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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Midgetguy

    Michael told me they were his contacts for handling this stuff in the US. They haven't made a very good impression on me. You might wanna find something that can be your stand-in IEM if you end up RMAing your A83. I had my Havi B3 to fall back on, but I wanted something higher end (which is how I ended up with an A83 in the first place) and I wanted to try more IEMs anyway. Now I've got some nice IEMs in my stable including the Earwerkz (now Empire Ears) Supra 2, Tralucent 1Plus2, and 1964 Ears Qi. Also been happily listening to the Trinity Audio Delta and Flare Audio R2A, the 2 IEMs I mentioned Kickstarting earlier. I hope your RMA experience goes much more smoothly than mine.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    While I can't listen to music atm I've been watching utube to pass time.
    I found probably one of the funniest Fidue A83 unboxings I've ever seen (with a Russian accent)
    I'll leave it here for you guys (I'm off to finish watching it)
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  3. Paulus XII
    HAHAHA!!!!! Bass, gurls and vodka[​IMG] 
    That must be why Russian gurls want European men. lol.
  4. Aero Dynamik
    So, I want it all and I want it now, that is a Fidue A83! Now, where do I get it? Anyone having experience of this eBay seller? Marketed as "Genuine Fidue A83" [​IMG] which doesn't really make a lot of sense. I'm tempted by the price. Are there fake A83s out there? Any help or tips appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Kwangsun
    Any particular reason for your doubt? The seller appears to be well rated and his pricing isn't even particularly good. At least not when compared to what I paid for my pair a year ago on amazon. I paid 279.95 for mine and I never felt that I got a fake as many owners got theirs from the same seller. They're see through so you might be able to look inside and check to make sure you got all the bits and pieces. :p
    1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armatures. 
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    He's had 300 positive sales in 6 months, 7 neutral, 3 negative feedback. Not a bad run from my ebay street smarts.

    While I won't say 'just do it' I feel it would be fine. We don't know or haven't heard about any fake Fidue products.

    (and he sells many up to date audio products)
  7. Midgetguy

    Good question, I dunno if there are fake A83s out there. But the fact that they had to specifically write genuine does bring cause for concern although I've seen Asian sellers put that on their listings anyway just cuz they don't know any better as far as advertising in the English language goes. The price isn't that far out of the realm of possibility though (translates to a little over $290, while I've seen A83s go for before). @H20Fidelity might be able to clear that up better since he's also from down under, but I believe it's reasonable.
  8. Kwangsun
    Agree. Typically fakes are only worth faking if the genuine stuff is more mainstream since there is a huge demand for them. Fake beats, bose and all. Fidue is a brand most people outside of audio circle know about. I'd say the odds are pretty good that they're authentic. 
  9. Kwangsun
    this is where I put a disclaimer: I guarantee nothing. lol
  10. Midgetguy
    Well it's not uncommon for stuff to not be mainstream and still be faked, even with low margins, which really doesn't make sense to me. For example, there are fake versions of the Sennheiser IE800, a flagship IEM that most don't know about and even fewer actually buy. But it's at least understandable to fake that for profit margin since it retails for $700-800. But there are also fake versions of other non-mainstream stuff like the Xiaomi Piston 2, which just confuses me cuz they retail for like $25 and the fakes apparently go for like $20. It's almost guaranteed those not in the audio world don't know of Fidue, or many other of the best brands, value/performance or otherwise. I'd hedge my bets that these were genuine too.
    Lol, I put that disclaimer on basically my life. No guarantees on any favors, services, or information provided by me haha [​IMG]
  11. Aero Dynamik
    Thanks guys, and I agree, I probably have nothing to worry about. Anyway, always nice with a bit of support, so much appreciated!
    Yes, I guess with all counterfeit going on in Asia I guess most sellers have developed a habit always prefixing their stuff with the word "genuine", which of course says absolutely nothing. It reminds me of the many times I've been to the Philippines and sellers everywhere adds the suffix "only" to the price no matter the price and no matter what you're buying. It always makes me laugh a bit and confuse the seller.
    Oh, and the price (as someone already mentioned) is in Australian dollars which translates to roughly USD $292. If any one you of have a better option/price, I'd appreciate to hear about it.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention I live i Europe so getting this from Amazon.com would cost me at least USD $360 with shipping, and if customs get their hands on it it will become ridiculously expensive. The European Amazons aren't much better. Amazon.co.uk (EU) would be USD $490 with shipping to my place Sweden (EU). Outrageous!
  12. Midgetguy

    I'd simply suggest to see if you can find a better shipping time elsewhere as opposed to the price. The price is pretty normal, but that seller is quoting upwards of a month for shipping time, which I'm sure isn't as immediate as you'd like it. Then again, it's just bound to take longer anyway since you're in Australia.
  13. Nitemare3219
    So I listened to my A83's and W30's for about an hour today, changing tips a few times, and going back and forth between the same parts of several songs. What I noticed is that the A83 seems to have much more noticeable high's compared to the W30. Bass seems about the same... the W30 may have an edge, but I really need to listen harder to tell. Plus perfectly equalizing the volume is probably impossible on my cellphone. The A83 severely lacked, or at least appeared to lack, mids compared to the W30. So I guess the A83 is more V-shaped? There was one song the A83 did particularly bad with... Seek Bromance - Tim Berg (Avicii edit). The highs were practically the only things I could hear. In most other songs though, I feel like I almost prefered the A83 over the W30. I liked hearing the more noticeable highs because to me that sounds like clarity. Maybe I'm wrong?
    On my Note5 though, when I got into the EQ setting, simply ticking the effect of "clarity" on the W30 brought the highs to the same level as the A83, but kept the mids and bass completely in-check, and better sounding than the A83 for the most part. Compared to my Brainwavz Delta set (a $23 IEM), both were noticeably better most of the time. In few instances, it can depend on what's going on with the song to bring out the beauty in these expensive IEMs, at least compared to the Delta.
    The JVC Spiral Dots will no-way-no-how fit on the W30's. The diameter of the tube where the sound comes out (can't remember what it's called for the life of me) is way too small compared to a dynamic/hybrid IEM like the A83. Playing with tips, there were a few times where I didn't shove them in deep enough. When I pressed harder with my finger, it brought out more bass... unless I pressed too hard and everything became mute. So definitely need to work with the tips some more, and make sure I insert them properly 100% of the time, and that they don't come loose over time.
    I really hate the idea of EQ'ing the W30's to get them where I want. Reviews said the W30's surpassed the A83, and had a lot going for them. I'm not blown away like I thought I would be, and if I had paid $400, it'd be a no-brainer to send them back compared to the A83. Since it's a $30 price difference, I'm going to have to see which I really prefer. The W30's are smaller which is fantastic, but the cord is flimsy compared to the A83's - that cord is awesome.
  14. Midgetguy

    Since you're listening on your phone, I'd like to point out that on most mainstream mobile devices, such as your Note 5 and my iPod Touch, the A83s will come across as a bit v-shaped. Seems to me like several others agree with this sentiment as well. In my opinion, the treble response definitely adds to the perceived clarity of the A83 and as far as I'm concerned, I'd just call that clarity haha. But I'm pretty whatever on terms and stuff like that.
    The word you're looking for is nozzle [​IMG]. Westone's nozzles have always been super thin, while the nozzles on the A83 are one of the fatter ones I've encountered.
    Reviews can always be taken with a grain of salt. A reason that I can fairly happily trust reviews from the likes of |joker| and @Brooko are because they lay out what their tastes are and how that affects perceived sound quality. Not only that, but every ear hears things differently. One reviewer could think that an IEM produces sharp treble while another deems it just fine, the difference being that perhaps one reviewer isn't quite as sensitive to treble and the other is. Then there is the matter of review equipment and music; there's no universal standard nor will there ever be one. All these factors add up to the fact that there will always be some difference somewhere that results in your experience being different. Reviews are however usually a good indicator of what you might generally get, so that's how you should use them; like a compass, not a GPS. And you could just buy a nice aftermarket cable for the Westone, though of course that adds more money to that spent pile [​IMG] 
  15. JimmyTryhard
    How does the overall build quality other than the cable compare between the A83 and W30? I've always been curious as to how well the A83's are built when compared to the more renowned brands such ad Westone and Shure.
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