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Feliks Audio Elise Tube Rolling Guide 6SN7/6AS7G/6080/5998

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by renderman, May 6, 2015.
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  1. Shaffer
    What do we think of Shuguang tubes? I decided to find out for myself and ordered a set of metal base 6SN7s and a pair of 6AS7Gs - $20 shipped for each pair.

    On first listen, the 6SN7s sounded lean and mean. Talk about sibilance! OMG. One could slice bread with the sound. ~100 hours of burn in, and the highs mellowed considerably, the mids became sweeter and slightly more transparent, and the bass stayed just as lean. I'm going to give them another 100 hours in hopes of the tubes becoming more transparent and the bass being more fleshed out. There's definitely some promise here.

    On first listen, the 6AS7Gs sounded just like the driver tubes - lean and mean. 50 hours of burnin did nothing. Gave them another 24 hours; nothing changed. These tubes sound like crap. I guess I'll keep them for a spare pair. Not even worth the $20, as for the same money one can have a decent pair of 6080s.
  2. Renderman
    Thank you Shaffer, another very insightful post! I've seen a lot of different Shuguang Tubes, can you specify a little more or better yet can you share some pictures?
    You would be more then welcome to try my GEC 6AS7Gs, the distance is the only real problem there I think :)
  3. Shaffer

    I'll try to post some pics later today. Just be warned, I'm a terrible photographer.

    Thank you for the kind sentiment. It's really very nice of you.
  4. Oskari
    I wonder what that is. Any photos?
  5. Renderman
    You're very welcome Shaffer! If you ever find yourself in Holland, you are welcome to stop by and have a listen! [​IMG]
    Sure, I posted them right here for you:
  6. Oskari
    Thanks. I hope this doesn't come as a shock but those are Russian tubes. I don't think Brimar made them.
  7. Renderman
    Oskari, you are probably right, good catch! :) It does not shock me at all as they were basically thrown in with the deal and i'm still curious what they sound like. At the very least it will make an interesting addition to the thread. [​IMG]
  8. Oskari
    Good for you. You'll be enamoured of the GECs anyway. [​IMG]
  9. Shaffer




    Pics of the Chinese tubes I wrote about the other day. The drivers need more burnin, but I've pretty much given up hope for the 6AS7Gs.
  10. Shaffer

    The bass is not so weak. It's actually pretty weighty with a good sense heft and slam. Best I can gather, the Elise took a little time to burnin, itself. Of course, I cannot tell exactly which sonic factors in the Elise changed and by how much, as I'm rolling different tubes some of which need burnin, too. If the Sylvanias are an indicator, the amp took a little time to come into its own and grew bigger cojones in the process.
  11. Lorspeaker
    Took out my chinese shuguang 6N13PJ   sorry 6N5PJ ..to play on my (pseudoElise) ..
    the highs are slightly rolled off, but when paired with bright cans like my DT770,
    it is a great match actually.
  12. Shaffer

    That's all you found wrong with them? How much burnin have yours had? Maybe I should give mine more time....
  13. Lorspeaker
    it came with the 2ndhand  DV336se, looks used..
    i find my RCA Westinghams WingC  all clearer than this china tube..
    there isnt any crackling sound, 
    i kept it as a "soft" option in my arsenal ...a kind of china Mullard...LOL
    hey...mine is a 6nFIVEpj.....
  14. Shaffer

    I can tell you one thing, mine sound anything but soft. Hard, lean, and brittle, sure.
  15. Lorspeaker
    Electrically is the china 6n13pj similar to the russian 6n13H?
    ....the russian tube is AIRy..spacious...maybe abit brittle when new..kinda, my memory is vague.
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