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EarWerkz, a new CIEM company, discussion thread

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    I woke up to find the campaign live and all the early bird spots gone. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.
  2. Jobbing

    You must be backer #6 now, mine is showing #7 now:wink:
  3. Jobbing
    They should send one for free to SGS with special engraving. If it wasn't for him.........
    Stereodude likes this.
  4. Stereodude
    Where do you see what number you are?
  5. Stereodude
    That's what you get for not being glue to the forums. [​IMG]
    j/k  Hopefully they'll take care of you.
  6. LionPlushie
    A discount of 110USD. Is it still worth it?
  7. Jobbing

    'Backer History' -> click on project -> your backer # is shown just under the project name and above 'messages'
  8. Jobbing
    @SGS Did you get the chance to compare EP-2 <-> Cosmic Ears CE6P ?
  9. kova4a
    Btw, how's the noise floor on the earwerkz as they all seem to have quite high sensitivity paired with low impedance? Any background hiss?
  10. Stereodude
    Isn't that going to be a function of your source/amp?
  11. shotgunshane Contributor

    Darn sleep, who needs it!

    Absolutely- IMO.

    CE6P hasn't arrived yet. Phil has been keeping me posted and I expect a shipping notice any day now.

    I haven't heard any with iphone nor ak240 when auditioning the lineup. I had recently sent the Legend back for adjustment and it will be back in hand any day now. I'll particularly listen for noise floor when it returns but I don't expect to hear anything.
  12. fnkcow
    So the Supra is going to sound most similarly to UERM among UERM, ER4S and Rockets? Interesting.. 
  13. mejoshua
    Ooh I'm #8 oops. What colours are you guys gonna get? I was thinking a simple black plate on clear shells a la UERM
  14. Stereodude
    Thanks.  So I'm #5.
    That's a good question.  I suppose that depends on if you're interested in making them highly personalized or yourself or if you want to protect resale value down the road should you want to sell them.  I'm currently undecided.
  15. shotgunshane Contributor

    I would say it is more like a UERM signature, rather than the other two but has some similarities that remind me of the others as well.

    The campaign has now been full funded. Pretty quick. Reminds me of the Rockets campaign speed to fully funded.
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