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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. ctsooner22
    Thanks for the answer. Leanring as I go, lol... Now to figure out the best wiht the Phantom...Janus D or Leonidas. Been told that the Leonidas may be the best, but I loved teh Janus D. Decisions, Decisions. lol....:wink:
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  2. Vitor Valeri
    No news yet about the program?
  3. korvin12
    Few years back? I thought was just release late last year? Around Xmas period I think
  4. korvin12
    How about M4L4?(Mars4wLeonidas4w)
  5. pithyginger63
    actually, yeah you're right, I only learned about it recently
  6. yukiorui
    Is anyone able to shed light on the soundstage of the Leonidas Black Limited Edition vs an Ares II 8-Wire (or any of the other 8-Wires, really)?
  7. azabu
    Hey Pete, the Leonidas+Ares II is available for audition at e-earphone along with the regular cables and other bespoke including the Leonidas+Thor II and Mars+Leonidas. They also now have the Janus but I haven't auditioned that yet! If you've auditioned or indeed have the Lionheart, it's a stunning cable - refined, beautiful tone, balanced across frequency bands, wide soundstage with the ability to seemingly pull detail from one side of the universe, nice sparkle and a decay that trails forever. The Lionheart is sublime with female vocals. Ok enough praise.

    I purchased the Leonidas+Ares II because I wanted something truly different. The price was the same as the Lionheart, so here in Japan it's JPY 60,000. If I were to compare the Leonidas+Ares II to the Lionheart the differences are quite obvious. The L+A II has increased resolution and excellent micro dynamics, it's like lifting a veil from the Lionheart. The bass is warmer and more rhythmic, and the treble is smoother but doesn't have the sparkle of the Lionheart. The soundstage is narrower yet deeper, while the note decay is shorter.

    So what does this mean? Well I appreciate the resolution lift and bass warmth, even if it's at the cost of the beautiful tone and extended note decay of the Lionheart. It also seems to be better for longer listening sessions probably from the smoother treble, and I often catch myself lost in the music and tapping my feet. For me, the L+A II works well with male vocals and rock music like Kings of Leon and Dire Straits.

    I'll try and audition the Janus cables next week. It's Golden Week in Japan at the moment and e earphone is packed with everyone on holidays.
  8. flipper203
    hello, does the 4.4mm plug exists in Pquared ? And how much does it cost to reterminate a cable?
  9. ctsooner22
    Wow, great write up and thanks! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Janus D vs the others. :wink:....
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  10. fiascogarcia
    No P squared in 4.4mm. See post 1982 above.
  11. CalvinW
    Does anyone know how long repairs take?
  12. animalsrush
    And can I send in my lionheart cable to be re terminated to new pentaconn connector :L3000:

  13. EffectAudio
    Sorry guys, I've been away for awhile. Busy prep works for Munich High End! We'll be exhibiting so loads of things to prepare for ~

    Hey buddy, We're not ready to launch full scale yet. The reason for the delay is mainly due to our production capacity. If we were to launch a full-scale retermination upgrade program, i fear that all existing orders and new orders lead time would be delayed quite significantly. However, as i've noticed that you've inquired about this program on multiple occasions, if you could write me a mail, i'll make some special arrangements and advise you further :)

    You mean... This? :wink: Well, until recently, not much people know about this secret 'Bespoke' product. Unlikely you'll find any feed backs here ; that is until @Deezel177 reviews it *winks*
    Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 12.11.31 PM.png

    @WayneWoondirts can possibly help. He has the Leonidas Black and will be having the Ares II 8wire in a jiffy!

    For PSquared in 4.4, we use the Pentaconn Collab 4.4mm

    Likely 3-7 days upon receipt of cables.

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  14. blazinblazin
    Is this the 4.4mm Pentaconn collab or you have another one?

  15. coast645
    Hello All,

    I have a pair of Noble Dulce Bass and was wondering which of the cables would lift the veil on the highs maybe open up the soundstage more and keep that visceral bass sound I love.
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