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EarWerkz, a new CIEM company, discussion thread

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  1. Idsynchrono_24
    LOL. SGS oughtta say hey to Ian McKaye for me 
  2. Levanter
    Oh damn number 15 :frowning2:
    Should have checked earlier bah. Anyway high chance I'll back out end of the campaign.
  3. Dinerenblanc
    Then why back the campaign at all?
  4. Levanter

    In case I change my mind, that's what most backers do. Jump in on early pledges and decide later if they want to keep it.
  5. Dinerenblanc
    How evil . . .
  6. Levanter

    lol more like smart shopper with limited funds..
    I've already backed Adel and that alone has set me back quite a bit.. :frowning2:
  7. Dinerenblanc
    I have too thought about backing ADEL, but I find backing unproven tech incredibly unsavory. I also find their designs to be rather unattractive, so I feel even less of an urge to throw money at them. 
  8. mejoshua
    I might have backed adel for the ambient 2 but really don't like the design. The u series are a bit too steep for my wallet...
  9. Cotnijoe
    I backed adel, then backed out of it for earwerkz. Theyre campaign has just been a lot more genuine to me, and talking to jack has solidified that for me. Straight forward and friendly answers compared to some really gimicky responses from stephen that makes me question whether hes really confident in his product or not.
    fnkcow likes this.
  10. Dinerenblanc
    Yeah, I really don't like the design for the two options that are of the lower tier. One looks like a tuna can and the other looks like a garbage bin. I'm also not a fan of the McDonalds colorway. They seem to be going for the hip and mainstream crowd with all the red and yellow, and it just doesn't work for me.
    fnkcow likes this.
  11. Levanter
    I agree, i didn't like their other designs either. 
    But as their U series is similar to their V series, honestly their Kickstarter price is well worth it. $420 - $480 for something which is quite near to the level of JH13 priced at $1,099 is a great deal. Even if their Adel tech sounds gimmicky, the sound quality without the Adel alone should more than make up for the price paid.
    Jumping for the A10 and A12 is probably the most risky pledge, but if you are going for the U series then i'd say it's quite safe.
  12. Dinerenblanc
    The thing is, someone questioned them about the graphs they provided in the comments of their KS, and they gave some odd response and proceeded to change the graphs altogether. It just seems shady to me. Anyway, here's the original question by Gordon Chow,
    "Hi, I own the V6 stage and was a great fan until I learnt of the A series. Happy with the stage's bass response as I'm, I'm looking for a pair of Custom with a more extended highs. From the description on the kickstarter, I went for the A12.
    However when I played with the compare model graphs just now, it seems the highs on A12 is even lower than V6 stage. Worst still the bass vector shows that A12 is even weaker than V6 stage.

    Can I ask if my interpretation is correct? And if so, I'm afraid I'll will be bitterly disappointed with the new flagship."

  13. Levanter
    Yep, Stephen said the A12 chart needed some mending, and it has been already mended. It looks much better now compared to before. But the graph is mainly just a rough indicator of the sound signature.
  14. Dinerenblanc
    Which means that they can't definitively say what the end product would be like. When I go to their KS, all I see are 3D mock-ups, which doesn't inspire confidence. Yes, 1964 is a reputable company, but I've seen reputable companies fail at delivering on their promises, so the less work I see, the less intrigued I am. 
  15. LionPlushie
    Did shotgunshane managed to get a slot in the first 10?
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