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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Depends on the phone Jon - I use my iPhone 5S a lot - and even with the Adel U6, q-Jays, DN2000J, and A83 - it sounds pretty darn good.
    I've heard other phones though that I agree aren't the best.
  2. JimmyTryhard

    Ah, you do make a good point there. Having purchased 2 DAPs in the past year, I can definitely agree that source quality matters a lot more than I originally thought. Often times in consumer oriented products such as phones, laptop/desktop motherboards, sound cards, etc. the manufacturer will implement a hardware equalizer into the audio output. If you go to your electronics store you can find phones and computers stamped with "beats audio", a bass and treble booster hardware equalizer that is quite detrimental towards the pursuit of accurate audio reproduction.
  3. jon parker
    Fair comment :)
    I know phones have come a long way and there are more 24 bit capable ones coming...I just feel its a little unfair basing opinions using something that is less than ideal for medium.
    I think we are similar age Brooko so maybe like me you remember hearing vinyl on descent systems :wink:
    ...Thats all im saying :D
  4. myemaildw
    anyone heard a83 on cozoy aegis dac? how do they sound?
    there is no way i would buy an earphone that has ressesed mids, i had amperiors before mids are ressesed. you need to crank up volume to hear singer vocal, its a struggle to listen to, other parts of music just too loud to hear singer vocal.

    i do agree that iphone is quite descent music device, it has best user interface ui, and for my qkz x6 earphones you dont need a dac. but when you compare even pioneer se cx8 with cozoy aegis dac iphone is lacking so much detail and clarity. and with a73 and cozoy dac its so much better. while iphone is good its not super good, cozoy aegis is much better. and surely more resolution audio help like more kpbs, but we all know it crunches on data. i have my favorite songs in flac about 1k kbps, others mp3, surely theres even more bitrate up to 15k dsd but not all dacs can handle that either. but i think cozoy does up to 3k kbps. not many songs are even in 24 bit. but ye cozoy dac with a73 is a lot better to iphone. iphone 5c

    as one head fi user said whats the point of spending shidload of money on earphones that dont sound perfect?
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Remember vinyl well - not sure if the systems of my youth would ever have been called HQ though [​IMG].  I do remember with fond nostalgia the times with friends listening to some of the great bands of the 70s/80s though - Police, Queen, Eagles etc, turntable on, real speakers blaring, usually drinking - wonderful times.  I do wonder if (in a completely objective test - volume matched, side-by-side, same mastering) the memories/nostalgia would match the actual reality compared to digital sometimes though.
    It won't stop re remembering with fondness though.
    All I'm suggesting is that there is a lot of talk about big differences with sources. In my actual volume matched testing though - the big differences often discussed here can sometimes actually be fairly small.  Could be my ears and advanced age though [​IMG]
    You make fair points though Jon - and I agree, impressions from a less reliable source can be misleading.  I personally wouldn't include my 5S (fortunately) in the poor source category.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    @myemaildw - I have the Aegis and A83.  I'll check when I get home tonight.
  7. myemaildw

    true iphone 5s is quite good, and no way bad, its only when you start comparing it to external dac like cozoy aegis you realise how much more music you actually (literrally, for you englos, hearing. but iphone 5s has a perfect audio balance but detail isnt very very detailed. cozoy dac brings all that detail. and since you use cozoy with iphone its also a dap. dedicated daps might have good dac but ui is usually ***** and extra device, i dont want to carry ipod with me and iphone.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    I have the Aegis.  I have compared.  Yes there is an improvement, And I'd personally debate how much more detail you're getting.  Here is what I wrote directly comparing Aegis to iPhone 5S:
    But again - I'll pair the A83 with the Aegis for you later.
  9. myemaildw
    alright thanks so you think its only slightly better. as for me the audio is much better. may be it is also wide bore tips that i use on a73 that i got from 5 euro qzk x6 earphones, which actually also sound quite descent for their 5 euro, not the build durability, torn cables off already, had to reaolder them.

    does anyone use a83 with wide bore tips like this? how does it sound?
  10. Midgetguy
    I'm firmly in the camp of "not all phones make for poor sources". Like @Brooko and his thoughts on the iPhone 5S, I believe my iPod Touch 5G to be a decent source. Phones (if they offer good enough performance) are a good measure due to the number of people that have nice IEMs, but don't have a nice DAP. Plus, with a decent phone, I find it not worth the hassle to have a phone (which you do just about everything on) and a separate dedicated player.
  11. myemaildw
    i can certainly tell which iem has more detail with iphone without additional dap or dac. ofcourse
  12. Kwangsun
    So at this point in time, I'm considering selling my Fidue A83. They're pretty much a year old, but saw hardly any use. At first they were quite sharp so I didn't use them much. With spiral dots, they sound much better but lack comfort. Also, I'm not quite keen on the sound. Just sounds like a lot of treble and bass to me. At this point, considering putting them up for sale at 220, shipped anywhere for free. 
    Location is South Korea. Closer the better. For me anyway. [​IMG]
    Condition: very clean. practically new. I'm still deliberating but want to gauge the interest here on this thread. 
    PS: Not complete package. Accessories, yes, original package, no. 
  13. Brooko Contributor
    @myemaildw - tested with the Aegis tonight.
    Same differences I noted in my Aegis review (between iPhone 5S solo and with Aegis).  Aegis is brighter, more vivid - iPhone 5S is flatter, and smoother. I still like with the Aegis slightly better. The A83 sounds fine with the Aegis.  Doesn't alter the signature too much - just maybe makes it a little brighter compared to the iPhone 5S (which I don't know is a good thing - YMMV). Possibly a little more space around the notes.  Not really noticing any extra detail - just the detail that is there is highlighted.
  14. Pier-Fi
    Just saw a new review of the Fidue A83, I thought it could be of interest: 
  15. Midgetguy
    Since most people who are here in this thread have an A83, I'd suggest the best way to see if anyone wants to buy it from you is to post this exact thing in the FS/FT forum. Just label as an interest check. Added bonus is that even if people don't reply, you'll see how many views your classified has. People only click to view a classified if they at least have a passing interest right?

    Seems to be a positive and good review to me, and avforums is a pretty good place too. I'm a little surprised that they didn't have a normal OFC cable to test against the silver-plated stock cable because "the cable connection isn't shared with any other I have here". Unless they had version 3 (by my own definition), then any MMCX cable should do.
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