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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: June 18, 2019 OTA * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. duyanh43
    After 15hrs on burn-in cable, the treble is definitely more refined and smooth, not raw(?) as in the first hour.
  2. Pictograms
    Ohh my favourite speaker setup used the A-S3000 it was with the Totem Element Earth absolutely phenomenal bass... but I prefer the IBasso with headphones personally. Only have speakers for my partner really
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  3. arijitroy2

    I also have now decided to sell my nad c388 that i used with rme for 2channel now, doesn't get much love since i use ibasso and u12t mostly. Decided to instead get emotiva xpa-5 as an add-on for my hone theater.
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  4. AlexRv
    Yes, thats the point, but I’ve spent a lot of time and money to build it. And now I wont get even 50% of price of it. And I don’t want to sell anything)))
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  5. iMongui
    Anyone knows if I can apply the last firmware, then patch the Fidelizer rom and on the last stage, apply Lurker mod and I will have everything applied? I mean, official firmware + Fidelizer patches + lurker mod?
  6. arijitroy2
    Yep that's how i did it!
  7. iMongui
    Yes, I tried and it works ! Im in love with this player I just find that the battery usage its less than other generations but well, big touchscreen and so on.. the result its just less battery, just to carry with you a charger and a cable, that's all
  8. AndrewH13
    Oh no! An hour in and really enjoying Amp9. Please please don’t let the treble become smooth and knock the naturalness out of it! Music is meant to be alive and exciting, only smoothing kills it in my mind.
  9. bsphong
    Amp9 is definitely warmer than amp8. Hot swapping boost both power and hiss :). That is why I suggest the upgrade firmware should detect earphoness empedence & sensitivity to switch output, like smartphones lg V, iphone, xplay....
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  10. duyanh43
    No i mean in my first hour i heard some peaky treble :D Or maybe i mishearded them, sure you won' be disappointed with the Tube Amp9.
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  11. AndrewH13

    This could be the turning point for my Noble Katana. I bought at Canjam a while back as I like explicit, non-rolled off sound. But with my 200Ti, Questyle and Hugo 2, although good, I do prefer my other iems, even my old Shure 846 which with balanced cable has been great with Amp1Ti.

    But paired with Amp9 it’s sounding better than it ever has. The Greta Van Fleet album ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army’ sounds so raw and drums realistic, that it’s even closer to imagining listening to early Led Zep in an intimate club. Brilliant. Synergy. I think Katana might stay permanently attached to Amp9/200Ti!
  12. arijitroy2
    Just bought it now :) I really hope Ibasso does something about the output for AMP9, i'll be really happy if it can drive my planars with ease like Amp8!
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  13. icefalkon
    Yes AMP9 is warmer than AMP8EX. I absolutely love AMP8EX and am finding it difficult to find a reason to go to AMP9. But that’s what I’m gonna do this week.
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  14. bsphong
    It is surely. True power of amp9 can drive your planars easily, even only with low gain mode. High gain mode can cause hiss clearer and damage your planars and your ear :)
  15. duyanh43
    With hot-swapping features planar = easy :D
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