ES-R10 closed back dynamic headphone Sony R10 Replica Discussion/Impressions
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Mostly old world head-fi here lol. Ranked from best to less best. Yeah, the ES-R10 are easy to drive and they sound great out of almost everything.

Headroom Max Balanced
Singlepower SDS (OTL tube amp)
Dynalo+ Balanced
iBasso DX220 Max (modded)
Sony WM1Z (modded)
Sony WM1A

The top 3 are fairly close. Number 2 and 3 may swap from time to time. But I'm pretty sure I like the Max the best. Just to be clear I'm not talking about the older pre-2006 single ended Max amps, which sound terrible by comparison. The Max Balanced is like a much improved version of the Blockhead. I also have an old Headamp Gilmore Balanced Reference that I haven't tried yet. It's similar-ish in sound to the GS-X Mk 2 and GS-X Mini. I don't expect it will top the Max but I'm open to being surprised.

Purk assures me some of the better ECP amps can beat the Max Balanced, but that it's still a really competitive amp.
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ordered on 4/21 so also in the upcoming batch. amp is Naim Uniti Atom HE. counterpart will be Utopia.

very eagerly awaiting... i've held off on a closed headphone for years and as soon as i learned about this, i knew it was meant to be.
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Mine was placed on 18th and he said sometime in May…. Hopefully it doesn’t get pushed back further into June.
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I’m using a DSHA3F and Headamp GS-1 with Dynalo+ modules. They are very close in performance with the ES-R10 but the 3F does throw a more holographic stage. The GS-1 may be a touch fatiguing after several hours vs. the 3F.
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may be a touch fatiguing after several hours
Yes, I am surprised lots want more detail and a silver cable.
My pair has too much detail and fatigue-ness already with my amps.

The Es-R10 needs a tube amp for sure or a warm amp/dac.

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