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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. nojdrof
    Hey all, it's been awhile. I attended RMAF and had the opportunity to listen to many headphones. I really liked the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 and the HD 800 I know the T1's work well with the Elise any thoughts on how the HD 800 sound with this amp? Thanks
  2. hypnos1
    Welcome back nojdrof...you probably know by now my own particular love for the T1s - @connieflyer loves his 800 and @pctazhp loves his 800S...for starters...Decisions, decisions! [​IMG]...(You can't really go wrong with any of these - comes down to personal preference in the end lol!).
  3. nojdrof
    Hey all, another question. I have my Elise amp and love it but want Balanced Headphone Drive. Is it possible to send it back and have it added? And what's the cost?

  4. Oskari

    I don't see how that could happen, and frankly I don't see why that should happen.
  5. pctazhp
    Sorry. That isn't possible. Elise is single ended from input to output. But I'm curious as to what benefit you think you would derive by driving a headphone in balanced mode. Elise already has sufficient power to drive most headphones. And its imaging capability has been widely praised, so it probably already has very low cross talk. 
  6. DecentLevi
    Yup that's totally not possible to have (true) balanced mode 'added on' to any component; as balanced topology is essentially a schematic that must have separate components for R/L channels from the input all the way to the output section - although I presume a tech expert may be able to internally modify their Elise, as it does seem to have at least partially balanced circuitry.
    OTOH, If all you need is an adapter to use your balanced headphones on the Elise, then let us know which type of balanced cable yours is and how many pins it has, and we can recommend the correct balanced to SE adapter. I'm currently using one with a pair of my 4-pin XLR balanced headphones and it sounds fantastic on the Elise.
    All of us have migrated over to the newest Elise thread, and there are some awesome developments / discoveries in progress there right now. The link is here
  7. DecentLevi
    Also for anyone who may have missed it, here's my big realization lately:
  8. Quinto
    I decided to sell my V200 and buy an Elise for my beloved HD650 but I'm a total tube noob [​IMG]
    Can anyone tell me what's the upgrade to PsVane tubes (on his website) will do to my HD650 or should I start with the stock Tung Sol?
  9. hpamdr

    Hi Quinto, welcome abroad you made a good decision for your HD650 but specially for your ears and will be astonished.. You can start your order process.... and be ready to wait..
    Wait for the device being plugged to your best source and start enjoy once burned 50-100H you can try to find better tube set !
    Two more words KEEP CALM !
    I did try some PsVane and also some Shuguang 6SN7 like driver (already burned at local hifi dealer) but none is as good as some vintage VT-231 tube and cost more. Th tubes look very nice and it is great for exhibition but not as much for listening. I doubt that you will have significant enhancement using this kind of tube instead of the stock one.  The first would be to get some better power tube first and then experiment with driver according to your taste and your wallet.
    Keep your time, do not read yet all the franken-tube-experiments, as most of us are back to "more" conventional setup...
  10. Quinto

    Merci, très utile, I'll try to keep calm while waiting for my V200 and PM3 to be sold so I can order the Elise [​IMG]
  11. nojdrof

    The reason I asked this question is because I asked Sennheiser what I could do to get more bass and smooth out the treble and I was told to get a balanced cable. I've been trying to love my HD 700's for about a year now and have tried multiple amps with the same end results, not enough bass and too bright. The only solution is using an EQ to bring things where I like them. I've listened to many headphones and after listening to everything I could find at RMAF decided to bring home the HD800 to audition using my Elise amp. Other than great sound stage they sound very similar to my HD700 sorry not impressed. So after more research I read about the Focal Elear I traveled 50 miles to have a listen and WOW finally I'm hearing and feeling that impact and smoothness I've been looking for. It reminds me of the T1 (a very nice headphone) but with a little less treble and more impact but very precise. I think I found the headphones I've been looking for. Yes they don't have the wide sound stage that the 800 has but they sound fantastic to me. Has anyone used the Focal Elear with the Elise amp? I'm pretty confident it will sound great but feedback would be nice!

  12. sling5s
    Selling my Cavalli Carbon and placed an order for the Elise. I wanted a full, lush and euphonic sounding tube amp to complement my microZOTL2-S.
  13. Spork67
    Welcome to the Elise family @sling5s 
    I'm sure you'll love your new amp.
  14. sling5s

    Thanks. :) 
  15. Spork67
    Most people are more active in this thread now: http://www.head-fi.org/t/813488/feliks-audio-elise-impressions-thread-a-new-start-please-read-first-post-for-summary
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