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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. UntilThen
    They might be on holidays. There's the usual 1 month European holidays. Not sure but I recall that's how it is from the past. If needing urgent attention, you might be better to have a competent local technician have a look at it. Could be a minor problem.
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  2. Wildcatsare1
    That’s my guess as well, though I wanted to see if they had a recommendation. Perhaps a look wire, i was wondering if they’d seen this before and what was the fix.
  3. UntilThen
    That's understandable. It's definitely better to have FA look at it as they would know the amp inside out. However in the interim, your Woo Audio Wa5 should keep you entertained. :)
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  4. Wildcatsare1
    It certainly does, thanks!
  5. hypnos1
    Hi J...although that cable looks very good value for bi-wiring, not to mention neat and compact, I've already bought my wires lol!! And as I've been so impressed with - and always favour - solid vs stranded wire up to now, I stick with what I know...(despite a possible slight psychological element here!! :wink:). Obviously, very long runs of solid UP-OCC silver especially would change the situation drastically alas!! :triportsad:

    That was an interesting finding of yours re. the alternative - and cheaper! - cables, but as @teknorob23 says, I'm sure the bi-wiring topic does bring different results in different systems...especially, perhaps, when it comes to long runs. But as my Vincent SV121 doesn't have bi-wire facility anyway, I shan't be able to test for myself...and also therefore save myself a good few $$$$$££££££!! :L3000:

    Anyway, still with 'just' pure silver cables, my new Tannoys are settling in very nicely indeed already (even if I haven't been able to really let them rip yet...sadly...). But even so, with windows rattling already - courtesy also of Euforia + EL11/EL39/'special' Mazda EL38, I can't begin to imagine what happens in domiciles where towers like yours and @connieflyer 's reside lol! :astonished: I've a feeling that when I do eventually manage to let the bass soar, I might well have to put just a little 'Acoustiwool' dampening material in the bottom bass ports (I hate bungs!)...certainly worked wonders when I put some inside my Dynaudios.

    Mind you, what I find a better indication of speakers' qualities is how they sound at low volume levels. And these Tannoys keep delivering wonderful detail, stage and dynamics even at very low listening levels...which pleases my better half no end especially! And at half the normal £1000 price, what more can one ask for?

    And so a photo of what has drawn me back to occasional speaker listening land...

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  6. connieflyer
    Nice system CJ, and I would not worry about the earth shattering bass! On occasion, I have increased the subwoofer output to -10, (still a long ways to go to 0) and combined with the four bass speakers in the SVS it is sensational. However, you can not really listen to it as such, as a demo or for movies sure, but for music, the bass is only a small part of the equation. The mids and highs have all the intracies and intimate nuances that make the music so enjoyable. The bass is more guterral, and visceral . Don't get me wrong, I love a good bass line, but not to the detriment of the entire piece. My demo piece is from the Hans Zimmer sound track, The Last Samurai, called the way of the sword. There is a lot of 30-50Hz content, about two and a half minutes in, and with the sub turned up to about -12 and volume up,and it lasts for a a couple of minutes, you can feel it in your gut. It will vibrate the recliner even and yes I have very secure hooks on the pictures on the wall! I must admit, it is FUN!!! 20190914_155055.jpg
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  7. hypnos1
    Ye Gods cf, I'd be kicked out the door in ten seconds flat if I even looked at those lovely behemoths lol! :wink: They certainly look like they mean business, and must be dynamite for blockbuster film surround sound. But as you say, for purely music, bass quality is far more important than quantity...although a good dose of the latter doesn't go amiss sometimes!

    And it's always nice to see what other gear partners our amps...:)...
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  8. connieflyer
    I am certain that if my wife was still alive the speakers would be shall we say on a much less Grand scale. The system I replace this with was considerably less ostentatious. But for movies oh, these just get the job done so well! And for music it's a very nice blend of the musical Spectrum. The sub really doesn't come in to the music that much once everything is balanced but the occasional low notes do sound much better. I figured if depression finally overtook me this would be one way to kill myself just turn the volume up to Max on everything and sit in the middle of the floor and just listen to music until my head exploded! What a way to go!
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  9. hypnos1
    Well, cf...much as I'm now loving my music more than ever before in my life, I've a feeling a sudden exit from this mortal coil just might be surpassed by the delights(?) of becoming a 'sugar Daddy', no?!! :wink: However, your suggestion sounds much more realistic - and likely! - lol :ksc75smile:...

    Anyway, for the present, I'm happy to say joy of joys! ...not only has my love of speaker sound been rekindled big time by my Euforia setup as pre-amp - and even more by the day as the new Tannoys continue to burn in - but my better half has also admitted that one of her favourite CDs is sounding much much better than ever before. And, surprisingly, this from her modest Yamaha multi-CD player direct to the Vincent SS amp, without the help of Euforia! So I don't get quite so many frowns now! :smile_phones:
    And although Julio Iglesias is not really my cup o' tea, I have to admit that some of his tracks on the 'Crazy' album make very pleasant easy listening, and these speakers are showing just how well they're actually engineered/recorded. And confirms I never realised just how good this Vincent SV121 truly is!

    But things go to another level (thankfully, given the $$$$$$!) with the Euforia system in place, and already bass is tightening such that I may well not need to stuff anything into the bottom ports after all...but I'm definitely gonna have to do something about an interior window that now rattles even at low(ish) volume levels lol!!:astonished:

    And so in conclusion, I shall be doing my utmost to tempt my good lady out of the house for a good few hours more often...but I draw the line at letting her loose on the shops with my credit card in hand! :wink: I also echo @Johnnysound 's recommendation to perhaps consider Euforia more as pre-amp, and not just purely for cans...especially if lucky enough to possess the EL38s and/or 39s as power tubes...still, as far as I'm concerned, superior in performance to any 6AS7G/6080/5998 etc. But as always, YMMV...CHEERS!...CJ
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  10. chrisdrop

    I just wanted to offer some thanks for this thread. I have spent (more than) a few days reading back from the start of this 400+ page thread as part of evaluating/ considering getting a Euforia. There are 100+ pages of pre-Euforia .. euphoria!

    In short, thanks for the thread / information / enthusiasm. I am now looking forwards to an inbound Euforia via another HeadFier. I also had some PMs with a few - you also have my thanks.

    Expect some new/ naive questions sometime soon !


    N.B. (PS if you prefer) One particularly amusing post in the early 150 or so pages where @UntilThen said there would be no more tubes coming to his house. Having following the Glenn thread and this one, I think we all know how that one went. @UntilThen - I am sure you don't mind having violated that particular statement.

    N.B.2. I will still be keen on a Glenn amp, but that will take time!
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  11. UntilThen
    Hi Chris, no problem. :) I'm aware that I've said more than once that I will stop buying tubes but the time out didn't last. Probably will never stop as long as the name remains Until Then. :)

    This thread had been my home for quite a long time and I've made so many friends here and in the previous Elise thread. Time moves on and so did I but I did not forget some of the close friends I met here, particularly Colin and Don. Phil was the other but he has gone to a better place, up to the heavens. The humour, the banters and camaraderie amongst this group will remain with me and will not be forgotten.

    Congrats on Euforia. You won't be disappointed especially if you've paid a discounted price from another HeadFier. Enjoy !

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  12. connieflyer
    I think at one time or another most of us have said the same thing. And then someone comes up with a new bright shiny tube with magical properties, and away we go. Fortuneatly it has usually been a good thing for me. Using the present combo of tubes, I am very satisfied with how the Euforia sounds. Especially as a pre-amp, it has renewed my pleasure with my speaker system.
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  13. UntilThen
    I almost forgot the fun we had back in those days. Thanks for the memories guys....
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  14. connieflyer
    We had a great time, waiting for our Euforias to come in and to keep the thread going. I almost said to keep it interesting, but that might have been pushing it a little bit too far. Phil and I had a blast, it was so easy to pick on him being a lawyer and all, that is he was the lawyer I was doing the picking! But he did have a very Lively imagination. It would be nice to get back to that same kind of attitude occasionally on the threat
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  15. connieflyer
    I think once UT, PCT, H1 and myself we're hanging out I think we tried to outdo each other with being a little bit outlandish! Childish, probably, enjoyable thoroughly!
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