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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. JazzVinyl
    Here is one to test your vocal naturalness:

  2. Jozurr
    There were two questions:
    1) Firstly if the Elise is powerful enough to run the Omni and HE-500 without distortion
    2) Would the Elise with EL3N or ECC31 sound good or bad compared to 6SN7W on the Liquid Glass. If I had to just run the 6SN7, Id be happy with the Glass.
    I guess my first question is partly answered as the HE-560 needs good power too.
  3. pctazhp
    Thanks JV. Very interesting recording. But after I listened to it I tried singing while taking a shower. It did nothing to improve my "vocal naturalness" [​IMG]
  4. UntilThen

    I gather it's more than one question. 
    @ostewart was using HE-500 with Elise and even brought it to the recent London Cam Jam. He seems to like that pairing very much.
    I think it's a big endorsement of Elise when I hear of interest in wanting to compare Elise with Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass using the best of drivers. The LG looks to be a very special tube amp with a high price tag at $3750 new. Elise is $699. It's like pitting David against Goliath. I know there will be the logic of 'it doesn't necessary sound better because it's more expensive' but I disagree. If a manufacturer produce a tube amp priced to sell at that price, it better sound better than one priced 5 times less.
    Just viewing this video of the Liquid Glass, you can tell, it's features packed and look nice too. You can use tubes both ways. Horizontal and vertical. There's a switch for 12 and 6V. It's a hybrid so the output stage is ss. That should drive most any headphones. I hope to listen one day.

  5. UntilThen
    How can I forget that. All this time I thought Elise is a girl. !!!
  6. HOWIE13
  7. HOWIE13
    It looks a beautiful amp but have I misunderstood something they said? I mean, what's so cool about a tube amp taking on the characteristics of the tube? Isn't that what tube amps are meant to do?  G1217's tube amps are all chameleon amps and Elise certainly takes on the characteristics of the tubes.
    Another thing; I'm sure it's a great sounding amp but you won't be able to have fun with our favourite  6AS7,5998, 6008 type tubes as max current draw for 6V tubes is 1A.(unless I'm misunderstanding the spec info).
  8. UntilThen

    Tube amps may exhibit the sonic signature of tubes but tube amps don't sound the same even using same tubes. Take for instance the Darkvoice 336se and Elise. Even if I use the same Sylvania 6SN7wgt and Tung Sol 5998 in both (although in the DV it's single driver and power), you can hear a distinctly different presentation. 
    DV has that chest pounding bass feel whereas Elise will rock you gently. Speaking on which this is one of my fav Jennifer Warnes song.

  9. pctazhp
    Thank you so much. I've been getting more headaches reading about trying to determining how a tube will sound in a particular amp by trying to extrapolate how it sounds in a different amp )))
    And wonderful video.
  10. JazzVinyl
    Agree the DV sounds different with the Elise using the same tube compliment (by half).

    Elise has lighter bass but nicer better soundstage.

    DV has a wonderful, much loved by me, rich deep and and full bass.

    Wish Elise had DV's bass...
  11. UntilThen
    Wishing that Elise has DV's bottom would require a cosmetic surgeon.
    This combo sounds good too. [​IMG]
  12. JazzVinyl

    Indeed, almost everything sounds good in Elise...kind of amazing!
  13. pctazhp
    I'll drink to that [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. Jozurr
    Yes the Liquid Glass amp is very special and I love it. Specially with a growing collection of 6SN7 tubes. However, it's just the curiosity in me which makes me want the Elise, just like I got the MZ2. Also, I do like the sound of ECC32 tubes and used them on the Glass, but NOS they cost around $800 for which I can get the Elise and use the ECC31 instead, which are essentially the same with a 6SN7 adapter as the ECC32, just that the Glass does not allow common cathode tubes to work (which the ECC31 are and cant be separated even with the adapter).
    For EL3N users, how are you using the EL3N with an adapter instead of 6SN7 considering that the EL3N is a single pentode and the 6SN7 is a double triode. I understand that the EL3N in a christmas tree setup are double, and therefore can be mapped to the 6SN7 pinouts, but not sure how the single EL3N are working with an adapter. I'm reading that the EL3N do even better bass than the ECC31 (which I already like), but there's not enough space on the Glass to install a christmas tree setup of EL3N, which also makes me want to try the Elise.
    I do love good amounts of clean bass. Are you guys of the opinion that it's better for me to go for the DV336 instead? I currently use Kenrad VT231 on the G0lass, which sound pretty amazing to say the least, but just want to explore if there is anything better out there. I know the quality of the amp matters as well, but who knows what you end up liking when you compare stuff. Like I never thought that I'd like the TH-X00 more than many expensive phones. 
  15. UntilThen

    I was once chatting happily in the DV 336se tube rolling thread when a guy pop in and said that the DV 336se is a very bad boy because it got him started in tube amp that lead him all the way to a EC445.
    Looks like you're pretty much a tube amp lover. There's a very good chance you will love Elise sound even though you have the Liquid Glass. Especially when you can use the ECC31 in place of the very much more expensive ECC32.
    EL3N is used in Elise as a strapped triode. The adapter pins are configured that way. Hence the single EL3N are not used as pentode in Elise as drivers but as strapped triodes.
    If it's clean bass that you like, Elise will provide that. Much also depends on the tubes and headphone used. I don't overly crave massive bass but I like bass to be tight and controlled with impact. T1 provides that for me. ECC31 with 5998, 7236 and Chatham 6AS7G sounds very good. Likewise a selection of 6SN7 as drivers. If you ever get Elise, certainly try the EL3N which are still reasonably priced and are indeed special.
    I wouldn't recommend the DV336se over Elise. Elise sounds much more refined to me. Bass weight isn't everything for me. Elise is more revealing with good instruments placement and certainly wider and deeper soundstage. Clarity and details are in abundance and it's fast and dynamic. Elise has an engaging sonic signature that makes you feels it's worth much more than the $699 asking price. Have a listen and you'll know what I mean. 
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