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Just offering quick info when I can help out. Didn’t know it was an issue.
Unsolicited answer to a question directed to Jack might be rude, Hermione. Especially since it's mostly guessing without much substance :)
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The cable that comes with it was used to tune Raven. Any change or “upgrade” as one could see it, could result in a different sound. This would then require all the units to be retuned, taking even longer. Dead serious.

Is it really guessing though? Or is this your way of demonstrating your ability to speak from another orifice?
If you aren't guessing then why word it that way? All bark and no bite :)
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If you aren't guessing then why word it that way? All bark and no bite :)
It's called "Probability". Seriously what's wrong with you guys. Both @CL14715 and @subguy812 only trying to be helpful answering your concerns that you don't have to worry with your purchase. Is it a fc*d up situation? You bet it is. But @Jack Vang himself already try his best to address this problem and all we have to do is wait. If you don't have any patience, then feel free to cancel the PO. FYI I put an order for Launch Edition too. Am I upset with this prolonged delay? Of course I am. But I prefer to enjoy my other IEMs while waiting for my Raven to come than posting a rather unconstructive comment here. If I get bored waiting I can easily cancel it and pick another IEM. Easy as that. Cheers 😉
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If you aren't guessing then why word it that way? All bark and no bite :)

Well, there's this phenomenon known as "odds". Although unlikely, there'a a statistical chance that a "better" cable could leave the tuning as intended. There's also a chance it would alter it. The latter would require a nightmare tuning scenario. Surprised such an astute fella such as yourself needed that spelled out. Happy to help though.

Speaking of which, I'm going to continue to help relay information to the thread if it's a question I am privy to, so Jack can worry about getting these units rolling. If I can't answer it, I won't as per the usual.
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My Zeus sounded different with each of the 5 cables I tried it with. I finally settled on the 1960 as the "best." But when the Zeus was new, EE sold it with several cable included, and then with either one or the other. So I'm not sure it was specifically "tuned" for any one cable.

My Odin was "tuned" with the Stormbreaker. Specifically. While my 1960 was back in the shop being repaired, I bought a Stormbreaker to use with the Zeus. It was clearly NOT a 1960, though it sounded quite good.

When I got the Odin recently, I immediately put the 1960 on it. It sounded very good, though a bit lacking in upper end and sparkle. After a few days I tried it with the Stormbreaker and it sounded... better.

I don't have, and don't want, a Raven. Not my cup of tea. But if it was tuned with a specific cable, and it has all that special sauce and bone conducting stuff, I'd stick with it for a good long while, at least for the first 100 hours or so.

Just my two cents.
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So my Ares II cable just failed on my Odyssey. Any cable recommendations for Odyssey?

Of all the cables I've tried with the Odyssey, the one I like best is certainly the Ode to Laura.

I've never owned/tried the Chiron.

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