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Feliks Audio Elise Tube Rolling Guide 6SN7/6AS7G/6080/5998

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by renderman, May 6, 2015.
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  1. Shaffer

    Thank you for the tips. I'll edit my post when time allows. It won't be long.

    Edit: My CBS' do indeed have black Sylvania-style angled plates. Does that mean they were manufactured by Sylvania?
  2. gibosi
    Unfortunately, Viva's pictures leave a lot to be desired, but I am inclined to think this is a Sylvania. NU used round plates in their 6F8G and mostly flat black plates in their 6SN7s (round plate NU 6SN7s are quite rare) so I would expect to see one or the other in their 7N7. Viva has a number of these Lansdale tubes on eBay and describes them as having gray ribbed T-plates, which are what we often find in tall-bottle Sylvanias.
    And here is a Viva listing labeled NU with black ribbed T-plates, again, as often found in Sylvania 7N7.
    And Viva also has pair of small-bottles labeled NU with the same angled T-plates and round bottom mica commonly found in small-bottle Sylvania 7N7.
    So I am inclined to think that all these NU are really Sylvania. But I am very sure that NU did in fact make 7N7s. As you might notice, the NU below on the right has the same round plates and free-standing support rods as the 6F8G. Moreover, it has essentially the same sound as the NU 6F8G. This is the one to get. :)

  3. gibosi
    I don't know that anyone knows for sure, but my best guess is that CBS manufactured these tubes with plates purchased from Sylvania. Other than the plates, the construction is not at all characteristic of Sylvania, especially the micas and the side getters.
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  4. Oskari
    Could be. On the other hand, it should be JAN-CHS, not JAN-CBRZ, if made by Sylvania.
  5. Shaffer
    Some of the 6SN7 descriptions on the previous page edited.
  6. gibosi
    I agree...  But for now, all I can go on are Viva's pictures and descriptions, and from that, they sure look like Sylvanias to me. It would be great to be able to closely examine and listen to one of these tall-bottle Lansdales, but unfortunately, I am just not willing to pay Viva's prices to find out... :frowning2:
  7. Lorspeaker
    post #1927  skylab;s post on some good cheap NOS.
  8. Shaffer

    I have a set. It sounds somewhat mediocre.
  9. Shaffer
    Picked up a pair of Sylvania 6AS7Gs. Early/mid-50s vintage. I've read some comments regarding the tubes being made by RCA, along with the Raytheons of the era. Not having any other 6AS7Gs aside from the Russians and the Chathams, I have nothing else to compare them to and have no opinion as to the matter.

    The sound is a bit laid back, good sense of space and depth. Not unlike a HD650, but with more sparkle. Compared to the transient speed and overall muscle of the Russian tube, the Sylvania is more subtle in its approach. The detail is farther back in the soundfield, the bass, while extended and reasonably tight, needs a driver with a solid low-end to bring it into balance. The mids are seductively smooth, but not the champions of low-level detail. Personally, I prefer a more analytical, incisive sound, but I can definitely see myself using these tubes with quite a few of the Bandcamp files.
  10. gibosi
    In my opinion, this is a perfect description of a genuine RCA 6AS7. :)
  11. Shaffer

    Fair enough.
  12. Shaffer
    Updated the description of the Foton drivers. Turns out, they make for a very nice combo with Sylvania 6AS7G I wrote about earlier.
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  13. Shaffer
    Got new power tubes today; Father's Day gift. NOS 6AS7G from the Nanjing factory. Here's some info on the manufacturer; it's an interesting read:


    The tubes are mid-50s production, as I understand per the seller. I only installed them in the Elise about an hour ago, so no opinions as to the sound. Their build quality, however, is industrial-grade. Impressive.


  14. nephilim
    May I ask which (non-ebay) tube online shops you guys recommend?
  15. gibosi
    I have purchased a few tubes from Brent Jessee
    and Radio Electric Supply
    Both of these are honest and reputable vendors, but I find their prices to be quite high.
    The vast majority of my tubes, something like 900 or so, have been purchased from eBay sellers.
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