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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Shawn71

    you can try from lmue..........

  2. Aero Dynamik
    USD $302 and shipping included ! That looks like a rather (or perhaps even very) attractive option! Thanks!
  3. garcsa
    +1 for lmue
  4. Nitemare3219
    The only thing I have found that seems to be bad on the A83 is the cable connection point is a bit loose... it can move around a tiny bit, which may be why some people are having issues with the left channel cutting out. I don't know why that piece wasn't molded as part of the rest of the housing. I also wish they wouldn't have done red/blue, and stuck with that nice looking beige-ish color for the whole IEM. It'd look perfect then. Apart from that, the IEMs are both plastic... not much to them. I don't think it's "cheaply" made by any means.
    Continued comparing some songs... edge is mostly being given to the W30 but ONLY when I have it EQ'd for that clarity option. Without any EQ, I really dislike the W30 compared to the A83... but when EQ'd, it just sounds better to me. Like I said the A83 just seems to be lacking liveliness in some songs, and when it does, it's bad. I ended up having to use the foam tips on the A83 to get a decent seal - included tips aren't really good. Comfort levels are about the same, but I have worn neither for extended periods of time, and I have rather large ears so the size of the A83 doesn't bother me.
  5. Aero Dynamik
  6. Aero Dynamik
    Maybe I would have know what is meant by "that clarity option" had I read more of the thread. Anyway, I'm guessing you're giving it a bit of treble boost, no?
  7. Nitemare3219

    Yes, that appears to be what it is doing. It's the SoundAlive equalizer on new Samsung phones. I'm not sure which freq's or how much they're boosted, but it's enough to actually make it sound clearer on the W30 and definitely to my tastes... as it sits, the W30 is very neutral to me which to me, sounds cloudy. But when the treble gets boosted in this manner, it has no negative effect that I can hear on anything. I only plan on listening on my phone, but if I get another phone and can't EQ it the same way, I'm going to be disappointed...
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I was thinking the other night, the bad fit issues and loose connections probably work together hand in hand.
    What happens when you're constantly adjusting the housing of an IEM, pulling/pushing/turning on the wire trying to obtain a seal every few minutes? What we're doing is creating a weak point on the connectors. Before anyone runs off getting the wrong idea I'm not saying its the cause, just it doesn't help. Hopefully next time Fidue place an extra few millimeters on the nozzle length and take this into consideration when tuning.
    With that said, I've really been laying off audio purchases these last few months, there's nothing I really truly want. I'm coming around this hobby is a never ending game of upgrading, purchasing. Honestly, there is no 'end game' or final destination here. The key to this hobby is...
    Discover which sound signature you like
    Find the closest possible IEM within your budget
    Come to the realisation its never going to be 100% perfect
    Leave so you're no longer tempted
    While I won't be leaving, I'm very much about the first three points above, and its A83 I feel gets me there overall. While I do own other IEM like 1Plus2 and ASG-2, "because I'm in the big audio game" I  consider A83 gets me closest to my preferred tonality, note weight and overall detail levels. Because, I'm no longer looking for "perfect", I'm settling on 'close enough'. 
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  9. jon parker
     Im with you 100% on this - I can hear [all be it subtly] how there can be better sounding IEM's out there buttttttt I find myself happy enough with the A83's to the point where I no longer have a desire to keep looking for my 'perfect' IEM's. Luckily, beyond not getting the best fit [my problem from having big holes!] I have had no issues with them :)
  10. jon parker
    I suspect a lot of these of type of 'sound alive' type effects incorporate a Harmonic Exciter, maybe even some BBE technology? An amazing piece of soft/hardware... when used with skill!



    An exciter (also called a harmonic exciter or aural exciter) is an audio signal processing technique used to enhance a signal by dynamic equalization, phase manipulation, harmonic synthesis of (usually) high frequency signals, and through the addition of subtle harmonic distortion.

  11. Aero Dynamik
    Com'on just one more IEM and you'll be home! [​IMG]
    I'm off to the classifieds for a 1Plus2! [​IMG] 
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  12. KC33
    Lend me ur ears has them for 259 on Amazon 
  13. Aero Dynamik
    At the moment that's seems to be the best price out there, and free Amazon shipping included. That is, if you live in the US, which I don't!
    Anyway, Lend Me UR ears ship to many countries in Europe (including Sweden where I live) for USD $302 with DHL Express shipping with a delivery time of about 4-5 working days. I'd say that's a very good deal as well.
    Also, by chance I found out an easy way to get a valid Lend Me UR ears coupon code for a 5 % discount. Simply place your order, begin the checkout process but just before confirming your order/before payment close the page and wait for a mail from Lend Me UR ears with the coupon code.
  14. Kwangsun
    Sounds like a winner if you ask me. 259 is a bit less than what I paid a year ago. Good deal.
  15. KC33
    Oooops [​IMG]
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