E2c mod... 56K warning
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Pictures of the paperclip method (sorry, no in progress or before pics, just after)

And of the "inserts":

They sound so much better...and if you are organized you could probably keep the little plastic pieces, and put them back in if you ever needed warranty service.
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I just tried this mod with the paper clip and the difference is amazing. Thanks for letting us know about this. But I'm even more amazed by how southsea was able to figure out the plastic washer trick. Never in a million years would I have ever noticed that. bump
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thanks Dustin24.

thanks gsteinb88 for posting pics (i would have had to wait a few days to book out a decent camera from work. my own camera has no zoom etc).

kramer5150, thats exactly what mine look like.
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Just did this mod - with the paperclip. Nice improvement.

I must have really been used to certain parts of music having a muffled quality because this mod made everything much clearer. So far I've noticed the most difference in music with female vocals at the forefront. The Celtic Woman cd has a completely different atmosphere to it. The vocals are striking now even with a lower volume.

Looking forward to relistening to all my music. Very nice

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Originally Posted by prona
kramer, have you tried the portmaster (ultrasoft + foamie) mod?

how do you mod it and what are the effects?
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I must have had a special "washer" inserted into my earphones. One of them popped out really quickly in less then five minutes of prying. The other one took... well too long. Eventually the washer was getting all scrathed up and I was starting to chip off pieces of it. But it just wouldn't budge! It finally popped out after about half an hour of prying.

I can't say that I hear just a huge difference in the music. There is some improvement, but I don't know if I wouldn't attribute that to the placebo effect. Maybe a few more hours of listening....
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Originally Posted by ZMstephen21
how do you mod it and what are the effects?

portmaster posted this mod in this thread.

I use the portmaster mod too, as well as kramer's tip mod. The portmaster mod works wonders to increase isolation with the ultrasoft tips. I didn't use the standard shure foamies to do his mod though, I cut up, drilled a hole through, and carefully shaped foam earplugs, and the fit is fantastic.


Originally Posted by Dustin24
Now if only there was some way to increase the bass......

Have you tried amping them? My amp setup (see above), in my opinion, pretty much did for the bass what this tip mod did for the treble.
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Yeah I use an amp in my setup. The bass is just not doing it for me. I wish they had bass as loud as the ex71....just more refined. I'm thinking of ditching IEM and trying to find some high quality clip on over the ear style. Any suggestions?
Feb 9, 2006 at 3:07 AM Post #56 of 120
FINALLY removed both washers and I LOVE THIS MOD. I'm enjoying my music more than I ever remember with my e2cs. thanks kramer! I also am using the foamie soft flex mod and it is also working for me
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After trying the mod I was very dissapointed too much sound and air forced in the ear no detail seperation all the sound was mixed up . What do I do now? Then I remembered Skippy's sock mod for the Grado headphones and tryed it with my e2c. I made a filter out a pair of dress socks cutting a small patch to fit over the tube and sliding the ear tips on to the tube to my suprise the detail is there again and now I have filters that can be replaced. Thanks for the mod Krammer it works great now.
Feb 23, 2006 at 4:05 AM Post #59 of 120
I just performed this mod, and my gosh... that is really a HUGE improvement. Thanks so much!

BTW: I carefully put a new set of filters back on, and then slid my black tips back on. They sure seem like they will hold, (I sacrificed a filter for the cause) and at the very least, I have peace of mind now.
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Are there any tricks to pull the washers out? I just got my e2c, but I just can't pull the washers out. I used a paperclip and bent it with a pair of pliers, but all it does is scratch the washers. Help me

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