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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. connieflyer
    It would also be hard for FFA 2 recommend the use of el tubes as they are in short supply. Where are the 6s and 7 and 6 a S7 are some of the most common tubes out there. They are also very good tubes.
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  2. JazzVinyl
    Not to mention they designed their amp to use 6SN7 as drivers and 6AS7 or eqiv as the powers. Be kind of dumb to enforce use of EL tubes that don't even fit the sockets provided...
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  3. hypnos1
    An SET using the EL11 and EL12 Spezial, UT? Given that Glenn is using an obligatory high quality output transformer, that should be quite some amp! :beyersmile: And the fact you're specifying EL tubes shows your high regard for them lol. Plus, if you'd never spied that pretty tube with a red skirt - the EL3N, many of us would never have experienced the superior performance of this family of tubes. And the fact that Glenn himself was so impressed with this tube - as with F-A's amps, at first obviously in a circuit not specifically designed for it! (please note, @JazzVinyl) - that he then designed an amp just for it...the rest is history.

    And 10W output? Could perhaps be enough to drive sensitive speakers even? I wish you all the very best with it.

    And as for JV's loaded statement re. using non configured-for tubes in F-A's amps, aren't there some being used with adapters in Glenn's amps sometimes that haven't been specifically designed for?...:wink:

    Ditto, UT. But retire from this hobby?...not 'til you've gained your wings, methinks!! :ksc75smile:...CHEERS!...CJ

    Precisely cf. And you're spot on with the fact that a 'very good sound' can indeed - and has been - made even better lol! :ksc75smile: And I shall repeat that Lukasz himself has never criticised me for going 'off piste'...the opposite in fact! :L3000: I can only (hopefully) assume JazzVinyl was referring to the extreme/multi tube rolling in his tirade...nothing else has any true validity, given F-A's non-condemnation of my experiments. And as for his 'enforcing' comment...where on Earth does that come from??! We have only ever suggested to like-minded trailblazers that they might be interested in trying something new/different...once it's been proven to be safe. It has never been made compulsory lol! :rolling_eyes:...???...Personal choice reigns as much here as anywhere else, thank goodness, and there's room for ALL choices...made all the wider, and more interesting, by the fact that in Euforia and Elise, F-A have made some very flexible, versatile and forgiving amps...so, many thanks to all at F-A!! :smile_phones:
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  4. LoryWiv
    @hypnos1 that is very well said and reasonable, thank you for sharing your experience and being a "voice of reason." My journey with Elise now has included replacing the stock powers with NOS 1963 Tung Sol 7236, and I am stunned by the magnitude of difference from stock (mostly very favorable). Specifically, the TS 7236 brought marked improvement in clarity and detail retrieval, less “flubby” and slightly more prominent bass, midrange grain gone, nice tone and timbre. The most impressive effect was was a wider soundstage which I really enjoy, also greater instrument separation and impressive spatial placement.

    Next, I want to roll in NOS 6SN7 drivers with goal of adding a touch more euphony and warmth, as surprisingly the NOS Tug Sols produce great improvements but make the amp a bit too clinical / “solid state” sounding. Within my modest budget I’ve narrowed it down to RCA late 40's-50's grey glass 6SN7 or VT-231 (a bit pricer) or same vintage Sylvania 6SN7 (some report them as too bright though). With the aim of not diminishing the improvements obtained with the NOS 7236 Tung Sol power tubes but rather complementing them a touch of warmth and tube feel, a dollop more bass extension and stage, suggestions are welcomed!
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  5. hypnos1
    It certainly is indeed surprising just how much better the EL39 performs in our amps compared to the EL38...especially given how good the latter already sounds lol! But the Philips (France) silver banded EL38 versions do look quite a bit different to the later clear glass Mullards (and much more like the EL39), so I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised at the different factories' sound...as with different versions of the 6AS7G/6080 for example...
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  6. hypnos1
    Hi LW...of the 'conventional' tubes, those grey glass RCAs should certainly be a good choice, with the VT231 giving plenty of bass. And yes, the Sylvanias might well not provide what you're looking for alas, even though the 'chrome dome' versions (and the similar 7N7, that needs an adapter but is usually a good bit cheaper) are extremely good! Another good 6SN7 to look out for is the black glass National Union, but these seem to be few and far between.

    @ZRW0 was recently selling off his tube collection, so perhaps he might still have some he can recommend? Just PM him...@connieflyer is apparently looking to reduce his stock of tubes, and I'm sure he also wouldn't mind a PM from you. GOOD LUCK in your tube hunting...patience usually brings results - eventually!!:wink::ksc75smile:...CJ
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  7. ZRW0
    Hello guys,

    Thanks CJ to have mentioned me, but the last tubes of my collection were sold yesterday.

    Now, and to my surprise (but I only tried to sell it in and nearby my town), the thing I still have to sell is the Euforia itself with its stock tubes (PsVane CV181 "Gold" MK2 as drivers).
    If one is interested, please PM me.



    PS: On my new amp, I already felt in love with EL37 as powers (quite difficult to find as quartet, may be even worse than finding EL39), and I'm now quite impressed with nowadays quite affordable 7581A production tubes from TungSol Russia : huge headroom, huge dynamics, many many details....
    Did anyone ever tried those last ones on the Euforia ? (require adapters)
  8. connieflyer
    Thanks for the nod, CJ. I still have some very good 6sn7's left.
  9. LoryWiv
    Thank you @hypnos1 ...I will PM @connieflyer . Still a bit torn as to best choice, I'd settled on RCA VT-231 but ran across a comment that they are veiled....I know, may just need to try for myself with my gear. Again, thanks to the regulars on this forum, it is truly a pleasure to chat with like-minded enthusiasts who share my passion for musical bliss and have far, far more experience with how to get there!:ksc75smile:
  10. LoryWiv
    @connieflyer I tried to PM you but the site indicated I could not initiate a PM with you....perhaps some restrictions in place to keep out the rif raf?. Below is what I intended to say, feel free to PM me the response so we don't take the thread into where other participants may not be interested. Thankks so much!

    Hey, hope you are well. Thanks for the note in the Euforia thread that you still have some 6SN7's to part with. I am a relatively new Elise owner, rolled Tung Sol 7236's into the power sockets and love the increased stage width, grain-free clarity and detail. Overall sound impact is much truer but a bit clinical / solid state sounding so, next looking for drivers that'll keep the detail / stage and clarity but add a smidge more warmth / bass without veil or being "gooey." I know, seeking musicality without too much coloration can be a bear, so I guess I'm a bear hunter.:k701smile:

    Thinking RCA-VT-231's but anything you'd like to suggest that you want to sell?

    Thanks again, really enjoy the FA forums where I've learned a lot, certainly including your posts.
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've removed a few posts that were getting too personal from the thread. Let's please keep the discussion on the music and the gear, rather than one another. Thank you to everyone who helped keep things on-track. We appreciate it.
  12. hypnos1
    Right then @Johnnysound , not being able (or too chicken!) to try getting away with some nice tower speakers, like yours and @connieflyer 's, I have in fact gone for a pair of Tannoy xt6fs, and just hope they're as good as the reviews lol! :wink: At least they should do much more justice to the tremendous bass of my EL39/'special' Mazda EL38 power combo than my Dynaudio Focus 110s...(did I mention an also C3g-beating treble sparkle(!), now they have even more hours on them?! Who would have thought power tubes could do such a thing, when conventional wisdom says it's the drivers that determine most of the sonic characteristics? My eyes - and ears - have truly been opened...wide!! :ksc75smile:. Mind you, it could also be in part that they are in fact showcasing the mesh-plate EL11s as being even more special than previously thought? Whatever, I'm hoping this combo will make my new speakers sing beautifully, just like my Empyreans...if in a rather different way, of course...(can't afford the 30K+ electrostatics you said I might need to match certain qualities of the Mezes lol! :astonished::L3000::L3000:).

    ps. Perhaps adding some Neotech UP-OCC solid silver and copper wires to the speaker cables might just help them along a bit?! :stuck_out_tongue:...CHEERS!...CJ
  13. hypnos1
    Fully understood, AxelCloris...as starter of this, and other Feliks-Audio threads - my very first being closed due to a renegade member, since banned - sometimes it's difficult to maintain an 'even keel' in the face of 'disruptive winds' - edit...nay, provocation lol. But thankfully, the majority of members here - as in other head-fi threads - do indeed manage to 'keep things on track'. Long may it continue...:).
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  14. hypnos1
    ps. Will PM you if I may in order to give you all the facts surrounding recent occurrences...
  15. mordy
    Hi LW,
    I have a suggestion for you for a 6SN7 tube that may be a good match for the TS7236. It is an inexpensive garden variety RCA 6SN7GTB from the 60's. I have written about it before as one of the unsung heroes but as far as I know nobody has corroborated my findings yet.
    This 60's tube has red RCA print and a horizontal heater wire above the top mica:
    It has flat ladder (ribbed) plates. There are other look alike RCA versions of this tube and the trouble is that the little horizontal heater wire many times isn't visible on the seller's photos. If in doubt, you have to ask the seller.
    Just took a quick look - I think I found one with the little heater wire, but as said, you have to ask.
    Here is another one:
    IMHO worth a try.....and by careful shopping they should not cost too much.
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