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Feliks Audio Elise Tube Rolling Guide 6SN7/6AS7G/6080/5998

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by renderman, May 6, 2015.
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  1. Renderman
    That's great Shaffer! Maybe this 6080 wth the Foton 6N8S make a very good budget combo?
  2. Shaffer

    I think so for someone who prefers a less analytical, more spacious, and slightly diffuse presentation.

    At this point I'm not sure whether my hobby is listening to music or burning in tubes. The LDIII is great for burning in driver tubes, but I have no option other than the Elise for output tubes. ATM, I have a set of GE 5-star 6080 and Sylvania 6080WC sitting around, both NOS, and I have no idea when I'll be able to burn them in, identify their sonic signature, while trying to audition a whole bunch of drivers. Obviously, it all can't happen at the same time.
  3. hypnos1
    Plenty of midnight oil, S!!  [​IMG]
  4. Renderman
    I hope you are just kidding around there Shaffer and are still enjoying the heck out of the Elise. :) I at least enjoy reading your posts and hope you enjoy posting your impressions of tube combo's in the Elise.
    The RCA 6080/Foton 6N8S combo might just be what i'm looking for, at least for day to day listening. I've found some RCA 6080 pairs but could you tell us when these were built?
    On another note.. I'm also negotiating on a perfect pair of GEC A1834/6AS7G's, all 4 triodes matched NOS tubes. The buyer has agreed to throw in a pair of Heinz & Kaufmann branded Brimar 6AS7G's. As you might imagine these are not cheap and i'm waiting for the closeup pictures and measuring data to make a decision. 
    Hopefully we can come to an agreement and I will be able to share my impressions of both sets of tubes with you soon.
  5. Shaffer

    I was just joking, Love the Elise. It's been ~20 years since I last heard a component with this high of sound quality for $500 and that was at wholesale ($560, IIRC). An EAR834P, in case anyone is wondering, which I should have never sold.

    I think the RCAs are from the early-60s. If you see some around at a reasonable price, check out Baldwin 6SN7s, organ tubes made by Raytheon. Other than a lack of bass weight, these are the best sounding driver tubes I've heard so far.

    Speaking of bass, EH 6SN7s have bass - definition, articulation, extension, and weight - that'll make your eyeballs pop. On the negative end, they sound a bit 2-dimensional and slightly sibilant. I'm hoping this improves with extended burn in.

    Wow, those are nice. I'm infinitely envious. I hope you get them!
  6. lukeap69
    Any HD800 owners yet who have paired them with the Elise?
  7. Renderman
    I'm glad you are still enjoying music on the Elise, that is in the end what it's all about. Ouch, If I'm not mistaking those Ears go for 1500 dollars or more these days!
    It can not be coincidence someone hinted on the Raytheon 6SN7s! I might have to find me a pair.
    Rooting for the EH 6SN7! Hopefully these will come in to their own, I like the description but can not stand sibilance and love a good soundstage.
    Hopefully the GEC's are worth their price and going by impressions of Hypnos1 they certainly would be. Waiting on some more pictures and measurements but will likely buy them. I will report back here with an impression of these of course :)
  8. Renderman
    When my Elise is back I might be able to get an HD800 on loan and will report back to you then! Maybe someone on the Cambridge meet has tried the Elise with HD800's?
  9. Lorspeaker
  10. lukeap69

    That would be fantastic! Thanks.
  11. Renderman
    I have a few more photo's to share of those GEC 6AS7Gs:
  12. Lorspeaker
    these tubes could feed me for a few months... :)
  13. hypnos1
    Hi R....
    You do realise of course they are the HOLY GRAIL of 6AS7Gs?! - the curved-bottom bases...GREEN doesn't even cover my colour at the moment, M!!  [​IMG] (I could even just hate you a  little now...not really! - GOOD LUCK  [​IMG]).
  14. Shaffer

    I'd like to hear that tube in my system, even if just once, and get a point of reference.
  15. Renderman
    I knew they are quite well regarded, in a large part thanks to you Hypnos1! Have been searching for these ever since I wanted to buy an Elise. This is a factory matched pair with all four triodes matching. Yes they are expensive but I got them for a good price. Hopefully they will be worth the money :)
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