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Dropping in to let you all know that a substantial update regarding the RAVEN—including further enhancements and updated ETAs—will be posted within the next 24-48 hours. We're nearing the finish line, and I'm hyped to share the positive developments with you all soon!
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Just in 😍 unbelievable surprise when I unwrapped this bad boy. Absolutely worth the upgrade over the LX. Thankfully my average ears seat these just fine.

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Just in 😍 unbelievable surprise when I unwrapped this bad boy. Absolutely worth the upgrade over the LX. Thankfully my average ears seat these just fine.

Upgrade over Legend X or you got Legend X ? Sorry I’m being slow lol
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Upgrade over Legend X or you got Legend X ? Sorry I’m being slow lol
I have both, will look to sell the X to some aspiring bass head. I went Nemesis > LX > Evo. I was surprised the Evo was a launch edition 2 years on since launch 😌
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With the Odin away for repair the Legend X has been seeing more duty. Fitted it with the EVO cable and Spinfit Omni tips. Tightened the bass and detailed the treble. The X is a legend.

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As I sit down to write this update, I am reminded of the trust and patience you've all shown us during this journey with the RAVEN. It's a journey that has tested our resolve and pushed our capabilities, and your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our progress. I assure you, every step taken, every challenge faced, has been with the singular goal of delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds the high bar we set for ourselves.

We recognized that even though only a handful of units were directly affected, there was an opportunity for us to do more—to enhance every aspect of the RAVEN, down to the finest details. In the world of manufacturing, especially in an arena as complex as metallurgy—which was new territory for us—perfect outcomes are rare. But instead of settling, we chose to rise to the occasion. These past months have been a deep dive into research and development, followed by a meticulous rebuilding process.

As we move forward, you can expect the following enhancements in all RAVEN units:

Enhanced Print Specifications
: We've honed the RAVEN's print specifications to elevate the shell's durability and the HRC's sturdiness without compromising on the thickness crucial to our signature sound tuning. Our rigorous testing has shown that the current 1mm post-processing thickness is integral to the RAVEN's acoustic performance. By refining the print parameters, we've managed to fortify the shell's resilience without altering its acoustic properties, ensuring that the RAVEN delivers the extraordinary audio experience you expect.

Strengthened Internal Assembly: We've bolstered the internal structure, focusing particularly on specifics components and key areas like the 2-pin socket area to ensure it withstands the demands of regular use. The strategic reinforcements are designed to mitigate the risk of damage from cable swapping while maintaining compatibility with .78 spec cables. Our transparent HRC innovation allows for swift and thorough quality checks, ensuring each unit is assembled and sealed to our exacting standards.

Refined 2-Pin Socket Design: In response to your valuable input, we've re-engineered the 2-pin sockets on the RAVEN. They now feature a pre-set gap of .78, designed to ensure a smoother and more user-friendly cable connection process. This enhancement aims to reduce the effort required during cable insertion and removal, thereby minimizing wear and tear. However, we still recommend a delicate touch when using cables with tighter fits, like the CON-X, to preserve the longevity of your IEMs. We've conducted extensive compatibility tests with a variety of cables from well-respected manufacturers, confirming a consistent and reliable fit across the board.

Premium Lacquer Enhancement - We've taken the RAVEN's aesthetic to the next level with a top tier German lacquer. This new finish is meticulously hand-applied, enhancing not just the durability of the RAVEN but also enriching its visual allure. The result is a more sophisticated and lustrous surface that complements the RAVEN's premium sound quality with a correspondingly luxurious appearance.

Faceplate Journey -
Our venture into the detailed metallurgy required for RAVEN's faceplates, complete with raised logos and a mirror finish, demanded precision in CNC machining, polishing, and coating. My hands-on approach in hand-polishing prototypes set a benchmark for quality, steering us through an exacting learning curve. Despite a number of setbacks, we have persevered to produce faceplates that not only uphold our commitment to quality but also now feature an additional oleophobic nano-coating. This extra protective measure not only ensures the faceplates retain their visual allure but also makes them easier to maintain, significantly elevating the overall user experience.

Enhanced Bass Experience – During our recent revisions, we've managed to enhance the bass response to offer more depth, resolution and layering. This nuanced refinement stems from the structural improvements to the RAVEN, achieved without altering the internal electronics or affecting the measurable specs, ensuring the overall integrity of its signature sound.

Delivery Schedule Update - Anticipation is mounting as we approach the commencement of deliveries for the RAVEN launch edition. Weekly dispatches to our dealers are set to begin next week, with the objective of having all launch edition units shipped by the first week of December. Concurrently, we are preparing for the arrival of a small, carefully curated batch of standard edition faceplates. Upon their delivery, these units will be subjected to a stringent quality assessment, affirming they meet the newly established polishing and coating benchmarks.

Should this initial batch of standard editions pass our inspection, they will be promptly assembled and forwarded to dealers holding pre-paid orders. Additionally, the broader rollout of standard edition RAVENs is on the horizon, with production and delivery anticipated to get underway by the second week of December.

Revisions for Existing RAVEN Owners - For those who've kept their RAVENs and are experiencing no issues, we respect your decision. Yet, should you opt for the updated version, we're extending an opportunity until the year's end for revisions to be made. U.S. residents can directly return their units to us. Please initiate the process by emailing Leasah at support@empireears.com and cc me Jack@Empireears.com. Do provide your shipping details and proof of purchase. We ask that you return the carrying case, the IEMs, and the coin. For our international community, your local dealer will facilitate this process, so please reach out to them for coordination.

Extended Warranty Assurance - We're reaffirming the extended two-year warranty mentioned in my prior communication. This warranty applies to the updated RAVENs as a gesture of our gratitude for your patience and understanding as we've honed and enhanced our product. Your satisfaction and confidence in our brand are paramount, and we're committed to honoring that through this warranty extension.

Handle with Care: We're proud of the advancements we've made with the RAVEN, yet we must underscore that it is an IEM delicately crafted from resin, equipped with full-sized drivers, and finished with stainless steel faceplates. It is a piece of precision audio equipment, not intended for rough handling or to endure impacts. Similar to the nature of a car's windshield, even slight physical impacts can cause microfractures that may lead to greater damage over time. Please treat your RAVEN with the same care you would any other premium audio instrument.

Thank you once again for your trust, patience, and the privilege of your time as we worked to perfect the RAVEN. It's been a humbling experience, and one that has made us even more committed to crafting exceptional auditory experiences for you.

Warmest regards,


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A mild retune then? Interesting, I’ll have to find another chance to demo it. Bass was perfect at SoCal and that balance is tricky.…Faceplates look very nice, hopefully we can get some pics of the updated black ones too!
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