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Fake Senheiser IE800?

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  1. Rob80b
  2. csglinux
    That looks pretty much exactly like the one I got off AliExpress for $23! These eBay scammers have got some balls to charge $339.

    @Rob80b does this also look like the fake pair you used to own?
  3. Rob80b
    Hard to tell but some shots of my copies here....


    here...with two fakes from the same vendor, one was returned due to a faulty cable and was not as well made.

    and here...real vs fake
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  4. csglinux
    There seem to be two differences between your copies and mine: 1) The color of the cable (mine was a lighter shade of green; yours looks to be close to the original) and 2) You said yours sounded pretty good (mine didn't!).
  5. Rob80b
    As I noted I had two copies that were different in manufacturing but both sounded fine but one developed a faulty cable after a day or two, my brother has the first and he was impressed with the sound and I believe it's still functioning.

    Funny they all have the inverted "S"...maybe it's intentional..
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  6. Dobrescu George
    That is the number 2, not the letter S :darthsmile:
  7. yangian
    Yes, I have a fake one which sound quality is pretty close to genuine, though timbre is different
  8. Saoshyant
    Hmm, perhaps it's time to take the take ie800 challenge
  9. chinswain
    I know it's hard to tell 100% visually - but best guess do you think these are original?

    I can't see any of the fakeness signs Rob kindly posted:





  10. csglinux
    They look authentic to me, but very hard to be 100% sure, because some of the fakes these days are incredibly authentic-looking.
    chinswain and Dobrescu George like this.
  11. Rob80b
    Sorry just caught this....going by the nozzle they do look legit.
  12. Mr Makarov
    @chinswain can you also take photos of the:
    - leather case (especially of the "s" letter), can you see/feel the magnet? (on the fakes magnet becomes loose quite fast and can be seen inside the case)
    - the plastic rectangle where ear tipst are held (fake one is textured and original is not)
    - the "s" letter on the phones
    - vents
    - connect the two cables, press it until it cant go further and take a picture of the union

    Also, is the 3.5mm connector´s plastic part flexible (like very flexible)? Cable rotates inside the earbud?
  13. Rob80b
    Without being able to see all the details of the actual iem, the leather case is what gives most fakes away....the copy is usually a shinier more plasticity looking finish...as to a more plush look.

    Legit case, mine
    Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 8.05.51 AM.png
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  14. chinswain
    Unfortunately they came with only a few spare buds, no case or box. I sent them to Sennheiser for repair who confirmed they are legit.
  15. Roybenz
    Is it no place to check if these are authentic anymore? The sennheiser site doesn't have the link for checking anymore?
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