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Emmeline SR71-B vs iBasso PB2

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by canadian411, Jan 25, 2011.
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  1. Syan25
    I think we were both recommending the sound signature of the SR-71 series....
  2. orrb_05


    So I guess I'm walking on egg shells from here on out - funny. Thanks for the warning shot.  I should clarify then that I, as well, have not tried either of the amps the OP posted about. I have owned the SR-71A and can't see Ray doing a 180 on the BLACKBIRD's sound signature just because the B version is a balanced amp. Any-hoot let the comments begin - it's all good.
  3. Anouk Contributor
    Honestly I dont see what all the fuss is all about. This thread title clearly asks for comparisons BETWEEN two different amps. I understand that not many people have them but then to go recommending one over the other if you only have heard that one rather defeats the stated point of this thread. Greetings, Anouk,
  4. Syan25


    Glad to hear you enjoy the Blackbirds...
  5. LeeSC
    Well, with both my PB2 and SR71-B over 200 hours and listening to both of them with balance output, I must say they both sounded pretty close.  I can't hear much difference between.  So if I were to recommand, I would say the iBasso PB2 because you can also change the factory installed opamp and change the sound signature of the amp if you so choose to.  The PB-2 is also cheaper compared to RSA SR71-B.
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  6. Severanth
    Thanks, been watching this thread waiting to see someone owning both give some feedback.  
    I have been enjoying the SR71-B, think I will pick up a PB-2 for the wife [​IMG].  My excuse anyways and I sticking to it.
  7. LeeSC
    You are welcome.  Let me know what you think between the two.  :)
  8. LeeSC
    If I have a chance to listen to both before I buy, I would choose iBasso's PB2. I had a closer listen to the two unit with HM-801 (24/96 flac) and WhipMOD (Apple lossless) as the source and balance output to HE-6, I find the PB2 is more airy and the sound stage is also slightly wider. High on PB2 seems to extend more and overall the entire range are more resolved. The SR71-B has a fuller bass.

    Keep in mind that both has about 200+ hours on them.
  9. DanBa
  10. Jalo
    Thanks, Parrots, which phones did you use and did you find what LeeSC found that the PB2 is a little airy with a little wider sound stage?
  11. Pudu
    I agree with you there. The 71B does have a wider sound stage. But the PB2 has a better sound stage - for me. What I mean is that the Blackbird was almost too much - kind of the way Dolby Headphone makes music sound like it's coming from all around you. Not that I'm equating the two, but the SR-71B left me with that kind of impression.

    It's clearly a matter of personal preference and I'll be the first to admit I didn't spend long enough seeing whether I'd get used to and prefer the 71B's version of things. It is indeed also a bit darker than the PB2 - again boils down to personal preference.

    - I spent most of my time thus far with both amps using DT880 600s and GR10s.

    Edit: After further listening to a wider variety of tracks, I'm not so sure about my assertion above. I'm finding little difference vis-a-vis sound stage. Colour yes, sound stage ...
  12. estreeter


    Welcome to Head-Fi :)
    Seriously Anouk - after a series of posts in another thread where I had board members beat me up with the *spec sheet* for amps they hadnt even heard, I am over it. I'm not even willing to place a lot of stock in meet impressions, unless they come from someone with extensive experience across a wide range of kit. I suspect that either of these amps would make most of us very happy, but I will say this : there are a lot more hardcore bassheads on this board than folk who are willing to *admit* to being hardcore bassheads, and I believe that Ray realised that a long time ago. More power to him.
  13. estreeter

    The fundamental problem with that is the same as it has been for as long as I have been on this board: who has the resources to buy BOTH simply to compare them ?? We are left with resources like the Headfonia review where Mike lists the iBasso P4 (complete with photo at the top of the review) in his 'big single-ended amp' comparison, then fails to mention it completely when comparing the Stepdance and the 71A - what the $%^$!, people ? Anyway, I'm happy with the P4, but this thread is about balanced amps so I'll get out while I still can.
  14. Uchiya
    I have the PB-2.  Drives my HD650 well as or better than my Concerto did.  That's saying something.  Also $325 + $39 for a Balanced stock cord is win/win imo.
  15. wolfen68 Contributor
    I much prefer the SR71B to the ibasso PB-1....but have not heard a PB-2 yet.
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