thanks!
  11. SyntheticShotz
    It really depends on whoever is listening to the A83. I find the bass and treble elevated, but the midrange only having a small v-shape. Compared to the Earwerkz Supra 2 (close to neutral sound signature), the A83's mids are a little less full and more laid back in comparison. I personally find this enjoyable for EDM because of the extra bass, with the usual exception of people wanting more bass. The midrange doesn't take away from EDM for me. It's usually left to the individual to decide since there are so many different impressions.
    For nitemare, the EQ that is used on the W30 may be adjusting to his sound preference in some way, which he liked over the A83 in one of his previous posts ("seems to increase treble a bit, and alters bass slightly but I can't describe it"). Maybe there is another part of the sound that he likes over the A83 that hasn't been stated/found yet.
  12. Nitemare3219
    Perhaps it did get a little bit confusing. Here's the breakdown:
    -Recessed mids can make some vocals (typically male) and EDM tracks sound lifeless. My EQ on my phone won't let me tune this enough to fix it. Biggest negative factor for me.
    -Less comfortable than the W30's and harder to get a good seal.
    -Build quality questionable? Cable connection point is wobbly, and may lead to previously mentioned channel cutting-out issues.
    +Treble is almost perfect. Can be a tiny bit harsh in a few tracks, but most of the time is on point. Much better than the W30 when neither are EQ'd.
    +Bass is great. Better than the W30, if only slightly.
    +Cable is fantastic.
    -Sounds neutral/flat (not my taste).
    -Cables are flimsy.
    =Bass is good (only a hair less than the A83).
    +Sounds perfect for my tastes with a slight treble boost - gets where it needs to be to bring out details in vocals and EDM.
    +Compared to A83, mids are there by default - I didn't notice any songs where this IEM just sounded bad like the A83 can.
    +Small profile, great seal, and slightly more comfortable.
    EDIT: Oh, by the way, if I didn't get the W30 for 25% off ($299 vs $399), I'd certainly picky the A83. The W30 can be better for my ears, but not $130 better compared to the A83.
  13. Nitemare3219
    For 75% of the songs I listened to, the A83 is more pleasurable by default than the W30, because the W30 needed that EQ boost on the treble to sound good to me. But for that other 25%, the A83 just sounded bad. The midrange was too laid back for how those songs were produced, and sounded like the tracks were missing a lot. The W30 never has the issue of completely missing anything like this - it just lacks that perceived clarity from increased treble if they aren't EQ'd.
  14. jon parker
    For the life of me I just don't get why people buy superb top class/performing headphones / IEM's and then use their bloody phone to listen to them
    There is a clue here: ITS A PHONE :D 
    Yeah yeah I know we want one little device to do everything for us these days but using your phone and expecting something wonderful...It aint gonna happen
    I certainly think its unfair to call a headphone lacking in one area or another after listening to it through a phone?!?
    Its like putting the engine of a Mini Metro into a Porsche and then complaining it wasn't very fast.
    If you REALLY want to sincerely appreciate music then 3 things are ...lets say 'helpful'
    1, A qualified DAP
    2, Well tuned 'serious' headphones
    3, Well Mastered Hi Res audio.
    Im not having a go at anyone but its frustrating sometimes on this site reading people comments / reviews based on listening to mp3's / on a phone etc etc - because it can falsely sway peoples opinions.
    Sorry - I spend many hours working on audio, the good majority of which wont be appreciated due to society having  sacrificed quality for convenience :frowning2:
    No-ones fault really, but it saddens me
    Moan over - carry on :)
  15. Brooko Contributor
    The A83 has more prominent upper mids, but at expense of lower mids.  So male vocals can tend to sound a little thinner - while female vocals sound a little more prominent and a touch euphonic. It is more V shaped than the 2000J but has less overall in the upper-mids and highs, and stronger bass (2000J is cleaner though).
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