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EarWerkz, a new CIEM company, discussion thread

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  1. mejoshua
    Looking at shotgunshane's impressions I think the supra will complement the rockets well. I'm personally going to be getting the custom supra - that will be my daily driver - and the rockets will be my backup/gym pair. I love the rockets sound but also think that I will really like the supra. Also excited to get my first CIEM with earwerkz. Jack has been amazing with the stretch goals and in his communication to backers and potential backers alike.
  2. FlySweep
    -- (obligatory apology for sub par photos taken from my smartphone.. I'll get better pics with a good camera tomorrow) -- 
    My Legend-R arrived earlier today.. I've done a healthy amount of listening this afternoon & evening.

    Quick hits (I'll expand on later)..
    - Fit?  Perfect.. how perfect?  Even better than my UERM. .which is, to date, the best fitting custom I owned.  The -R snaps into place in my ear.. no wiggling, no rocking, no pushing.. one twist.. boom.. done.  Stem isn't obscenely long, but it isn't a shallow by any means.
    - Build?  Flawless.  Not a bubble in sight.. quite simply.. gorgeous.  I went with a (translucent) orange shell and clear faceplate.. I couldn't be happier with how it looks.  The internals are every bit as exquisite as the shell.  The -R possesses the cleanest wire-work I've seen in a 6+ driver custom.. Linum wires encased in EMI-shielding tubes.. organized routing.. and I can't even find where Jack stowed the damn crossovers (no, seriously.. I've been oggling the shells for half an hour.. I can't find them).  For an eight driver custom, the -R is remarkably lightweight.. and in terms of size, doesn't seem much bigger than the JH13 FP I used to have.. which was very compact.  Overall.. it's tied with the most impressively built custom I've owned: the Heir Audio 4.A custom (that I had way back when.. purple shell with Amboygne burl faceplate.. breathtaking in hand).
    - Cable?  I love it.. my favorite 'stock' cable to date.  Braiding is purty.. and I love the split.. or lack there of.  This cable is the perfect blend of balance of weight, flexibility, durability, looks in a stock cable.  If I get more cIEMs (please.. God.. no), these EW cables will be the (stock) cables I'll opt for.. I've got a set of Norne Audio Vorpal cables (stock and for the UERM) coming soon so we'll see how they stack up.
    - Sound?  I'll get back to this once I've got a solid 50-60 hours on it (per Jack's recommendation).. but I can already say.. I absolutely LOVE this phone's tuning.  What jumped out to me first?  Tonal balance, resolution & imaging.  Tonally, I found it very satisfying.. signature is definitely neutral-inspired.. of the downward sloping variety.  It falls right in the window of how I prefer such tuning.. which is to say, no glaring coloration (peaks/valleys in the freq. curve).  The midrange presentation, alone, is probably worth the price of admission (it's incredible).  Resolution is just jaw dropping.  Microdynamics in particular.. goodness.  It's, arguably, the most detailed IEM I've heard/owned to date.  The soundstage possesses terrific geometric balance (depth width, height), combined with a very black background.. these qualities lead the -R to possess frighteningly good imaging and layering.
    - side note: ​@shotgunshane's comparison to the JH13 FP custom is absolutely spot on, btw.  We've both owned that phone and hear it similarly.  If anyone is considering that custom, I'd say skip it and go with the -R.  Not only for the smoother treble (the -R possesses), but also for the -R's more weighty mids and more neutral tuning..
    It's late, so I'll get into the signature/tuning in the next few days.. quickly, though.. what's it sounds like?  Imagine if the UE team that designed the UERM (not necessarily the team that tuned the rest of the UE custom IEM line) were asked to tune a monitor that could serve as a compliment to the UERM.. but remain 'neutral-inspired'.. and possess a downward sloping signature.. and they had 8 drivers to work with: IMO, the Legend-R would be the result.
  3. shakur1996

    I'm waiting for your comparison of the Legend-R to the Harmony 8pro and non-pro.
  4. Rollk2
    The crossover network seems to be just after the pins
  5. Blrag

    Hmmm... If you could I would really appreciate it, thanks!
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    I searched for audiologists in your area, and one that looks promising (and says they perform ear impressions) is Calgary Audiology Clinic:  http://www.calgaryaudiologyclinic.com/en/services.html.
    I contacted a person who may know as well, because they have worked with Canadian audiologists, so I will let you know if they suggest any other audiologist in your area.  In the meantime, try out Calgary Audiology Clinic.
    Make sure that your ears are clean of cerumen (wax) before getting the impressions done, as you can use ear wax loosening drops or have a doctor/nurse flush the wax out of your ears.
    Edit: Update - my contact does not have an audiologist in Calgary that she could recommend, but you should be fine with going to the Calgary Audiology Clinic for impressions.  Make sure the impressions are open-mouth (which is what I'll be doing) or bite block as well, per Jack's recommendations.
    Blrag likes this.
  7. Dinerenblanc
    Secret agent Moe, secret agent Moe.
  8. Blrag

    Ah, ok then, I'll give them a call later today. Thanks!
  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    No worries, happy to help!
  10. Talai
    Well, the Supra campaign is almost finished... it's done really well overall I'd say. I wonder if we'll make it to $40k?
  11. Dinerenblanc
    Perhaps. Successful campaigns always see a flurry of pledges right before it ends.
  12. Letsgogo
    Might be too late but any thoughts for Supra against UE 900? 
  13. Blrag

    Pretty sure someone shotgunshane made the comparision in his mini-review a little earlier in the thread, go back a few pages. TL;DR he though the Supra was like a little brother version, cheaper, and not as good, but similar soundstage iirc
  14. Letsgogo

    Isn't that a UERM? or it's the same thing.  I'm confused.
  15. shotgunshane Contributor
    That was against the UE Reference Monitor. I haven't heard the UE900.
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