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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. HOWIE13
    Having the two threads is a great idea, and there's an even earlier one which this one superceded- so popular is Elise. 
    I watch both the current active threads as you never know what's going to crop up each day, but there is obviously crossover.
    There is also the question of where to post 'non-tubey' comments.
    For instance, I'm just auditioning Mojo and it mates excellently well with Elise-but which thread should I post that information on?
    Oh silly me-I've just done it.[​IMG] 
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  2. hypnos1
    Well worth the wait AC...which appears to be a good bit shorter than some have had in the past! Elise is indeed very nicely crafted...and sounds great too LOL!! [​IMG]...Joy will soon be yours, to be sure. Plenty of info here on tubes - and other things! - plus of course over at the 'other' thread (ostensibly for those who prefer "one tube per socket" [​IMG]...) : http://www.head-fi.org/t/813488/feliks-audio-elise-impressions-thread-a-new-start-please-read-first-post-
    Best wishes for your journey in "Elise land"...
    Welcome to you also, K...good choice have you made - you won't regret it! [​IMG]
    As mentioned above, plenty of wise words here - and t'other thread - to help you in your journey. Take things steadily, give Elise and tubes plenty of time to "settle in", but most importantly of all...ENJOY!!!...Cheers!...
    ps. And don't forget to keep us all up to date with your eventual findings...same goes for you, Karlsand! [​IMG]..BFN...[​IMG]
  3. pctazhp
    DL:  To me "newer" is like age - just a state of mind. I always feel younger on those days when I can't remember how old I am. [​IMG]
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  4. AltCtrl
    Siemens C3G and Tung Sol 5998
    Philips Miniwatt EL3N and Tung Sol 7236
    Where do I buy these tubes? They're hard to find.
  5. DecentLevi
    Mostly we buy on eBay, and you can also search for your used hi-fi gear on HifiShark.com which is like a search engine of a handfull of sources for this
  6. MusclePharm
    Hey guys, how have you been?!

    It's been a year now without my elise (My DAC got corrupted), but yesterday I received a new one at home and what a joy it was to listen to my beauty again.

    However I noticed that there's always some background noise... It's not too loud to be annoying nor too low to be um noticed, It simply comes and goes, very similar to that sound of when you turn on a microwave.
    I hope to be wrong, but I'm afraid this has something to do with my tubes...

    Or perhaps this is a normal behavior with tube amps?
  7. HOWIE13
    If the problem occurs with all your tubes it's unlikely to be an individual tube problem. Maybe outside interference. 
    What happened to your DAC?
    Was the sound heard before your DAC broke?
  8. MusclePharm

    I had a Schiit Modi 2, it got somehow corrupted when I removed the usb cable from my notebook. I sent it to repair though, but when it arrived my country, customs decided to apply me a charge that was almost the value I paid for the DAC (even though I had proofs it was sent to repair and it was well explicit in the box and in the paperwork itself), so I let them keep it, I was going to get a lawyer but I didn't have the time nor it was worth my patience, so I let it be.
    This was happening way before, even before my previous DAC broke. I recently changed of place and I may be wrong, but I don't believe it to be an interference issue...
    The thing is, I don't have that many tubes, I sold some and the others I have no clue where they are to be honest, so I was only asking if these background noises were somehow a "normal" behaviour on tube amps, or they are just plain silent.
  9. HOWIE13
    No, not normal to get that sound. It would be worth trying different tubes if you think it's not interference. Have you never used your Elise before with those tubes?
  10. hypnos1
    Good to hear from you again MP...a year without Elise?...how on Earth have you managed to survive such deprivation lol?!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Afraid most of the action is now over at the "Impressions" thread started by @pctazhp a while back, when things began to get a bit out of hand with "extreme", multi-adapter tube rolling. Said thread is for more restrained experimentation, lol! [​IMG]...
    I see you don't have many tubes now, but did you manage to test with different ones at all back then?
    Have you tried different sources, to eliminate this area?...and different headphones?
    You say you don't think it's interference related, but do you always have a mobile 'phone nearby, for instance?...or the same electronic items in different places, such as 'fridge etc.?
    Basically, you shouldn't really be getting such noise from Elise, so something, somewhere, needs tracing it would appear...keep eliminating and letting us know how things go...
  11. MusclePharm

     I have always used these tubes, I just though that with some burn-in time they would eventually disappear. But I guess I have more than 100 hour on each of them by now.
    Is there a general consensus on which tubes would sound the best?
    My current tubes are:
    Power: 2x TungSol 6080WB
    Driver: Siemens c3gS + ECC 31
  12. MusclePharm
    I know right? I actually think my girlfriend was jealous of my Elise considering how much I complained!
    I did not test it before, I was so eager to try the Elise's that I bought my tubes even before receiving it, so I just jumped all that, but I guess I still have the default tubes somewhere, I just need a whole month on vacations to be able to find them...
    I use my headphones on other sources, no problem there, unfortunately it's something in the Amp, and it is almost certain to be the tubes... lucky me!
    Only thing I have near is my computer, nothing else.
    I see I will have to jump on this headache trip and trace the issue to the very last bit of every unpleasant decibel.
  13. HOWIE13
    I don't know that c3gS tube. Is it the exact same as a c3g?
    Anyway, I would do as H1 suggests as I still suspect it could be outside interference.
    However, if you could find those stock tubes you would at least be able to rule out, or confirm, a tube problem
  14. hypnos1
    Hi again MP.
    Is that two C3gS, and ECC31s, or one of each mixed? If the latter, and this is all you've ever tried, that may possibly be the cause - poor mix, perhaps. You really do need to try a complete set of different tubes, just to be sure lol!...unless something else jumps at you beforehand...GOOD LUCK!...
  15. MusclePharm
    Ok guys, new update.
    It seems I had actually saved the stock tubes in a box. I just tested the stock power tubes and the driver tubes, and same background noise. This noise is only noticeable when nothing else is playing though, but still...
    I also disconnected the RCA cables from the DAC and the noise is still there... Will try to place the amp somewhere else, and see if it is indeed outside interference like HOWIE13 mentioned.
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