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DX220 Thread for software requests.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, May 6, 2019.
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  1. crazyeyes
    Is anyone having issues with weak wifi on their DX220. I have mine connected to the same network my phone is connected to and while it isn't the fastest network at a 20mbps download on my phone. My DX220 won't even get a connection or if it does it gets 0.5mbps which is totally useless. I have even tried using my phone as a hotspot and it will have a speedtest of 100mbps and my DX220 only gets 0.5-1mbps with my phone right next to it. So not sure what is going on with the wifi or if it is an issue with my device. I am on the latest 1.15.233 update.
  2. atahanuz
    Yeah, that's why I returned by DX220. Android mode being laggy is somewhat tolerable but Mango OS being insanely laggy is absolutely unbearable.
  3. Christoph
    I have no issues with the wifi, its always a fast connection and i never had problems.
    For me it sounds like a hardware issue, therefore is this the wrong thread for such a question, the chances for an answer are bigger in the DX220 thread:
  4. crazyeyes
    I will post there as well but wasn't really having much of an issue before the most recent software update should have added that so thought maybe it could be software related.
  5. gto88
    About the DAC driver for dx220. (Latest firmware)

    I recently got a Sabaj D5 (ES9038PRO) desktop dac/amp, I played around the foobar2000 setup, and I can
    set it up to play up to DSD512 on DSD Native mode.
    I then tried DX220 as DAC mode, and here my comments.

    1. the driver is too old (and DX220 is flagship of IBasso) at v3.34,
    the latest XMOS driver is 4.67 from Topping, my D5 uses 4.47.
    2. DX220 support 32bit, but this driver only allow 24bit.
    3. when in DAC mode, can we have driver information show up on DX220 screen
    right now, it doesn't show anything except "DAC MODE"
    And the old driver control panel only shows frequency
    On both should be able to show these information
    (these are showing on my D5 driver control panel, and its screen)
    Frequency (DSD,PCM)
    ASIO mode (PCM,DSD)
    Input/Output letency
    4. I cannot up sampling PCM to DSD with foobar2000 setup, but same setup works for D5.
    (probably because old driver?)
    5. is it possible to support 768KHz through firmware update?
    Hey, this has 2 ES9028PRO...
    6. This stock amp seems a little under power? I had to set it to hi-gain@120
    to drive my Denon AH-D5000
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  6. MarcinGD
    I play in dac mode through hqplayer. I will add it's with asio driver. It sounds wonderful when I dont have any static noise at the beginning. It starts with low volume clicks and pops. I noticed when I play longer than 10min the pops and clicks starts to be frequent and loud making it to be unlistenable in dac mode. This is so crappy that I'm starting to look on some other options with the same playback quality but without this audible issues.

    It's for sure driver issue because normally with groove and hqplayer on wasapi driver it plays without problem. Just with asio driver issues all the time.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2019
  7. Lurker0
    Thesycon produces the driver with support for several different hardware, from both sides: add new USB bus versions, and add new audio chips. XMOS provides new builds only when Thesycon has added support for their new chip and passed WHQL certification. If you read change log e.g. for 4.xx versions, you'll find nothing useful for end user.

    This is not a function of the driver. The driver shall pass data from the software to the device, that's all.

    Actually, it supports 24-bit samples padded to 32-bit samples, which is just another name for the same thing :wink:

    Sabaj might have customized Windows driver control panel. Regarding the screen, note that D5 is a DAC, and DX220 is a DAP. DX220 can do much more than D5 can, but you don't complain to Sabaj, do you? :wink: DX220 has integrated XMOS chip the way that XMOS handles the audio stream from USB input by itself, and the other part of DX220 (which can output to the screen) has no access to this process even for information. XMOS chip's USB interface is connected either to the SoC (to playback as a part of DAP), or to the external socket (to playback as a DAC).
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  8. Whitigir
    Live convert PCM into DSD will need an DSM (Delta Sigma Modulator). There are some apps that allow such, but that is not worth it. You better off using the DAP as is, unless you are using an external Dedicatedly built PC...otherwise.

    However, even with dedicated PC, it is better when you can offline applying the process of DSM onto your storages as DSD files

    I am a fan of DSD done right, but if it isn’t...then you better off with using Good PCM into a good setup.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2019
  9. gto88
    Check the change log, the latest update has something change for Windows 10 1903:
    V4.67.0 (May 21, 2019)

    * New: support for Windows 10 (1903)

    And my windows version is 1903.
    Also, there are quite some changes from v3.x, I think the least that iBasso to support its
    flagship product is to update its ADC driver.
  10. Lurker0
    Certification. Same for each and every Windows update.
  11. Sound Trooper
    Is it possible to add support for a BT remote so that we can operate basic functions like play, pause and skip track?
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  12. HK_sends
    Any rumblings as to when the next firmware update is due to be released?
    I'm curious if any of the software requests has made it into an update (or planned update).

    Cheers and Have a Happy New Year!
    -HK sends
  13. rfuentesmx
    My requests:

    1. MQA Mango OS
    2. Fast Charge in Mango OS
    3. Fast Charge dx220 turned off.
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