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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. Layman1
    I made a pretty epic post over on the Empire Ears thread, following up about my CanJam London 2019 experiences with them and with Effect Audio too.
    Here's a link to that post, chiefly talking about their Legend X and Nemesis IEM's for those who might be interested: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/emp...merly-earwerkz.786335/page-1262#post-15106993
    I made other posts today there regarding other Empire IEMs too, such as the new Valkyrie and Wraith.

    But for Effect Audio fans, and the more skeptical or simply curious readers, I'm going to post here an edited version of the segment that dealt with the Effect Audio cables I tried and what I heard when trying them with IEMs (and goes into more detail than my previous post on this thread about them):

    I already have the Stealthsonics U9 IEM, which offers TOTL sound and which is impressing me more and more as I continue to listen to it.
    It's a hybrid IEM with 1 DD for low end, BA's for the rest; 2 mids, 2 highs, 4 super highs (!!).
    My review of it is here for anyone interested: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/stealth-sonics-u9.23772/reviews#review-22211
    It's got outstanding soundstage and separation, treble that reminds me of Zeus in detail and extension. The low end is tuned slightly north of neutral with a reasonable amount of impact and sub-bass, but fairly light on the mid-bass, with a slight weakness (relative to the rest of the excellent sound) in male vocals due to the tuning of the mids and low end.
    I mention this to make the point about where I'm coming from in terms of existing sound signature.

    So, for acoustic, jazz, classical, opera, soul, Motown etc I find it a constant joy to listen to.

    However, sometimes I'm in the mood for rock, pop, hip-hop, or generally just want to physically *feel* the basslines in the songs ('Midnight Train to Georgia' is a Motown classic which benefits greatly from this).

    So I wanted an IEM that would give the most visceral, physical, tactile slam and rumble to the drums and bass on my favoured tracks that merit such treatment, but which would also tick all my other 'audiophile' boxes too.

    Finally after trying most of the Empire Ears line-up and settling on Nemesis (with Legend X a very close second), I spoke with Suyang, illustrious bossman of Effect Audio at the stand next door.
    I outlined my very specific mission and asked him which alternative cable he would recommend to get an even more ideal result (maximising low end slam and impact). Again, based on prior Head-Fi reading and reviews, I imagined he would suggest the Ares II 8 wire or Thor II (in some variant or other).
    However, he proposed the Ares II+, 4 wires with a thicker gauge.
    I tried it (as well as the other cables mentioned, which brought their own excellent tweaks to the sound signatures) with the Nemesis and the slam and impact which had been 9.5 out of 10 was now a solid 10. Or even, the dials were turned up to 11 :D
    The difference was significant enough to be immediately noticeable, and it was love at first listen.

    The same with the LX, but still not quite enough to elevate it for me to the levels of low end power of the Nemesis. With the LX, and bearing in mind the more general purposes for which I'd be buying it in future, I'd probably go for Ares II or Thor II in the 8 wire variants.

    It also occurs to me that I haven't tried an Ares II+ 8 wire!
    I'm annoyed I didn't think of that and have decided I must check that out with the Nemesis in future!
    Any descriptions on what changes I might expect compared with Ares II+ 4 wire? Aside from an increase in soundstage I assume; anything else? :)

    PS: thanks to the extensive listening time I had at CanJam and the outstanding service I had from EE and Effect Audio (Suyang at the stand, and @Hana Yu prior to Canjam), I ordered a custom Empire Ears nemesis with a 2.5mm Ares II+ cable. Many thanks to you all, and I'm so excited to hear them when they arrive! :D
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  2. Hana Yu

    Effect Audio Announcing the Launch of the New "Vogue" Series!

    Hello guys,

    Remember the "Mysterious Cables" that some of you have met and tried at CanJam SoCal and London?

    Et voilà voilà, the mystery finally unveiled:

    Come meet "Vogue", Effect Audio's new line-up introducing a combination of ergonomics, aesthetics and performance never experienced before.

    "Vogue" Series Official Launch
    9 August 2019 (Singapore National Day :flag_sg: )
    Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre

    Stay tuned, for more revelation...
    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio http://www.effectaudio.com/ eric@effectaudio.com
  3. Eylrik
    Thanks ! What about the Cleopatra, I read full silver is working very well on UM Maestro v2 ?
  4. larfboy
    Had sent in my 4 wire Ares+ in for a repair/upgrade to the 8 wire since my 4 wire 2 pin connection got disconnected from the wires. took a while but now i have the 8 wire Ares in my possession and wanted to chime in my thoughts on this cable to see if other fellow owners agree/disagree. I am not by any means a seasoned audiophile.

    Sound: based from my memory of the 4 wire, the bass seems to be noticeably tighter but i dont think there is a loss in the boominess of the sub bass. i dont know if that makes any sense.
    these sound a bit more three dimensional? i dont know if it's the way the songs are mastered or if it's simply because the bass is a little cleaner with these but i can hear a little more with the 8 wire.

    Ergonomics: i may be in the minority here but i like the 8 wire much more compared to the 4 wire. maybe i had a bad 4 wire but these 8 wire fit really nicely and secure when i put these on. the 4 wire often times would not sit securely and hang out over my ears which was rather annoying. i had to fiddle with them so they would securely fit which may have contributed to them ultimately disconnecting from the 2pin connector. With the 8 wire, it just fits securely and i love that.

    Overall, i feel like the $150 upgrade program was well worth it and Paul made sure everything was done as smoothly and fast as possible. Great work!

    PS: the packaging came as if it was a brand new pair of 8 Wire Ares...i sent them my cables wrapped in layers of bubble wrap in shipping envelope...came back in a nice Bespoke box vacuum sealed plastic as if it was a new cable...maybe it was? anyways, that was also a pleasant surprise. Thanks EA!
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  5. Wild Boar
    Recently I ordered Cleopatra for my QDC VX too, u should give it a try this cable really amazing!
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  6. Layman1
    @larfboy Hi, just want to check, but is the 8-wire Ares II+ your new cable? Specifically the + model with the thicker gauge wires? O thet regular Ares II in an 8-wire version?
    Just want to make sure, as this may be the first impression I've ever read of a plus version 8 wire :)
  7. mvvRAZ
    After holding back for a while I think I'm jumping on a Leonidas II next week.... Exciting times!

    Still debating on whether to pair it with my U18t or Noir though - any thoughts? :)
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  8. 8481
    If you do end up getting it, can you give some impressions on the Leo II+FiR M5?
  9. mvvRAZ
    I don’t have the adapter yet :frowning2:((( otherwise it would go on the M5 no brainer
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  10. popof94
    Are you Davidmolliere? It seems that your avatar is the same no?. I am wrong?
  11. Deezel177
    Different guy. Similar tastes. :wink:
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  12. popof94
    Probably Daniel. :nerd:
  13. larfboy
    My bad! they are the Ares II 8 Wires not the (+)
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  14. mvvRAZ
    Neither Daniel nor David

    Just a random joker fan with expensive tastes
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  15. popof94
    Okay. :slight_smile:
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