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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. HOWIE13
    If a new owner really wants to stick to one tube arrangement for a while the best advice I could give would be to avoid reading this thread.[​IMG] 
    Only joking, but the enthusiasm, support, fun and friendliness of this thread is very infectious and before you know it you could be drawn into tube-land forever, never to return-and I'm loving it.[​IMG] 
  2. HOWIE13
    Welcome indeed!
    I'm also relatively new to Eliseland and found the advice from those who have had longer experience with rolling here invaluable.
    Those combinations UT advised work very well and in answer to your question as to combinations of tubes, well yes, some combinations work better than others, but again your own ears will guide you. 
    When Elise comes give the amp several days to 'burn in', for want of a better term, and some tubes need several hours, even days, (EL3N's even longer) to reach their best too, others don't seem to. Unlike with SS amps, some tubes can sound a bit noisy and 'clinky' when first powered up. This noise goes after a few minutes once the tube reaches its working temperature and is perfectly normal.
    One important golden rule to always consider when rolling is that the current draw from all four of Elise's tube sockets in total should not exceed 6.8A. That's a generous current but it can soon add up if you are over-enthusiastic.
  3. HOWIE13
    Have been enjoying rolling drivers with 4 EL3N's as powers. The best results for me, together with the 6 pack combination, has been with RCA 6F8G's and K-R VT231's.
    Here's the 6F8G's. There's a picture of the VT231's on the other thread, #1503, p101.
  4. richdytch

    Very nice. I'd really love to work out why 2x el3n as power tubes for me is totally silent, while 4 is hideously noisy.
  5. HOWIE13
    Thanks rich.
    Is it possible just one or maybe two of your tubes are 'hummy'. You would just need to swap them around a bit in the 4 sockets to find out.
  6. Karlsand
    Hi All,

    I have an Elise amp incoming and like many else sourcing tubes while inpatiently waiting. I have a noob question, what is the dual EL3N tube adapter that fits into the power tube sockets? Can someone provide a link?

    I haven't yet decided but I might at some point go for the 6 pack of EL3N since good power tubes seems to be crazy expensive these days.

    Br, Karl
  7. HOWIE13
    Welcome- you have made an excellent choice with Elise. Congratulations!
    Here's the link for the single tube adapter:
    and here's the link for the dual adapter:
  8. Karlsand
    Ah, I did not realize the 6sn7 fits into the power tube socket!

    Thanks Howie!
  9. HOWIE13
    Yes that's right, the driver and power sockets are both similar octal sockets.
  10. UntilThen
    The world's a better place with @HOWIE13 around. I can retire now.
    Congrats @Karlsand and welcome to the club. What headphone are you using with Elise?
  11. HOWIE13
    That's a heavy responsibility- actually impossible [​IMG]
  12. Karlsand
    I have not yet received it but I'll use HD600, dt-880 600ohm and T1g2.

    Pretty excited, time is long for one who is waiting!

  13. HOWIE13
    Nice cans, Karl. I wish I had a T1, there's lots of posts about how good they are with Elise. HD800/800S are two other favourites I'm yearning after.
    I do have the HD600 and the 250 ohm version of the Beyer and they are both excellent sounding with Elise. Actually, I had just posted earlier how Elise is the first amp I've used that's been able to really make me appreciate the quality of the DT880.[​IMG] 
  14. UntilThen

    Good choice of headphones for Elise. You'll be thrilled no doubt.
  15. DecentLevi
    @Karlsand welcome to the Elise club! It along with its' tubes get better with use, so be patient with burn-in. Though I guess the jury's still out whether or not leaving it on overnight for burn-in is recommended.
    Most action is happening on the other Elise thread nowdays - similar audiophile topics but more geared toward simpler tube setups... Speaking of such, I wonder if it's time for @hypnos1 to update this thread title as to not confuse people which thread is newer?
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